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The Argumentation of “China is developing too rapidly and is losing its culture [Copy link] 中文

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Cultural Identity

What has what you say to do with Cultural identity.  China has always had way too many peasants.  The masses flock and crush and flail and swim in that sea.  You might call it hell, but this is merely the reality of human existance.  Our population pool has been a great strength and a great problem for our culture, suffering is not something so easily quantified.  You look upon them with disgust and lament and criticize that there has been nothing done.  Do you understand the enormity of the task?  It is not something so simple as 1, 2, 3.  If China was able to attain the wealth of Europe of the United States, it would be a giant amongst boys.  I do not deny the situation in China, but I do not make it to be something so horrible and malignant.  To me, if the people are able to survive this suffering, they will rise, one day.  We must be like plum blossoms and bloom all year long.

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What you have said resonates with me.
We must distinguish only when neccessary or when it is useful for our development.   To make distinctions too lightly is a dangerous game.

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What the Heck is This Cultural Tradition That is Being Lost?

Is China losing its cultureal tradition, and if so, is it such a bad thing?  

Like, we can start with the Feudal System, which had been in place most of China's 5,000 years of history.  During that entire period, with the exception of perhaps only the last 300 years, China was the richest and most technologically advanced nation on earth.  Her people were wearing silks whilst the Europeans were proverbially "still swining on trees."  So can a case be argued that the feudal system was a good thing, and part of China's cultural tradition?  I think the answer is yes.

Yet will anyone seriously defend keeping the feudal system for China?  

The CPC said NO to feudalism a long time ago, and I for one believe that was a smart choice.   Dalai opposed the decisons of the central government, and look at where he is today.  

In order for China to get back to her rightful place in history, and to make this 21st century truly the China Century, Socialism With Chinese Characteristics must be flexible - amplify what works, and discard what doesn't.  It does not matter whether the poison weeds came from age old "Chinese tradition" or was imported from Timbuktu, if it is harmful, get rid of it.  Only through trial and error, and constant vigilance, can the government of the people take good care of the nation.

Lu-Ren Tong
San Francisco

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