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i would never date a chinese girl who has been with a foreigner [Copy link] 中文

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i have to admit i would never ever date or marry a chinese girl who has ever dated a foreigner. i am british chinese. i cannot stand such women. such girls are money hungry and are frankly very naive.

in beijing i saw so many chinese girl throw themselves over the foreigners without shame. chinese girls are under the impression that the foreigner is rich. has gentlemen like manners and will take them away from china.

such girls are naive. i don't like money hungry women.

while in beijing i knew of a chinese girl who previously dated a foreigner guy. she told me lost her virginity to him (i'm not sure why she told me). she even went to his home country to live with him. but obviously he got bored with her and sent her packing back to china after a few months. he got another younger and prettier chinese girl after her. she is now very bitter. she says no chinese man will now date her.

why are chinese girls so naive? they must know that not all will end in a fairytale?

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So simplistic.. Sure some girls are money hungry, sure some foreigners are unloyal. Just like some Chinese men are unloyal and some girls who only want guys from their own country are money hungry. Why draw such simple conclusions if reality is much more complicated? You must see the flaw in your argument, right?

Don't bash people you know so little about.
:: I'm in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, in July 2008 ::

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I'm a little confused.

You are "british chinese"?  As far as I know, everybody born and schooled in the UK learns the mysteries of capitalisation. You seemed to have missed that part?

If you're "british chinese", then when you're in China, you're a foreigner, right?

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1.  Naivty is not such a big sin to be punished.

2.  Do you secretly wish that they "throw themselves over" YOU? And are you secretly angry that people treat you as a Chinese instead of a foreigner?

3.  It is the Chinese tradition that men dote on the women he loves by giving her the best material things he could afford.  Oh, of course you don't know this, ... because you are a BRITISH Chinese, and therefore not a Chinese.

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Reply #1 sedr231's post

My beloved fiancee was neither money hungry or naive. You insult Chinese women now and I'm sure that each has their own reasons for doing as they do and having their own preferences. if you lived in Britain, you'd have a more tolerant attitude so I actually doubt the veracity of your statement and your maturity.

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I can't agree with you either

As I said in my post TRUE Cross Cultural Love, Attractive and Difficult, your argument is just one difficulty faced up with those true cross cultural lovers. I don't deny that there are such money hungry women, but they can't stand for all Chinese ladies who can accept or have dated with foreign guys. What we can do when seeking for a trustable lover, is to widely open our eyes, no matter he or she is foreigner or not.
To be frankly, I myself is not mature enough about love and life,but I believe that true cross cultural love does exist, and it's more rare and difficult. I also would like to try if destiny brings me a right one, but it's not necessary. Just as all love, we can run into, but hard to catch it on purpose. (可遇而不可求)

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thank u for your comments. but i am not convinced by your arguments.

why is it that one of my friends, who is half chinese, half white english (her mother is chinese and her father is white), say she pity those chinese women who she sees with white men. even though her mother is chinese. strange isn't it. why do u think she thinks this?

also why is it that in chinatown in london i sometimes see chinese male students (those from mainland china) laugh openly when they see a chinese girl (i.e. in her twenties) holding hands with a much older white man. i think good luck to him. but the chinese laugh alot. yes, they really laugh which i find disgraceful.

i am british born chinese. i was born in the 1970's so u can say i was one of the first british born chinese. i schooled in the uk and most of my friends are white english.

i just don't like money hungry girls. or maybe i am racist why is it that some of my non-chinese female friends say that chinese girls are like slaves, that's why foreigners like them? may they are racist

why is it that the chinese girl sitting with her english boyfriend and his family in a restuarant in london says nothing like she can' talk?......because she can't speak english very well. it must be difficult.

i am currently based in hong kong. the land of my ancesters. maybe i shouldn't have said i was british chinese. i could easily say i am hong kong chinese. being a foreigner is not something i say to anyone in mainland china. why should i. i enjoy the freedom of being the same as everyone else (i.e. chinese). i can go anywhere and not get trouble. unlike in europe - especially the poorer areas of the uk and in east europe.

once in wangfujing (in beijing) i saw a beggar on the street. a chinese woman. next to her was child. the child was obviously mixed blood. was half white. so many chinese people were stopping to stare. i feel sorry for both the woman and the child.

i still wouldn't date a chinese girl who has ever dated a foreigner.

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