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find and grab one!

it will never be late if you realize it. in fact, you have found one, but didnt grab him. maybe you will get your Mr. Right in 2008. wish you embrace 2008 with a positive and active attitude!

sometimes i cant help myself thinking that why the world is so tough to me. i wanna travel around, meet different ppl and do different, but who'll meet everyday? what'll i do?eh? everyday, i get up, go to office, meet the same faces in the company, do the boring routines; after work, i go home, have supper, wash dishes, then play pc games, go to bed, the next day to get, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, next year! maybe for ever...everyday is just exactly as yesterday!

hehe, maybe across the whole world, nobody is suffering as much as i am! sounds that i am too pessimestic. it's not the nature of mine, but the result of thinking too much about my future. the more i think, the worse i feel about myself. to some extent, it does harm to my mental health. "tomorrow is another day!" it sounds good but you know, its easy to say. okay, i know what i should do and how to do. well, i wish my reply not to add you sad feeling.

it's getting too long bit by bit. i dont notice that i have written so much. hmm, anyway, "tomorrow is another day!" every morning when you open your eyes, wish you meet some beautiful thing and keep in good mood and be full of hope~~~! i will.

P.s. writting is really a way to release stress, and a good way! good luck and take care!
You may say i'm a dreamer,but i am not the only one!

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Sometimes I am in pessimestic mood, and I write my daily and release my stress. I get the encouragement and advice from the dear friends that read my daily and share my story, so I can face up my problem and go ahead with the next day.
I am having many troubles nowadays and some of them that I don't know how to solve it, so I ignore it and go on my life.
I know it is easy to say and hard to do, but always believe: Tomorrow is another day.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yesterday, I discussed about the standard of choosing Mr Right with one friend, and her standard is that the Mr Right should follow two standards: one is should be older than her and another one is should have more income than her.

As her explanation, she said the one that older than her will be more considerate and know how to care her, but at that point, I can’t agree with her. I don’t think that the older one knows more than the younger one to take care of his wife in marriage life.

That was a woman that used to be colleagues, but she worked for here only half a month. She has been married and her husband is three years younger than her. But her husband is very successful, as her saying: he married have an early age and has responsibility and he has to work hard to support his family, so he turned out to be a successful businessman. But as his wife, the one that three years older than him, she doesn’t have to work nowadays, she born a child and hires somebody to take care of her and what she does everyday is play mah-jong. When she worked for that factory and at the salary of RMB1000 as a typist, her husband said:” that money isn’t as much as you pay game for losing out the money for a day. what is the meaning of working here, go back and stay at home, I have the ability to support your life.”

So she stays at home, doing nothing everyday but play game, while her husband worked hard and earn money to support the family. Her husband doesn’t allow her to work, however the salary. She enjoys a peaceful and casual life.

My father’s sister, who married her husband who is two year younger than her, people say they are never arguing with each other, and now they born 6 children and has been married for more than 40 years, and still they are depend on each other and respect each other as stranger. What a happy life they are and how they are take care of each other. so, who says that the younger one don’t know how to take care of others?

As the one that don’t have much money, actually I don’t care the one that has much money or not, what I care most is that whether I love or not. It is very hard for one that under the age of 30 and buy a house for his own through his own money. If he does has the house, it isn’t his money but his family’s money, and so it means nothing to his ability for earning money. If I have the ability, I even don’t mind to buy a house on my own account instead of asking depending on others.

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Thanks for your share.
but it is much longer.

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I guess longer much more better than shorter, what do you think?

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hi susan

I had read your story again , it is first things for me to do when I back my home , hope hear any interesting things from you ! :)

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Originally posted by claregreen8 at 2008-1-8 06:56 PM
I had read your story again , it is first things for me to do when I back my home , hope hear any interesting things from you ! :)

I dare not say it is interesting, but it is my true life.

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