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Topics for CD English Club gathering on Juy 15, prepared by Shirley [Copy link] 中文

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Topics for CD English Club(BJ) on July 15, 2007

Colorful Domain English Club (Beijing)
Since May 30, 2004

Time: 10.30am-12.30pm, July 8, 2007
Venue: Byone Western Restaurant 百万庄园西餐店(朝外联合大厦店)
(Highly appreciated if you could get there by 10:15 am)
How to get there:Take Loop Line of the Subway, get off at Chaoyangmen Station, and take Exit A, walk around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clockwise. The restaurant is right opposite MOFA's southeastern entrance.


Topic one —— Do you notice "Global Warming" or "Climate Crisis"?

Do you notice that the summer is hotter than before; the flood is coming more; it is seldom to see blue sky in cities; sandstorms visit us more frequently and you have to wear much more sunblocker from getting sunburned badly.......So many things remind us it is different situation compare before. So let us talk about what we have realized and what we should do as the earth-village residents! You can go to to find more infomation about this topic.

Topic two ——  Office relationship

Everyone like to work with a openminded boss and friendly colleagues, but things usually do not happen as you wish. If you do handle it very well with your workmates, share with us; If you are troubled by office relationships, you might want to share your story with the club.

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i like the humourous openning

I am Gore, used to be the "next president of the United States"

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Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in Disguise
I returned last Thursday afternoon from a business trip abroad. It took about two weeks: first stop, Dubai of UAE, and then Ankara, capital of Turkey, from there, proceeded to Istanbul, commercial center of Turkey and last stop, Sana’a of Yemen. It was a pretty long trip. Among all the things I experienced, I want to share with you a story. It is not a story in the real sense, because it is not something I made up, but something that really happened to me.

Before that, I am wondering who can tell me what the initials C.I. P stand for. To tell you truth, I did not know when I first came across them.

Well, it goes like this:

On 2nd of July, 2007, after my business in Ankara was completed earlier than schedule, I decided to proceed to Istanbul for a few days of sightseeing. Since neither my friends at the Embassy nor business partners were available to drive me to the Airport. I hired a taxi instead. Unfortunately, the driver did not speak English well, and to make matters worse, he even was not familiar with the Airport. In the end, I was dropped somewhere of nowhere at the Airport of Ankara.

It was a bit strange--just not so many people around and there were not any obvious signposts that lead to departure terminals. I went a few steps ahead, believing there should be main buildings and many people there just around the corner. I was a bit disappointed to see there were less people around. However, I caught sight of signpost which says Departure of Domestic Flights. Finally at last, what a relief!

Wait a second, what’s that? There was a sentence below which says C.I.P Lounge. What CIP lounge stands for? I know we have VIP lounge in Beijing. Whatever, since I had no other choice and no people to talk to, I went straight ahead to the building.

Immediately after the entrance, no body stopped me from passing through the security door and my luggage being scanned through the X-ray Inspection system. And the check-in counter of Turkish Airline was just a few steps away.

“Can I check in here, miss?” I asked.
“No problem, sir. Aisle or window seat, sir?”
“Aisle please” I replied.
“Here you are, sir, the boarding pass”.
“Excuse Miss, which gate?”
“There is no gate, sir. When the time comes, you will be notified and led to a shuttle bus, straightly to the Airport. Don’t worry”.
When I went inside the lounge, a spacious room with big sofas, big-screen TVs and plenty choices of snacks, beverages and fruits on display, I realized it should be VIP room that is normally reserved for those who are first-class or business class ticket holders. But mine was Economy Class!
I was a bit nervous, because it was so embarrassing if caught. So when drinks were served, I asked the attendant “how should I pay?” She shook her head and said nothing. A few minutes later, there were more people coming, most of them wearing suit and tie. About 30 minutes later, we were all driven to the Airplane. The big difference between us was that they all seated in the front, first-class or business class while I had to go a bit further into the Economy Class. For the rest of the journey, I kept on thinking what had gone wrong that made me so happy..

Later on, when I mentioned it to my Turkish friends, they said CIP stands for Commercial Important Person. They went on to say that the Airport staff must have made mistakes. Yes, they did.

When I looked back with cheerful mood, I found something interesting. Had my friends been available to drive me to the airport, had the driver known the way, had I found someone able to lead me to the usual departure terminal for Economy class, I would have not had such a pleasant surprise. So a lesson is learnt, when things all look bad, inconvenience or misfortunes following one after another, don’t worry, and never give up, keep on going and keep on believing. After so many negative elements and misfortunes, a big fortune may just lie around the corner and a surprise luck may strike u before you notice just like it did to me a week ago at Ankara Airport 2nd of July, 2007.

Wish everyone have that luck; just keep on trying and believing.

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Hey You Two!

Hudson,how are things going on in Manila? Wish you doing great our Bro.

Alhaji, I like what you said:  keep on trying and believing.
that's what i am doing actually  :)

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to Joyce and others

Hi, you all.

I've been in Manila for more than 1 week now. Let me list something about the Philippines as follows:
1. English is, as we all know, widely spoken here. Most of the people speak fluently, but with accents more or less.
2. Women uphold more than half a sky. Not to speak of the President Arroyo, it seems everywhere you go, tthere are more women than men, esp. in offices.
3. Most of Filipinos have long Spanish names, hard to keep in mind, honestly.
4. They use abbreviations more than necessary, I think. I joined a gym days ago, I saw a word JF, which, I found later, was Joining Fee, i.e. how much you need to pay to become a member.
5. Infrastructure needs urgent improvement, but prices need being lowered. The roads in Manila are few and old, so the traffic is terrible mostly of the time, even worse than Beijing. It's more expensive than in Beijing to live, I mean, food, fruits, etc.
6. The Filipinos are, indeed, very open and friendly, at the front between the western and oriental cultures.
7. The media are very free, but sometimes groundless.

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Hi, u guys. Very nice to hear from you.
Hudson is so quick to have tried lots of things during a week. Though it may be a little frustrating, u will find loads of surprise and joyful things there. Wish u get accustomed to the life soon.
Thanks to Ahlaji for sharing the vivid experience! it is quite interesting and enlightening. I like ur "story".
I went to the beach last week and did not join our club. Miss u guys a lot!:)

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