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Meeting Report for Colorful Domain English Club(BJ) , October 14, 2007 [Copy link] 中文

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Our chairman Alhaji hosted the first regular meeting after the October Golden Week holiday.

He summarized the party fun during Golden Week and announced that the next KTV party will be held during Christmas time.

Three newcomers joined us for this meeting:

Frank works as a quality control civil engineer for the 2008 Olympic construction project.
John Zhang is doing marketing research in a USA company.
Lucy who joined the CDCLUB KTV party and Chaoyang Park outing before has finally realized what belonging to the CDCLUB really means. She is a QA for an American insurance company.

Before the meeting I peeked and found there was a box of golf balls on Alhaji’s table. I asked him was that a gift; he just grinned, and said, “It’s a gift for the most convincing and successful impromptu speechmaker.”

All the speeches in the impromptu speech session showed real quality thanks to Alhaji’s creative ideas and supervision.

The impromptu speech topic was to convince a celebrity to buy gifts with the proceeds to be donated to charity.

Claude was dressed in a nice suit; His daughter had just returned to Vancouver for study with her mother. Claude just returned from a business trip in BJ. He bravely volunteered to give the first speech. He was supposed to convince the famous gymnastics legend Li Ning to buy a set of golf balls for 1 million RMB with the money going to Project Hope. Claude was too excited to remember that the money was supposed to be donated to the Hope Project. He focused on the potential future business benefits and thus failed to convince Frank(supposed he is LiNing) to accept the deal. Claude is a real businessman I am sure he would do better if we gave him a second chance.

James never misses the chance to speak in public; he has great motivation and confidence.He successfully convinced the Yahoo CEO to buy a pen for 10 millions RMB for a charity project helping single mothers and children. He performed well and showed really quick thinking by saying the pen’s owner was BinXin, the great Chinese writer and poet who had used the pen for over 30 years until her death. James described how she wrote such famous articles as 《寄小读者》with this same pen.

Sue’s impromptu speech was to convince Bill Gates to buy Che Guevara’s lighter for 10 million RMB for charity. Sue described how this very same lighter was used by Guevara in the jungle to light fires at night during the Cuban Revolution; making the lighter a symbol for world history, just like Bill Gates’ creation of the Windows Operating System was a torch to the Modern Information Age.

Alhaji summarized his purposes for making these topics; He wanted to let the volunteers practice their persuasive skills and quick thinking. The key of the speech was about the gift’s owner, what he or she had done with it and the charity which would benefit. Those are valuable and challenging topics indeed!

Bin who was a political science major made a well prepared speech and shared his opinions and views on European polities and policies. We all enjoyed his fluency, eloquence, pleasant voice, and big smile. He would be a even better public speaker if he varied his intonation instead of reading his paper in a monotone .He should have interacted with the audience with more eye contact and gestures. Bin is a passionate and talented young man; he’s flying further and higher. We look forward to his next speech.

Group discussion topics were reflections on Europe and traffic jams. We had four tables in total.

Rachel, Sue and Frank presented for their table their impressions about Europe.

Rachel used to study in the UK. She was impressed by the local people’s easy and casual living life style; it appears to her they can sit in an open café sipping coffee and chat freely without any pressure and worries all day long. Rachel was also impressed by the London English accent; for example they in place of saying thank you they often said just “ta”.

Sue used to study in Cambridge; she liked their study spirit and also environment. Boss John used to study in the UK too, what impressed him most is the casual living style there as well. National footballer Bailili wants to go to Paris for a romantic honeymoon.

Frank shared his amazing experiences on his Europe trip with us; he caught an exciting Homosexual parade celebrating legalizing homosexuality in Madrid, Spain, and how he encountered a severe security check in the Swedish airport because of the terrorist explosion in the London subway.

James group talked about traffic jams and how it’s very important and related issue to our daily life. Their group members have to spend an average of 2 hours commuting back and forth on the road everyday. That’s a waste of time and energy. And they brought up solutions like taking public transportation, using an express buses, and company shuttles to relieve the traffic congestion.

Lillian shared her table members’ Golden Week happiness’s with us. Bob and Belinda met each other’s parents which mean their relation is going further. Audrey went back to her hometown where it was 35 centigrade but she really enjoyed the happy family reunion. Caesar went back to his hometown QinDao and enjoyed the shrimp and crab seafood. Q went back to Seoul to boost his restaurant’s business. And Sherry and Wangfang announced finally becoming soul mates.

What a wonderful Golden Week holiday! Lots of good things are coming up. And CDCLUB is off to great future as well.

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I hoped i had the patience to look  your long report through. Couldn't it more succinct ?
it's a bit difficult for my level.
ice,which is made by water,is colder than that.

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To guoicy

I am sorry that I made the report pretty long. The whole meeting was just so wonderful and quality and I wanted to share the details with all the members especially those who were not there, hope you understand. and I tried to use simple sentences, I do hope you won’t feel too hard while you are reading it with your heart and patience. Anyway, I accept your suggestion and I’ll do my best to make it more concise and readable next time.

Enjoy reading!

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viviid description

it brings back the happy moments we had together. it serves as a good memory of those who actually participated the meeting while keeping those who have not anticipating. you've done an excellent job.

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to Joyce

I was there, Joyce, while you guys were talking and laughing. With a cup of black coffee in my hand, I sat siliently and tried to catch every word was said and every idea was shared. That's the magic power of your report, Joyce, precise and vivid. It reads like a movie scenario as if I can visualize who slam the door and how the door vibrates.

I'm doing rather fine here, though working day and night. Responsibility is the most important word I learnt from the Club while I was with all of you every Sunday morning.

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You were there? Really?

None of us saw you there, even with a cup of black coffee in your hand. How scary, you are invisible! Never follow me to ATM, dude!
Responsibility? I know what it really means after you left.

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You Guys

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