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Is China unfairly looked on by Western eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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There are some things which China can do in the coming months:

1. increase the resources for her Department of External Security Affairs; this agency's remit is to protect Chinese nationals who work in foreign countries;  too many mainlanders have died and those who remain must be protected wherever they be - perhaps each should carry an electronic alarm and tracking system, and the perimeter where they're posted to work or habitate should be better secured in cooperation with the local authorities concerned;  the department should also have a global tracking system to monitor flashpoints where Chinese lives can be threatened due to local incidents brewing up to other things; the system should also periodically issue communiques to all Chinese going or staying overseas to be careful of certain groups of mischief-makers that may be antagonistic to China's presence in their economy/society;

2. likewise, develop a network of support from overseas Chinese who can render assistance as and when needed with regards the welfare, safety and shelter of mainlanders in foreign lands;  efficient communication is important; they must know what they can do, and, who to approach in the China embassies overseas;

3. build up a global media network that will provide more focus on matters China, with the main objective of clarifying what China and the Chinese are all about;  this should help to dispel myths which present west-oriented news and tv agencies are inclined to foment in order to weaken their citizens' perception of China as a progressive society, so that they can continue to take advantage of Chinese people;  one aspect of this global media network is that they build electronic databases containing their news which are accessed by subscribers which include investors and opinion-makers; the content and its channel needs to be explored further;  and

4. build up those export industries which promote the presence of China in peoples' minds; one such is movies, so that the more, say, modern movies you have with Chinese characteristics that yet appeal to the modern audience, the more likely they will after watching them find matters China less difficult to accept.

Another is literature and modern writings;  China produces many, but too few have been translated into languages that foreigners use, so that those who can't read Mandarin will not be able to read Chinese thought and opinions on many matters that could be important to them.

5. Lastly, close the loop;  one of the most nagging problems with prejudiced news is that it sticks first and any rebuttal or new facts that explain it later is often ignored;  so the important thing to remember is to be vigilant and respond quickly, as soon as it is broadcasted in fact, to rebut things that foreign press are too quick to say which is wrong about China.  In this matter, the right channels with the widest important readership profile should be targeted and tapped.

There are probably many other things which can be done to fight back wrong perceptions of China made by western people (and japan) and these could be attempted.

The biggest thing to do is of course to be great and mighty again.  They all respect that.

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Accurate observations, zglobal. China is indeed unique in many aspects, not just from her size and population, but also the characteristics of her peoples and her history, governance, culture, skills, aspirations and experiences.

The trouble with those who criticize China and the Chinese people negatively is often that they do so without taking those aspects into their minds, which are only too often saddled with perceptions built up by others who have agendas negative towards China from the very outset.  And when they attempt at fairness, they again resort to standards that they are used to, even to the extent of defining their own version of 'universal' values.  In too many instances, they also assume that what works for them in their own comfort zones and settings should rightly work the same in China, by the mere expedient of wholesale transfer of concept and implementation.  For some who come from such 'scientific and objective' settings, they are too quick to brook no exceptions to their own thought processes.

If China retorts to them, it doesn't mean that Chinese people are not capable of doing things even better. It also doesn't mean that China doesn't allow for criticisms.  But to be consistent to the argument stated, those criticisms should be constructive enough to recognize many limitations that China presently faces which others may not even in their most fulsome awareness.

Those who are too quick to criticise China and her people should instead turn around to help them rise and contribute more positively in the future to this world.  China on her own is already doing that with remarkable success, and in many cases at immense personal sacrifice.

To show their sincerity for China and her people, the critics should walk their own talk and come over to do their bit.  The humanity of the Chinese people will surely return the compliment.

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i donot think so!

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Going our own way ,let people say anything .

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Originally posted by mjackson321 at 9-5-2007 02:56
so that's what this forum for .
to let foreigners know a true China , not just from their 21 inches "color" TVset since China has 9,600,000 square kilometers and 1.3 billion people.

As I have said before, the kind of trolling carried on by people like chang, mengzhi et al is not a good reflection of China. If you disagree with a certain kind of mindset, you get attacked for being a "China-basher", "anti-China", etc. There is no willingness to accept other people might have an acceptable POV.

That doesn't reflect well on China if this forum is supposed to represent it. If anything it makes it look immature.

As to the question "Is China unfairly looked on by Western eyes?", first of all I see problems in using the word "Western". It lumps people together, ignoring the fact views of China are variable across many countries. But more importantly, it sounds rather whinney. Lots of countries get bad press around the world. Insisting that people criticise China because they're prejudiced is in of itself intolerant and reflects badly on China.

Next, what's this about complaining about checks at airports? Well geez, maybe the Belgians/other Europeans want to ensure people are visiting their country for legitimate reasons. Unless Zhang can provide specific evidence that Chinese travellers are the only ones checked, it's rather ridiculous to complain about it. If she's complaining that any Chinese should be checked, well that's even worse because despite China's growth there are still many people that try to sneak into richer countries illegally.

The Tech shootings. The reason people though the killer was Chinese was because they saw the guy but didn't realise he was Korean. It isn't easy to tell people apart if you don't know them.

Chinese who go overseas can improve the image of China, but then again it's unfair to expect them to clean up problems created in China. It isn't just about perceptions, it's about things that happen in China too. If China refuses to change and reform itself to address those problems, which are viewed negatively around the world whether it likes it or not, no amount of TV interviews, speeches and smiley faces from Chinese overseas students and businessmen will change that. Though it does say something about China (if Zhang's view is widely held) that it blames everyone else for misunderstanding it, rather than looking at what it does.

China will do what it feels is necessary inside its own borders - if it doesn't care what anyone else thinks then that's its choice. But Zhang gives the impression it does care. So China shouldn't act surprised that anyone might have real objections to some of the things it does (both inside and outside China) and shouldn't pretend it's just about wrong perceptions. Indeed I rather hope that it knows it isn't just about perception, because if it did it would suggest China is rather naive and foolish.

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"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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In lies the rub...

... does the person reflect the country, or the country reflect the person?

China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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