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Exit Spielberg, stage left [Copy link] 中文

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In 1916, the British "incorporated" Darfur into the British Empire and that is when all the troubles began.

The poverty, decadence, and oppression in Darfur is the result of many years of marginalization by the colonial masters, Britain. Darfur was neglected even by the low standards of Sudan.

The British ruled Sudan indirectly through a “native administration” system, involving tribal leaders in local governance. Under this system Darfur was neglected and had the poorest health care, schools, and infrastructure of any part of Sudan.

Modern education was reluctantly extended solely to sons of chiefs and the economy and administration were retarded compared with former days.
You will reap what you sow!

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Good news !

Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-2-14 12:18
First it was Prince Charles , now it is Speilberg . At this rate the Beijing Olympics will be the cleanest games of all time . These trash need to understand that it is the generosity of the Chines ...

I agree with you  mengzhi

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Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-2-15 00:59

How is Britain handling the crisis?

They were the ones that caused it in the first place!

so very true gotohell all the trouble in the world is happening where ever the Colonialist have plundered, they are just theives in the night.

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I agree that Spielberg is the most over rated director.

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Ask & Demand the Release of Contract with S.S.

to see if conditions there to be written that how much SS needs to pay if he ever breaks the contract, and what's the conditions he could use to break the contract ?


- We'll have Zhang Yimou, Tan Dun, Ma Youyou, Chen Kaige 张艺谋,谭盾,马友友,陈凯歌 etc. World Class artists together to do the Beijing Olympic, no worry and no rush.  

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Hypocrites Inc .

  Mia Farrow said it in so many words " China is sensitive to criticism and that is the way to make her take responsibility ......for fixing Darfur .  It is their Achilles heel and we should exploit it ."  trumpeted the trollop .

#1. No one has explained how China is solely responsible for this Darfur tragedy . Spielberg's  accusations that China " could have used her economic influence to stop the war " is so much rabbiting . What happened to the other world powers who have been exploiting Sudan for centuries , and are still there front and center with their " economic " connections ?

#2.  How come Speilberg's  " conscience " is only switched on NOW , 6 months away from the Olympic opening ? Darfur did not prick his conscience when he took on the job as the artistic adviser , why not ?  

#3.  If Spielberg is so full of " csonscience and principles " he would protest against the American contingent of athletes to Beijing on account of their country's actions in those immoral and illegal wars in Iraq and Palestine at least ? Where art thou conscience when thou is needed ?

#4.  If this Olympic Games is to be held in Chicago or Washington D.C. would Spielberg /Charles / Farrow still have the same " conscience " to do the same protests ?

China is right to dismiss this Zionist / neocon prank with a " regretable " and leave it at that . The Chinese are furious that this  Hypocrites Inc should be so ill mannered and crass as to play this sandpit juvenile game with us .  Humbug and hypocrisy .  

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Bush might be the person who cares about Darfur more than Spielberg, still, he refuses to politicize the issue.

This is what he said:

US President George W. Bush said he would go to China for the Olympics but would not politicize the sporting event.

Bush said movie director Steven Spielberg's decision to quit his Beijing Olympics role as artistic adviser for the opening ceremony was a personal decision.

"It's up to him. I am going to the Olympics, I view the Olympics as a sporting event," Bush said, speaking to BBC World News America before flying to Africa.

"I am not going to go and use the Olympics as an opportunity to express my opinions to the Chinese people in a public way because I do it all the time with the President."
Be Good, Do No Evil. May Buddha Preserve Us!

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