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CD English Club 4th Anniversary Meeting Report on June 1, 2008 [Copy link] 中文

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Hudson (co-founder and former chairman of CD English Club) will never know he would stand in front of webcam to make his anniversary opening when he and Bob constructed the club four years ago; June (former organizer) will never foresee the name of Colorful Domain she proposed will be the symbol of the CD English club, and the logo she asked her friend designed would be made into a pin as a favor of anniversary reception.

The 4th anniversary of the Colorful Domain English Club is held in Wuyutai tea house training room on June 1, 2008, the Children’s Day.

People dressed in colors to match the theme of the party, red, green, yellow, white, silver, purple, blue, brown, black, pink and so on and on. 50 registered people in 51 colors, the one in excess is on the video tape, not only about clothes, also about intelligence. Every single person showed their talents in their own way, either on preparing behind the scene, or in standing on the stage, especially in the game session.  

Alahji wore his classic British accent to ring the bell of the start, and gave the floor to the former chairman—Hudson, who video taped his speech in his office in Manila, Philippine. Camera, set, stage, set, and microphone, set, all set, then Hudson stepped up in front of the camera, showing his loving and yearning care about the club in the speech. If not acquaintance, they must think that there is a prompter under the webcam, the fluency of his maneuvering the words never shocks the old friends. That is the successful role model of the “English” club has created.

The picture slideshow is divided into four parts: Memories showed the history how the club went through year after year; Recent Activities lightened up the mood and was characterized in small stories “Dancing King—John, Barefoot Legend—Sue and Richard, Murphy and Joyce Romance, and Guy Kissing a Guy, ends with the post 80s’ pronouncement of “we eat, we happy!”, which recorded the sweet moments during the Christmas parties and outings; Speeches are the moments which wrote how the prepared speeches, presentations and permanent wisdom made by someone like Neil—boss theory; CD award and picture slides at final part gave the audience a memorial time. The audience bursted into laugh from time to time whenever they saw the humorous subtitle like John, Richard, Murphy and Joyce’s dramatized story.

Other than the picture slideshow, video tape is another production since the club changed into a private room, even it is only about 2 month, the video tapes have witnessed so many great prepared speeches, like Josiah’s speech about religion, Bob’s about communication, Fred’s about urban transit, Max’s about art and countless great speeches cannot be included in this report, and all those impressive speeches are attributed to the powerful projection machine, which makes the PPT a strong assistant for the speeches. Hot discussion happened every time in that room, which is a totally brainstorm.

4 year-old is not an infant anymore, and it can be assorted into three generations. Bob, co-founder of the CD English club from the very beginning, reviewed how the idea of constructing such a club, and how it comes to this day. One thing has been mentioned by both of the two founders, one treated the other one a meal on the day the club was built, is that very important to them? If as Murphy described, the club is a princess. Then that makes sense. A princess club does certainly matter who treat who (just kidding).

The younger generation looks composure but holds flame inside, Fred is one of these types. One second before, he simply just told us how he feel about he club, and one second later, he sang the pop female singer—蔡依琳’s song “日不落”, dancing like a goose-step when we were trained in militarized training every time we enter a new stage, junior high, senior high, college and university. Which stage is Fred about to enter?

Murphy represents the generation in the middle, who owns the gravity of the older, and the passion of the younger. He ends his speech with his English poem debut which tells his affection between him and the club. While he finishes his rhythmic narration, we questioned in our mind “Is this about the love between him and the club, or with a girl, his princess?”

There are a group of members who embed their love to the club in the very bottom of their hearts, and stingily show it once a year, such as Sharon, coming back supporter from Zhejiang, Nicole, travel agent, Richard Bai, a freelancer. Sharon, an accomplished business woman now, holds her one successful career dream to seek another one. We have seen that some people left the club for a while and came back with double, like Bob and Sherry, so will be Sharon.

Maple aboratively designed three games which show his Children’s heart. Joyce plays an illustrator. The cartoon song-guessing brought us back into the early days. 一休、花仙子、铁臂阿童木、机器猫、樱桃小丸子、黑猫警长、变形金刚、葫芦兄弟、阿拉丁、狮子王, how many great cartoons we watched in the days before, it just like happened yesterday, now we have been to 20s, 30s, 40s, and someone will be.....Life is short, but we all keep a young heart. Jessie, Amber, Peggy and Emma are the winners of this game. What good memories they possessed when they watched these cartoons!

Movie guessing is the favorite game of someone, Jim and Jessie, Lillian and Mitchel. The audience dynamically interactive together with the competitors, they jumped up and down to try to tell the guesser, Alahji cannot wait to tell, and made a move of himself. The Sound of Music, Forest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, Titanic, Matrix, Terminator, Roma Holidays,英雄本色、无间道、第一滴血, countless classic movies. Alhaji, Bob, Peggy, Season, team worked with the audience as well in the word guessing. The games made the room hot, and the emotion made us even higher.

However, it hadn’t been close to the peak of emotion until the movie dubbing in dialect. Sichuan dialect was chosen by Ceasar, acting Monkeyking (齐天大圣), Jessie acted Zixia (紫霞) in Chongqing dialect, Summer held Jiangsu dialect acting Little Sweetie (小甜甜), and Edward had to use Mandarin to act Bull Devil (牛魔王). The audience are totally humored by Ceasar’s fluency and flawless acting skills, devoting spirit of Jessie, and sweetest dialect treasured by Summer’s 吴侬软语, and Bull Devil’s helpless in between two pretty young girls. Laugh is good for health, over-laughed is another thing.

The four post 80s actors and actresses surprised us with their adorable acting talents, while there is one born of an actor, Wang Fan, Sherry’s bring-back boyfriend after her one-year absence, shocked us with the quick dialogue in 大腕, which portrayed the mentally ill dialogue of a business man in the bedlam—“但求最贵,不求最好”.

Incompatible individuals usually are hard to construct a team, Colorful Domain English Club, a non-profit organization, blows one more candle on the cake every year with its growth. No matter there are a few flaws in the process, it made it, with Alhaji’s coming back from his business trip at the last minute and making the final video edited, with Maple’s catching cold nosy voice and doing the game hosting, with Ellie and Sherry spent a whole afternoon decorating, with Joyce and Ceasar’s multiple tasks on the burden, with Ceasar and Lillian’s editing their picture slides at the very last minute to assure it is perfect... all the efforts are worth it.

Please extend our highly respect from the organizers and the attended members to the reception girls, Emma, Keeley and Crystal; camera guys Richard, Murphy and Alson; cake ordering girl Amber.

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no wonder

No wonder Hudson becomes jealous of me. The club boasts more and more people who enjoy working for the club. For this party alone, there are quite a few of them i am grateful to esp.: Ellie, Joyce, Maple, Caesar, Lillian, Sherry/ Wang Fan, Amber, Richard, Emma, Crystal...

I am just so lucky and happy to be among these great people!

All the best to the Club and best wishes for everyone!

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This party is a team work. We shall show gratitude to tea girls in Wu Yu Tai, our old and new members, and voluntary organizers!

Alhaji, delighted to be helpful. I also benefit a lot from our club. I am sure we will have more members to join us and more voluteers to serve the club.

Lillian is so quick to come up with an amazing report of  our 4th anniversary. Really enjoy both the party, KTV and this report. Haha!

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To Hudson

Hudson you were not fat or ugly in the video, you looked veeeery serious till you can't help squeezing a smile and  having a blink! You looked soooooo cute man!

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to lilian

What a quick, wonderful and vivid report.  We all enjoyed that moment.

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to Lillian

What an amazing report our dearest Lillian has brought us! It's a report of passion, writing edges, insight, and, essentially, love. She has a pair of eyes as sharp as 10 million pixels digital camera, good memory as powerful as 300 GB, writing skills as excellent as literature tycoons, and insight as penetrating as microscope......

The report brought back memories one slide after another, introduced cheerful scenarios one by one. I can visualize what was going on there and then, our devoted, happy and articulate organizers and members.

I'm so proud of you, dearest Lillian. Each time we get together, we have more happy experiences, and we know about life more, and each time it's new beginning for the future.


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Thank you Lillian

For your excellent report and great effort on arranging the Anniversary Celebration and KTV party.

Thanks again and a bear hug from Joyce :)

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