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Japan admits domestic contamination of dumplings [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by chinadaily at 2008-2-15 11:38
(Xin hua)
Japan admits domestic contamination of dumplings.
Originally posted by iii3hairs at 2008-2-15 11:45
- China needs them to pay back for all the financial losses + the damages to China's reputations = &1billion in compensatory and punitive damages!
Originally posted by pjtran at 2008-2-15 11:47
hooray hooray, vindication 4 our people...
but did they issue an apology to CHINA yet? ... yeah lets get 'em pay bigtime..
Originally posted by iii3hairs at 2008-2-15 11:52
every country did such damn thing to China, China only deserves a verbal apology?  ...

Damage to reputation? Apologies? Compensation?

I agree there should be. But to whom?

Arrest over China-Japan 'poisoned dumplings' row
BBC 27th March

A man has been arrested in China accused of poisoning dumplings in a case which led to a diplomatic rift with Japan, state media reports.

Temporary factory worker Lu Yueting, 36, allegedly put insecticide in some frozen dumplings because he was unhappy with his pay and colleagues.

The food was exported to Japan, where 10 people became ill, sparking a scare over Chinese food.

China had denied that the contamination occurred on its territory.

Chinese police have found injectors used to poison the dumplings, according to a Ministry of Public Security statement reported by the Xinhua news agency.

Traces of methamidophos, a highly toxic insecticide were found in the dumplings.

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama issued a statement praising China's efforts to clear up the matter.

Chinese food exports to Japan fell sharply after the incident, reports the AP news agency.

The incident followed other scares over the safety of Chinese-made products, including poisoned pet food and concerns over dangerous toys.

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Greedy? Freaks? False flag attacks?

Seems like there is even more to apologize for!

Originally posted by peterhu at 2008-2-15 13:28
I appreciate Japanese authority's upright attitude and wait a public apology and     clarification for anything might undermine chinese reputation.
Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-2-15 17:34
More anti-China bashing:
Originally posted by mencius at 2008-2-15 17:23
Why is Xinhua making such a hasty conclusion - desperate to pin the blame on foreigners? Trust Xinhua to point the finger elsewhere!

These freaks were quick to point their dirty grubby fingers at China when this "story" broke![/quote]
Originally posted by dragon1958 at 2008-2-15 20:21
The U.S Japan and the U.K all have one thing in common, they are greedy evil capitalist hatemongers and cannot do anything in a fair manner, the are trying to discredit Chinese goods because the Chinese economy is on the up and Japan does not like the Idea of becoming 3rd place in the position of trade, so they have to invent a false flag attack so that the rest of the world will boycott Chinese produce just like the toy industry.h ...

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Racist white supremacists?

Japanese jealous? Lies & propaganda? Bullies?

Fight fire with fire?  You think the Japanese should use the same tactics?

Originally posted by gotohell at 2008-2-15 20:56
Yes, and we will see their racist KKK white supremacist henchmen on this forum trying to undermine China by latching onto any story that they think that can tarnish it's image.
Notice how mencius and the other white supremacists comes out of the woodwork when they think that there is some story that can decredit China.
But notice how they soon disappear when it is found out that the problem lies with those outside China.
These freaks have been found to be liars every time just like in the days of their forefathers.
Originally posted by tongluren at 2008-2-16 02:11
It's clear that the Japanese and the Westerners are just plain arse jealous of China's rise, and they have now for years resort to lies and propaganda to libel China's product quality, and talk China's economy down.... Fight fire with fire - that's the only thing the bullies understand...

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A China basher's response?

So what should we call Mengzhi? A Japan-basher?

No wait... how about a China apologist... Nearest he will ever come to apologizing of all this slander - when there were few facts available.

Yes, words fail me....

Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-2-16 03:56
This is that lemon sucking, puckered faced China basher's response to a scientific conclusion . Let my fellow members remember his credential for future reference . He is more keen in insisting that CHINA  apologize when " the news of contamination " broke in spite of the fact that the accusation was not proven yet . Now , when all the Japanese teams of chemists and analysts have done their job and have declared China innocent , mencius is dragging his feet and tail in insisting that " the investigations are not complete ".  Words fail me ( and this is a rare occurrence )...

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Oh Tongluren....

Ten times safer?

I really hope you don't work for the Quality Inspection authorities in China.

Can of Sprite anyone?

Originally posted by tongluren at 2008-2-17 13:25
Chinese food is 10 times safer than Japanese foods...

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No case to answer says Mengzhi - abundant evidence he says.....but really with no evidence at all.

Can't wait to hear his apology - I am young enough and patient

Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-2-18 13:50
No case to answer  ... There is evidence in abundance up to date that the Chinese factory is clear of the chemical ....

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It's like the investigation trick. Let the suspicious person at ease by letting him know that it didn't occur in China. So it's easier to probe. But why by a temporary worker again?
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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