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Darfur Crisis [Copy link] 中文

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Hello fellow forumites of Chinadaily!

I have just recently gone to a presentation in America about the current genocide in Darfur (a region is Western Sudan).  The government there (colloquially refered to as Khartoum, after the capital) is supplying Arab militias known as the janjaweed in their attempt to eradicate African farmers.  As sad as this is, it gets worse.

They blame China for it.

One wonders, why?  I mean, China is only, what, half a world away.  Of course all the speakers were white and anti-Chinese, but they went as far as to suggest a full economic embargo on China just because Chinese companies are working in Sudan.  

Moronic people.  Trying to impose an economic embargo on China is like trying to cut a river with a plastic knife.  Not going to work, after all, the pocketbook is mightier than the pen.

And of course, they spouted the usual American shouts about Tiananmen (which they grotesquing mispronounced, leading me to question their supposed authority on the matter) square, and abuse, death, organ-harvesting, poison-dealing, shootings, and coal mine collapses.

Well, you know what the Chinese in America say (at least you will now).  "The Only Things The White Man knows about China is CHEAP GOODS,  YAO MING, MAO ZEDONG, and CONFUCIUS."

It's true, their understanding of such things as Chinese politics, African politics and European politics is on par with that of a 4-year-old's understanding of Thermohaline Circulation.
"When I am White, I win because I'm White.  When I'm Black, I win because I am Bogoljubow."

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"China is only, what, half a world away." Money travels awfully fast, middlekingdo. China openly acknowledges its financial support of Sudan (and makes some pretty weak defenses of it). As Khartoum determines where the money goes, and Khartoum is busy killing off the Sudanese people, it's not that improbable.

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They blame China for it.

One wonders, why?

Because Chinese trade with Sudan translates into money in the pockets of Sudan's rather unpleasant and possibly genocidal government.

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Well, at least the people responding aren't the usual "China is the Root of All Evil" crowd.
"When I am White, I win because I'm White.  When I'm Black, I win because I am Bogoljubow."

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Don't waste your time.

Dear middlekingdo,

Just a friendly advice that you are going to encounter a barrage of nonsensical, silly to ridiculous premises followed by exaggerated extrapolations and mythical conclusions by that usual bunch of China-bashers.

The bottom line here is :

Sudan has been a colony of the Europeans for 300 years. The Americans have had oil interests there since the 1930s. China is a trading partner over the last decade or so. If this constitute a " sin " that the Chinese must bear and pay , then let it be. There is NO POINT in wasting time arguing against someone who claims that the sun is nowadays rising from the West and China is responsible for it .

Middlekingdo, the inconvenient truth is, the colonialists who raped Sudan have never done anything for the people. They are still sitting on their hands and do nothing. They just want to blame someone, anyone , and it may as well be China.  The question is : What can they do to China ? Nothing is the answer. Bad luck.

Don't waste your time on this juvenile baiting exercise. Have a giggle and a laugh. They are not serious and so should we be, the same.

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Ahh... Darfur, for all the anti-chinese rhetorics on the net.. I wondered if any one of them actually knows, or care to know, about the background of this conflict, which was touted as a genocide.

Let's see... Uganda and Sudan is equally as destructive. However the controversy surrounding Sudan is very suspicious. In 1997, Sudan was listed as the sponsor of terrorism and large funds of US investments in Sudan was divested. Any attempt to invest in Sudan can result in penalties and a 500,000 fine. Northern Uganda, tens of thousands of people have been killed, thousands brutally attacked and some 1.6 million people, about 80 percent of the population, have been driven from their homes in fear of the LRA, which is known for its brutal treatment of civilians. But Darfur so far is said to have about 200,000. ( an est. figure pulled from a hat)

However why is Uganda taken out of the picture? .. Because it's  a pro-US ally ?

The answer is: Oil. Sudan has oil resources and since the price of one barrel have risen at a rapid rate over the few years, Darfur received a tremendous media attention creating a blame-game by inappropriately portraying Asian Investors as supporters of the regime in a scapegoat. Now, China imports about 30% of Sudans oil, while Japan is the largest importer, The Chinese oil company bought the oil concession shares from a canadian oil 'Arakis', who in turn bought it from Cevron. Both Arakis and Chevron couldn't find any oil. When the Chinese entered the picture.. oil was then discovered. But this left Chevron out of the picture... things begin to change. The chinese was nailed for causing all the Africa's problem fro their "RUSH" for oil... even though US, both military and businese, are more present there.

If the western media don't mention often enough or at all... It was the Rebels who attacked the Sudanese soldiers first.. that started all the sectarian killings. The rebels actually won almost all the battle against the government forces. As it turns out.. that Chad and Uganda were training and equiping the rebels and Chad , Not only air-supplied the rebels, Chadians troops where among the Rebels. Out gunned, the Sudanese, looked to the Janjaweeds for support, and later China and Russian supplied the Sudanese troops with weapons and manage to confine the conflict  from spreading to Sudan Proper. Now, does this looked familiar in any way ? Both Chad and Uganda had US military support and advisors... If you look at the recent US proxy Ethiopia invasion of Somalia.. you would suspect that the Situation the Darfur was a , in act , a Regime change attempt by the US... for OIL.

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At last... a rather acurate article of Sudan and Africa.

China and USA in New Cold War over Africa’s Oil Riches ... &articleId=5714

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