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CD Club Meeting Minute on July 8, 2007, written by James [Copy link] 中文

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CD Club Meeting Minute on July 8, 2007

Begin at 10:45
End at 12:28
Minute writer: James Jian Xu
Notice: please see our agenda on the items and topics.

General information: 16 members showed up that day and we divided into 4 tables.
Part I: opening
    1.1 Co-president, or the assistant of President, Joyce delivered an opening speech to hope us have a nice Sunday and get funny today for our host, Ben, was a funny funny guy.
    1.2 Our host today, Ben delivered a hosting speech. It was really a bit funny. First Ben said that one of our exciting moments was to see a lot of new faces every time. Ben said that even he has been a member of our CD club for two and a half years, but today was the first time for him to be the host. He also said that the material for a host had been prepared by his wife. If others had some comments, they could contact his wife instead of him.
    Then, our new comer, Xiao Xiao gave us a short self-introduction.

Part II: impromptu speech
    This was an exciting part for it could improve our ability to think on our feet. It is an important communication skill. Our host, Ben, prepared 4 interesting topics.
2.1 impromptu speech No. 1, speaker: Robinson
    Topic: what is the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend in you mind?
    Robinson said the Miss Right in his mind was always changed in different periods of life. And he thought it was not easy to describe an ideal one for his thinking was often impacted or affected according to the growth of himself.
    But general idea of him was that independence was a very important characteristic for an ideal girlfriend in his mind, especially economic independence. He thought that our world was changing so fast. If some day they departed, the girl could also have a better lifestyle.
    He was so kind to think more about others’ future.
    The comments from host: Ben said that money was not necessary, but it was really important.
2.2 impromptu speech No. 2, speaker: Crystal
    Topic: what was the nickname you had and why?
    Crystal said that one of her nickname was Litter Woman for her figure was slim. But she disliked this one even other friends thought she was cute and lovely, and they were kindhearted to her. She thought herself was strong in mind. And another nickname was Chang Chang that she liked it.
    The comments from host: this topic really let us to recall some good memories many years ago.

2.3 impromptu speech No. 3, speaker: Ellie
    Topic: three different ways to eat cookie.
    Ellie gave us some good suggestions and methods to eat cookie.
    One was to eat them directly. Some others were to dip cookie in milk, or some other things like pepper. Eating cookie with pepper was really a creative suggestion.

2.4 impromptu speech No. 4, speaker: Shirley
Topic: the best dream you ever had.
Shirley said that she had dreams almost every day and every night. And she told us a dream. In that dream she wanted to jump to a better place when a building was falling.

Part III: prepared speech
Speaker: Joyce
First, Joyce asked all the audience about the book “the World Is Flat”. She gave us a brief introduction of the author, Tomas. And she introduced that the book was on globalization. It is a hot topic nowadays.
The world is flat in the book even the world is round.
There are 3 factors made the world to be flat:
① PC, computer and digital technology.
② Internet.
③ sharing and communication, application software.
So generally speaking, it was IT that made the world to be a flat world.
With cooperation and competition, exploring of advanced technologies, now we human being got the potential to be equal. But we have to prepare for globalization by 3 ways:
① language skills.
② to be open-minded.
③ to keep learning and improving ourselves.
At the end of the excellent presentation, Joyce gave us a vivid example of antelope and lion in the grassland of Africa. Every morning when the sun rose, the antelope thought that it should run faster than the fastest lion to survive. And the lion thought that it should run faster then the slowest antelope to survive. This is the principle of competition.

Part Ⅳ: Group discussion
    Today we had two topics to discuss. And we had four groups.

    4.1 Group No. 1, speaker: Frank
    Frank said that all the members in his group were used to be fun. Unfortunately, nowadays they had to work most of the time instead of enjoying songs. A pity        !
    Then they discussed another interesting topic in his group that was the relationship between employers and employees. Currently, the relationship between employers and employees in China was not very good. Employees paid more attention to their own future and salary. But employers paid more attention to the risk of the companies, the money. For employers didn’t have the chance to change another job as easily as employees. So they hoped the better performance of employees. There was conflict between employers and employees. For the employees could change their job easily, employers didn’t want to invest in training.
    Frank hoped someone who had good advice to resolve the conflict should tell him.

4.2 Group No. 2, speaker: James Jian Xu
    This group chose the topic 2 on favorite music for the first topic on traffic accidents was not a happy topic.
    First, they discussed the category of classic songs, such as revolutionary songs that were liked by elder people, the songs from movies and TV series, folk songs, opera, pop, etc.
    Victor in this group likes all of the classic songs, especially Jazz. Roger didn’t care about the category. He just enjoyed the songs he liked. Ellie liked music without lyric. James liked pop songs very much.

4.3 Group No. 3, speaker: a lady
It was interesting for this group transferred their topic from music to traffic. And they thought that pop singers and bands in western countries could help us to learn English if we pay more attention to the lyrics and pronunciation.
Then, they thought that traffic jam was not always a bad thing for if the traffic jam become too serious to be standed someday, less people would buy cars. Then the traffic jam would be reduced by a natural adjusting method. It is really a good way to get a natural balance through law of nature.
And they also discussed the relationship between music and drive. When you drive you can enjoy music. A good way!

4.4 Group No. 4, speaker: Shirley
The members in this group were not big funs. They just listened to and enjoyed the songs. And they thought more about the victims in traffic accident. The traffic accidents are really disasters to the victims. So they suggested both drivers and pedestrians should pay more attention to the safety. And they also thought that government should fund more on public traffic.
-----The End------

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The More you Give,The More you Gain.

I like James' report,brief and clear,telling us the speakers' main idea of  all the speech.

The More you Give,The More you Gain. Again the slogan: Let Us Keep Going!

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