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CD English Club(BJ) Meeting Report on June 3, 2007 [Copy link] 中文

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The club has moved into a new era that flames spring out as the summer wedges in. I fell into an extreme emotion bottom after the over-exciting two hours. That is the description of the gathering on June 3, 2007, extremely energetic and active.

Alhaji opened his co-chairman inaugural with a sensational picture of a confident, self-composed, considerate middle-aged man, creating a bright and broad club future in his elegant accent. He postponed his business trip and rushed into the club at the last minute, proves Hudson’s choice is right-sincere person, serious attitude.

We were saying the club is a community of making friends, and it has moved to another stage of bringing friends to make the friend circle wider and wider. Six new comers are all introduced by the registered club members. Two of them are teachers, Catherine, introduced by Sue (chief executive in a language training school), Bao Lele, referred by Caesar (always showing his passion and energy); the other two are secretaries, Stecy and Christina, brought in by Claude and an anonymous member. Jessica (Sales Manager) is in the same English training class with Joyce (the other co-chairman and the experienced hostess). The introduced speech of Neil’s wife was made by Neil, who surprised us with his beautiful and young wife.

Joyce chose Children’s Day as the theme of the impromptu speech. Crystal cannot differentiate her birthday and the Children’s Day because of the one day gap. All her memories about this special day are her birthdays. Compared to the happy memories, James’s Children’s Day seemed a little suffering in his own point due to the borrowing costume (classical white shirt and blue pants) for his comic performance, even he forget comics did bring others happiness. Neil wrapped up his adult mind back into his childhood. In his hypothesis, he would have adult-like re-planned his future to prevent his current regrets, and would have positioned where the members were located and how they would have spent their childhood, and surely would have recognized his wife as a destiny. How romantic!

Joyce never turn down the meaning of her name-Joy. She kept invited the speakers to “Sit” in the middle of the stage to make their speeches. The nerves of her showed all her commitment to the hosting.

Bob “stole” James white shirt and blue pants to brainstorm the knowledge of mobile communication technology, very informative involved with so many professional terms. In case of making it wrong because of my ignorance in this field, I would like just list the terms he mentioned in his speech. The mobile communication technology has gone through three generations: the first generation has stopped using; the second generation, mainly about GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) which is currently the most popular; the third generation represents the high speed of mobile communication, like CDMA-2000 (Code Division Multiple Access). There are a couple of terms he mentioned, like TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), W-CDMA (Wideband), and a lot of others I cannot remind.

Lele’s quick thinking and illustrating style reflects the typical New-oriental school style. Articles slipped over from her mouth in English and Chinese back and forth which was hard to follow. Both of the speeches are in the knowledgeable group, which comes from our daily life, but hard to understand or use. It also stirred up the audience. The questions are popped up in between the speeches, and almost made the circumstances out of control. And it also aroused the enthusiasm and continuously influenced the following topic discussion.

The first topic is for movie fans. James’s leading group assorted more than ten categories for the movies they loved: motion, action, cartoons, comics, legendary, documentary, thrilling, suspicious, musical, and scared pictures and etc. Lele showed her another potential about the Hollywood movies, from movies’ name to movie stars, from guts to gossips, every single details she could make a comment. Alhaji, our serious co-chairman, even stared in four episode TV Serials, which is why he looks so young, right? Just my guess.

Claude and Richard in Lillian’s table confessed their preference of “Sex and City”, which Lillian thought it is supposed to be a women’s favorite.

It could add two more categories into James’s, after Paul described what Neil’s and his lovely wife’s favorite, China Revolution movies and sentimental movies (like “Mum, please love me again”). Wearing his “scary” looking T shirt, Paul impressed us with his experience of his bicycling trip from Beijing to Xia Men during his university summer vocation, eight to ten hours a day, 26 days, unbelievable and won our respect.

The second topic inquires the summer plan of our own. Because of the tight schedule, I believe few people had spared time to talk about it. However, Flora’s leading group had set foot in all ranges covering their physical exercises in summer, and just jumped to the curiosity that why gentlemen are always shy in the match making with no reason. This question had an answer in the social lunch. That is, most out-going gentlemen have already married.

As I mentioned in the beginning, it was a passionate gathering. Everyone shared a role in the meeting. Alhaji, co-chairman ; Joyce, host and co-chairman; Catherine, Stecy, Christina, Lele, Jessica, Neil’s wife, self-introduction speakers; Crystal, James, Neil, impromptu speech speakers; Bob and Lele, prepared speech speakers; James, Flora and Paul, presentation speakers; Caesar, John, Paul, Lillian, occasionally popped up some questions; Amber, Claude, Richard, loyal and active speakers at the table; and Ellie, Keeley, Sue, Balan, Jolin and Joanna saved their chances for the next time.

So grab our chances, give it a try, and go on being active.  

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Sorry for the late report, didn't know have to post it here. It is really been a long time, thank god I still keep the password.

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You've done a wonderful job, Lillian, thanks

And hereinafter we would like to share my opening speech with you, esp. those of you who did not make it for the Meeting, for your general knowledge of what was going on and for your kind suggestions.

This morning as I was washing in the lavatory, I saw a middle-aged man in the mirror, smiling at me. He is kind, mature and confident.
Yes, your guess is right, that’s me, your old friend Alhaji Kamara.
I am approaching 40 years old this year. I am not-too-bad husband, and a father, soft-hearted most of the time to my lovely daughter, yet can be strict from time to time, and best of all, I consider myself a responsible person.
When doubts and anxiety are building along with the impending leave of our charismatic president Hudson, as a responsible person who really cares about CD English club and consider every participant as a family member, I feel the pain. So when proposed by Mr. Hudson, and supported & approved by the Volunteer Committee (Joyce, Amber, Crystal, Bob, Lilian, Cathy, Meleni…), I jumped to their call to be the co-chairman, together with Joyce.
We take this offer a great honour, yet with due responsibilities. We don’t view ourselves as leaders, but rather servant and coordinators.
Hudson has left us unprecedented example hard to follow in terms of his passion, professionalism and persistency. Yet built on his experience and our joint efforts, we will make our CD family grow and flourish.
We will make our club a family that is a useful means to sharpen our language skills and public speaking skills; a routine break to relax ourselves; a cozy channel to make lots of friends; a common platform to broaden our horizon of knowledge and wisdom.
What a wonderful place to go to every Sunday morning!
For those who supported me, and those who still have some doubts, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you CARE, just like I do.

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:)i was really moved by both of u, by your careness, your seriousness, your passion, and your motivation. I can not give a meeting report that include every details ,every member's feeling,  I also can not give a speech that is so impressive and touching. I learned so much from both of u , thank u ! :)

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to Alhaji, Joyce......

Just got back from my 3-leg trip to Dalian,  Changchun and Jilin. Cannot wait any more to read the reports.
I felt so flattered when I was reading the thread and its replies. As I said repeatedly, I've got most of the handclaps while the other organizers worked off the stage on yearly basis. Whenever I think of that, I feel rather guilty.

I cannot be happier to find that under the leadership of Alhaji and Joyce, the support of Bob and Lillian, Amber, Crystal and Cathy, the club goes onto a track, more exciting, more efficient. So, I said to myself:" Hey, Hudson, you, maybe, should have left earlier."

I'm leaving in 2 weeks time and I'll be joining you guys the coming Sunday, my last gathering before I leave. Dying to meet all of you.


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I will miss the coming gathering, what a pity for me , I hate that I am so tiny creature in the world , if I was god, I would change my schdule to meet u ,hudson, do not forget us , I will miss u

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Welcome home Hudson

For your persistent generous contribution to CDCLUB over three years, it's never too much to show our gratitude to you. You were the core and soul of CDCLUB,you really deserve the handclaps & appreciation.

And the new organizer team will do our best to keep going on, with you and all the club members' support, we are going to a better future. :)

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