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CD English Club's Meeting Report on Juy.1 -Written by Keeley [Copy link] 中文

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We Have a Date with CD English Club

I was browsing my graduate photos on Saturday evening, which awaken reminiscences of my school life, when Ellie told me that she could not join this Sunday’s club gathering. I was suddenly drawn back to earth. Yes, we have a date with CD English Club every Sunday. I cheered up.

Sunday morning. I got up early, for that Sunday I would be the minute writer. I knew my slot well. When I got to the venue, some guys were still on their way. Those who had arrived just picked up a chair, greeted each other and chatted intimately. At 10:30, Joyce came to the podium and the clatter faded out. Sunny smile, sonorous voice and fluent English portray Joyce, the most joyful organizer of our club. In her opening speech, Joyce reminded us of the special significance of that Sunday (June 01, 2007), the 10th anniversary of Hongkong’s returning to the motherland. Then, Joyce introduced the hostess of that day’s gathering, Crystal, and gave the floor to her.

In order to commemorate that special day for Hongkong, Crystal preluded her hosting by continuing the topic of Hongkong. In her angel-like soft voice, Crystal asked us the English counterparts for “一国两制”, “国旗” and “国歌”. Although these Chinese words are common to us, some of us still could not tell exactly how to express them in English. Crystal gave us the right answers. Then Crystal invited newcomers to introduce themselves. We saw four new faces that day: Peal, whose job is about International trade; Mr. Xie, who works in an International company; Coco, a freelancer; and Eril, who works in an overseas department. They joined our club because they are all passionate about English.

Then came the time for impromptu speeches. Crystal prepared three questions. Roger challenged the first question —“Do you think love can be got through effort?” With a word “possibly”, we could see the wisdom from Roger’s eyes. Roger further explained that some novels did give us the successful role models; however, as far as he was concerned, he did not actually think so. Because he believes that “love” entails a lot of “give-and-take”; only when two persons accommodate each other can they have affection toward each other. James made the second impromptu speech. In face of the imaginary scenario of meeting a man or a girl with a down zipper, James assured that he would remind him/her. However, he added that he would remind the person skillfully; for example, he may use a piece of paper, write some words on it and then deliver the paper to him/her. We can see how decent and clever James is. Our hostess, Crystal, told us however, in western culture, people may say “It’s twelve o’clock” to remind the careless person. Although Eril is a newcomer, he showed his gut to answer the third question. Eril said, if he could get a chance to learn something he ever had no chance to learn, he would pick up physics, as he is quite interested in physics, but he is now major in International trade.

Routinely, prepared speech followed. However, this time’s prepared speech was by no means routine. Cherry, a newcomer of last gathering made the prepared speech. Instead of touching upon some serious topics, Cherry gave us a quite casual and loose speech, focusing on how she felt about the last gathering and what she got from it. She said, when she joined our club last Sunday, she found that everyone could speak fluent English and she even could not catch up with others. However, she really borrowed lots of advice from the guys at her table, Sue, Crystal, Alhaji and Shirley. They advised her to speak loudly and use her own words to express herself. At the end of her speech, Cherry made her resolve to get used to everyone’s pronunciation and study English everyday. Hudson made some comments on Cherry’s speech. He praised Cherry “What a genius!” How can she make such a good speech when she said that her English is very poor? Hudson discerned the uniqueness of Cherry’s speech. She drew everyone’s attention, as no one knew what she would talk about next.

Crystal introduced the two topics for group discussion.

Topic 1:
If (if not, try to image)you are a parent, do you have the courage to educate your child by yourself rather than let she or he study at formal school, would you support them if your children do not want to go to university but pursue their dream in the society?

Topic 2:
What 2008 Olympic Games can bring us ?

We can tell from the later-on presentations that almost every table discussed on Topic 1.

Claude summarized the points of his table. They thought parenthood education is unadvisable due to the following disadvantages: 1) It may isolate the kids from the society and make them unable to get along well with their peers; 2) Parents would pay more time and attention to their kids, which is a waste of material and information; 3) It does not conform to the established “Nine - Year -System Compulsory Education”.

Sue represented her table to make a presentation. She said she would not let her child indulge in music editing (quite like a “DJ” thing). She thought if it is just a hobby, it will be OK; while if her child takes it as a career, no way.

Joyce’s table gave us quite diversified answers: Crystal said it all depends on her financial situation. If she is rich, she will financially support her child to do some art thing. Roger and Cherry both thought it should be up to the kid’s preference. Royce asserted that school education is quite necessary, because when we look back to our school life, we all miss those days. We got not merely knowledge but also friendship and unforgettable memories from our schooling.

Lillian summed up her table’s arguments: 1) Parenthood education is infeasible, as most parents are not qualified for that; 2) School education is indispensable, as a college degree still serves as kind of “entry pass” for career; 3) If possible, parents may send their children abroad to get diversified education.

Frank showed us his table’s opinions. They believed it is necessary to send kids to school, because parents perhaps do not have enough time or/and ability to teach their kids. Besides, kids can learn from their school how to social with others. Shirley added that parents should not act as judges of their kids; they can be friends of their kids. Therefore, parents should guide their kids instead of forcing them to do something.

When Crystal started the roll calling for our next gathering, I knew it would be the end of this Sunday’s. I cannot meet my dear friends until next Sunday.

I remember Hudson once said that the friendship we made in our CD English Club is one of the purest. I guess each of our club members may have found it out in our own way. For me, I am no longer nostalgic about the purest school days, for I know I have a date with our club every Sunday. I can meet my pals and revive the purest friendship in life on that special day.


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Good Job Keeley

After I finished reading your report, I can image how concentrated you were during last Sunday’s club meeting, you must take notes carefully and later on recalled every details and make them into words and sentences. The way you were writing the report reminds me how Hudson did it, truly specific and you were writing every detail with your heart. We are so happy to have you working with us, another responsible girl with strong self-motivation! We are very proud of you Keeley!

Let’s keep going and make our club better, there’s no doubt that we will get great benefit from it.

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Great job, Keeley. Even though i was not there last Sunday, i can clearly imagine what was going on in the CD club. You are so gorgeous.

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