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Meeting Report on CD English Club, November 18, 2007 [Copy link] 中文

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Meeting Report on CD English Club, November 18, 2007

Although it is getting colder and colder, the passion to join the CD Club becomes warmer and warmer. There were about 30 boys and girls joined the club last Sunday.
This time, the host was our respectable president Alhaji. With his charming voice to notice all of us about the weather’s change and to welcome the new members here, the new guys began to introduce themselves one by one. They are Maggie, Samantha, MAX (MATT?), Thomas, Elaine, Echo and Kelly.
Both Maggie and Samantha major in English, have a good oral English and like music. While Maggie likes to play tennis and Samantha who is tall likes to play basketball.
MAX is a soft Engineer. Just like others, he likes to make friends here.
Echo is like a student, thinks there is no chance to practice English in work and then come here.
Thomas, Tom for short, with a Chinese name LiuDong, is from Sichuan province. He said he was likely to have a chance to go abroad to study and he would like to spent time here.
Elaine, a very shy girl with a very little voice, said she is a doctor to animal?
Kelly, a Environment Engineer, said she deals with water everyday. She comes here to improve the leadership with they way to speak in English in public. She likes music and likes to go to French.
Then Alhaji told us that the pronunciation is not the key to communion while let others understand what we are talking about is. And we’d better keep smile when we are talking. After he asked his assistant joyce that whether she knows how to practise the long vowel and short vowel, he began to give us a wonderful free lesson which surprised most of us. The restaurant became a class room and we went back to our student age. With a thankful mood, everyone wants to have a fluent oral English and began to read after Alhaji. Alhaji gave every table a piece of paper which is printed about lots of samples and principles. There are some tongue twisters and some interest jokes on the paper. For example, eyes and ass are different, you should tell the difference when you say you have beautiful eyes and you say you have beautiful ass.
I found that the paper of the teaching material is not enough for so many people, I thought maybe next time the material could be published on our website and we should download them and have them printed by ourselves.
Next, Alhaji asked Audrey to suppose she have to say something to make a conclusion for us to Caesar who has just found a new job. Audrey said she knew Caesar  three months ago and he gave her a very good impression by his motivation.
“Maybe professor would get mad by him. Caesar is a network engineer with passion ,technich capability, and is more serious about his job…Whoops! Don’t take photos. I am nervous.”
“I think he will take the responsibility and best wishes for him.” With a lovely smile, she went back to her seat.
Bin was eager to give us a speech then. But Alhaji asked Bin if his younger brother would have an interview, what will Bin tell him. Bin smiled as he always does, turned to Alhaji’s younger brother, MAX acted, begun his talking about how to give other’s the first good impression. After that, Bin pulled his beautiful tie and began to his long speech about China’s economy and power. He prepared a lot to show us lots of data and events. While there are too many professional words. Even Alhaji said jokingly, “I’d better review my TOFEL or GRE vocabulary.” Sue said Bin is a quick learner and growed so fast. She could remember the first time speech Bin made. Compared with that, Bin advanced a lot. She give the only suggestion to Bin, the content should be easy to the audience.
Then group discussion about the two topics began. That time, everybody began to practise their oral English.
There are two topics, the 1st one is Understanding of our Mental Immunity System, the 2nd is What kind of first impression you make. Each of the six table selected one member to make a conclusion for their opinions.
Table 1’s opinions about the 2nd topic:
1)        keep smile
2)        show them that we are listening
3)        know more about the situation and the content you are talking about
4)        do some homework about the background study
5)        be careful for the color you dress in
Table 2’s opinions about the 1st topic:
1)        eat some ice cream
2)        watch some movies
3)        go shopping
4)        meet some friends
To sum up, try to relax yourself.
Table 2’s opinions about the 2nd topic: show your diligence to others.
Table 3’s opinions about 1st topic:
1)        think more about good things instead of bad things
2)        meet some good friends
3)        do some exercise
4)        cry out
Table 5’s opinions about 1st topic:
1)        good smile
2)        running or swimming
3)        crying
4)        enjoy a good meal
5)        go to bed early
6)        tell yourself that don’t worry, everything will be fine.
7)        Talk with somebody on internet that you don’t know
Table 4’s and Table 6’s opinions are some kind of similarity with the other tables'.
After that day’s meeting, several people have a social lunch at the Shudi restaurant.
That’s all for last Sunday’s meeting.  It is the 1st time for me to be a minute writer. Limited by my listening comprehension and my vocabulary, maybe there are some mistakes occurred in the report. I hope all the members point them out. Thank you.

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the teaching material about the the long vowel and short vowel.

Here is the teaching material about the the long vowel and short vowel.
I.        Long vowels and dipthong
I like to write by the nice bright light at night.
I like to ride my light white blike, and fly a white light kite with my wife.
II.        Short vowels 短元音急促而有力
  Jim must study a little bit more.
It\’s Billy\’s kitten sitting in the kitchen.
A big black bug bit a big black bear.
Where’s the big black bear the big black bug bit?
Silly Billy! Silly Billy! Why is Billy Silly? Litle Billy is os silly, because he\’s always sleepy.
I’m full/I’m fool, pull/pool, bitch/beach, bit/beat
[i] I live there. [i:] I leave there.
Sheet/----, Sleep/Slip, Sheep/Ship
[ai]读成[e], time 读成[tem]; snack/snake, Eyes[ais]读成ass smile读成smell
III 连音 sound linking
I’m working on-it.
I’ll think-it-over.
All over the world, Half and an hour, Once upon a time I t’s all bout me!.

III.        略音
Ladies and Gentlemen: bread and butter
You ate-too uch.
I don’t know what-to-do.
Lend-me your black-bag.
Do you want-that-magazine?
Do you need-that-pencil?
Ask-Bob-to sit-behind-me.
V 咬舌头 think, thank, thing, there
There are thirty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three feathers[羽毛] on that bird’s throat.
Neither father nor mother liks this weather.
Father and mother went through thick and thin.
It’s same thing.
Something is better than nothing.
分不清 th, s 会造成混淆: He is thick (He is stupid). He is sick.. “I’m thirty, my wife is thirty too”.
“I’m dirty, my wife is dirty too.”(be careful to say that)
VI 辅音浊划并拉长:
如Stop读成了 Stoper, I think I have come to the point that 变成了”I ThinKER I  havER coMMMe to the pointer thaTER…”. ButER

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Hi Mike, could you please tell me where the CD English Club is?
Thanks first.

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Hi, linvera, here is something maybe help you. ... &extra=page%3D1

Welcome to join Colorful Domain English Club(Beijing) (updated)

Colorful Domain (CD) English Club

Colorful Domain (CD) ENGLIISH CLUB was founded in Beijing on May 30, 2004. Among other functions, this non-profit club has served as a platform for English learners to:
        Improve their public speaking skills in English
        Broaden their horizons
        Get trained in leadership and management skills
        Make friends
The Club meets every Sunday morning between 10:30am and 12:30pm at Byone western restaurant near Chaoyangmen Subway Station.
The Club is managed by an Organizing Team that boasts 9 capable, energetic, warm-hearted and dedicated Organizers.

1. Impromptu speeches: (15 min, 3-4 topics available)
2. Prepared speech: (6-10 min, a well-prepared and well–delivered speech is to be followed by Q&A and comments/evaluations)
3. Group discussions60 min, 4-5 people forming a group, discussing over 2 topics previously prepared and posted by the Host every Wednesday on our website and” English Clubs ” column of Chinadaily BBS
4. Presentations15 min, each above-mentioned group shall select a representative to draw conclusion of their discussion on their behalf)

In addition to the regular programme, we also hold outings, parties and the like occasionally.

It’s easy: just Come to our Sunday meeting and Give your basic information (English name, email address and occupation) to one of our Organizers, and you will Get the membership.  

As a member, you are obliged to abide by the following rules:
1) No Chinese language — as little as possible, actually
2) Punctuality — Seldom is there heavy traffic in BJ on early Sunday morning, so try to arrive on time, preferably 10:15 am every Sunday meeting.
3) Registration — Underline your name on the member list to show your presence.
4) Buy one drink — Remember we are at B(u)yone Restaurant. CD member is kindly reminded to buy one drink. It is the condition laid out by the Restaurant to allow us to have meetings there. Btw, the western-food chain restaurant has rich varieties of drinks and food there are reasonably priced,
5) Politically right — Topics of sex, religion and politics are not subjects to be discussed at our meetings.

Time: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. every Sunday
Location: 百万庄园西餐厅(联合大厦店). Please refer to the pinned message

The best way to get there is by subway. Take Line 2, get off at Chaoyangmen(朝阳门) station, and take Exit A. When coming out, try to locate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Restaurant is just around the corner, to the east gate of the Ministry. You can’t miss it.
You can also take buses number 110/112/109/101/115 and get off at Chaowaidajie(朝外大街). The restaurant(百万庄园西餐厅) is on the first floor of 联合大厦(Tel. 65889120)
For those who drive, there is a small parking lot available in front of the Restaurant. Don’t forget to ask restaurant cashier for a stamped bill for free parking.   
Description of Special Roles of CD Meeting

Basic requirements: good English, fluent and eloquent; enthusiastic and inspiring, familiar with CD’s agenda and CD’s unique style, skillful in organizing and communication.
Training skills: leadership, public speaking skills, planning and implementation skills, creative thinking.
Host the Meeting smoothly according to the set agenda. Remember time control is fairly important.
Prepare 3-4 interesting and sometimes challenging topics for Impromptu speeches.
Work out two discussible topics for the Meeting, one formal, the other more relaxed, and post the topics on our website and on BBS of Chinadaily by Wednesday.
Make sure Prepared Speechmaker and Minutes Writer available at the meeting doing their duties professionally.

Prepared Speechmaker
Basic requirements: well prepared and well delivered. And speak loudly enough to get yourself heard.
Training skills: public speaking skills, writing skills, logical and creative thinking .
Prepare soundly and deliver well-structured speech effectively in 5-6 min.
Inform the host your topic in advance (recommended).
Either serious essay, or delightful short play could be introduced.
Be as creative as you can

Minute Writer
Basic requirements: good memory and fair written English
Training skills: observation skills, listening comprehension, writing skills,
Write a 500-word-long meeting report in a concise, formal or casual manner
Post the report on our website and BBS of Chinadaily by Wednesday.
Personal comments/remarks are welcome.

Descriptions of Organizing Team of CD English Club

Basic requirements of Organizers
Every Organizing Team member (or an Organizer) should be loyal, responsible, reliable, passionate, motivated and willing to work selflessly with a team spirit.

Responsibilities of the Organizing Team
The Organizing Team is in charge of overall management of the Club. Organizers are obliged to attend meetings/activities frequently and take responsibilities to develop an appropriate atmosphere and make every meeting running smoothly. Organizers should attend newcomers and brief them on CD’s characteristics and help them get involved in quickly; meanwhile, encourage participants to be active. Organizers should listen attentively to questions and proposals made by CD members and pass them over to Organizers’ meetings to discuss ways to meet member’s demand. Organizer’s meeting shall be held whenever deemed necessary.

Current roles of the Organizing Team   
Co-chairperson: Alhaji, Joyce
Act as leaders to the Organizing Team, set down general policies of CD; recommend, approve and in rare circumstances, disqualify an Organizer; supervise every meeting; convene the Organizers’ Meeting when necessary.
Open every Sunday meeting with an opening speech and serve as evaluators and/or mentors upon request.

Website Administer: Amber
Take charge of our website. Make sure there are no abusive languages and no ads. Post topics, meeting reports and prepared speeches and other important information on our website.

Member-list Administer: Crystal
Take charge of CD English Club member-list, keep updating, make sure every participant registered at every gathering and can receive corresponding member list.

Supporting Staff (or Volunteers): Bob, Sue, Lilian, Cathy, Melanie.

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Thanks! It's a wonderful club.
What a pity, I don't live in Beijing.

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Then come to beijing every Sunday. hehe.

Maybe there is a good club at your local place.

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Thanks Mike

Thank you so much for your time and effort on the report. You recorded all the details about last Sunday's meeting. Obviously you were so concentrated on it  and taking notes. You are a good listener. We do need to improve our listening comprehension skill,having the right attitude  i.e. willing to listen and absorb info is the key and first step. and you made it! We don't speak perfect English,but the point is we are getting involved and improving.

we are very proud of you Mike,keep going!

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