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Why is Islam such an infamous Religion? [Copy link] 中文

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Very few of us care about religion and its preaching. Rightly so as religion has been the source of many conflicts and hatreds.

But I really wanted to find out why do people associate Islam with all the evil deeds? Is it the case that we do not know much about this religion? Or Does Islam really claims to be such a ghastly religion?

What do you think?


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Maybe we would need....

A whole forum page to decide on this matter my friend. I'm an antropologist and journalist and have been living all around the world.

Religion is a word that implies both education and believe. That is, depending on the education one person receives from the comunnity(family) and then how this person transforms this education into a believe, so will she/he act in society.

Muslim societies tend to base the education of the comunity members around  religion that is learnt, basically but not only, in the Koran book.

If we take a look back to early stages of human beings, we know that even those living in the caverns had some type of "supra-natural" beleive. If such were to be still practiced today we would probably think of that community that they're out of their minds.

Arabs embrace religion as a form and way of their living. Qualifying somebody of good or bad is always a subjective view; it depends on who is stating it. For some, muslim believes are "demode"(out of time), but certainly for the muslims they're not.

Respecting is the key; there is a limit to the action of somebody. This  limit is marked by the border of the believe of our neighbour. To say; if you don't come in my bounders, I will not go in yours.....that keeps everybody happy. At least, from my life experience, is what seems to work best.

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Couple of good online books on the subject

Searching on the interent about Islam and religion I have found a good website. They have couple of very good online books:

1   The essence of Islam (
2   The Philosophy of the teachings of Islam

Some of you may also be interested in this site.

Keep me posted with your ideas.

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Respect but strive for the truth....

I completely agree with your suggestion of respect to each other’s views and believe. Perhaps it is the only sensible attitude to learn about any religion. If we do not respect others believes we will not gain anything and only get shouting and yelling.

To increase one’s knowledge one should try to understand others point of view and rationally debate the rights and wrongs of it.  

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i agree

Islam is a good religion but some many people use it to do a bad things coz it comes from the Gad, and i believe America like to show it as a bad thing .

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Need more Substance than just another claim

In your opinion Islam is a good religion as it claims to be from God. But isn’t this just a claim like many other divine religions e.g. Christianity and Judaism  

How can we judge if their claim is truly correct? Can these claims be tested rationally? What proofs are available to support their claims?

Secondly, you suggest that it is America’s intention to show Islam is not a religion which can be followed by sensible people. Political powers are always favours their own goals and distort their opposition. Are you suggesting that Islam has been associated with false blames by the world’s political powers? What benefits do they gain by opposing Islam?

Or is it true that Islam does not present teachings which can stand today’s scientific age?  How about other religions?

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I should admit that i knew nothing about  Islam. That is my problem.  But  I think  respect is really important when we face something that we donot know .Most of time, people are curious about  what they do not know, which does not mean they will understand or appreciate it.   What we need is tolerance.  

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