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Is China unfairly looked on by Western eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2007-6-29 18:19
Reading the Western press I can confirm that China is viewed very critically abroad. .

Well, I wouldn't say that China is viewed "very critically" abroad in the "Western press". Sure, there are articles critical of certain Chinese government and private business affairs, as there are of all countries.

Some reporting, perhaps particularly in America (I am not from America, but I read widely),  takes a very patriotic, American government line, which is presently fairly antagonistic towards China, in my view. I don't buy the CNY (RenMinBi) is under-valued line, for one thing. If it's undervalued it consequently costs China more to buy things from overseas. And, China is buying a lot from overseas. We Australians say thank you very much for buying our agricultural and mining produce!   :))

On the matter of a Chinese military build-up. I can see why America is upset, the balance of world power is once again shifting, and this time it's not in their favour! They're going to have to get used to it and pull their heads in a bit. But, it seems natural to most westerners, on a fundamental level that the Chinese have a right to modernise their military in the defense of about 20% of the world's total population within its borders.

The potential flash point that is developing is the increased ability to project its power beyond China's national borders. Especially as Chinese develops a deep water navy.  America has for decades developed bases all across the world as well as massive troop movement capacity. Why? To be able to "protect" their interests overseas, and "aid" their allies. Now China is the country developing interests outside its borders. They ought to have the means to defend those interests, shouldn't they?

Back to your point. I would say that in general the foreign press is pretty unbiased when it comes to reporting on China, of course they are going to be somewhat partisan where national interests are concerned. But, often the "critical" reporting is well deserved. e.g. poisons in toothpaste, Ti_an_An_Men S_quare Mas_sacre, and general freedom of speech.

The criticisms in such situations are not being made unilaterally of all Chinese people, just the company, or government responsible.

I can, and do, criticise my government in my country... can you do the same in China? I hear that the Chinese media has less overt censorship these days, but there is a strong self-censorship practiced by reporters and editors that results in a lot of incorrect, or at least, incomplete information about Chinese and world affairs being given to the Chinese people.

In the case of misidentifying the Virginia Tech killer as "Chinese", that was just poor reporting. I suspect that the reporter concerned would have been reprimanded for that mistake.  Obviously, initially, they should have reported the suspect was of East-Asian appearance.

One thing I don't agree with is China's statement that foreign countries should not involve themselves in China's "internal matters". What is a truly internal matter anyway? My real point is that China then claims to practice this in its relationships with other countries... however, often non-involvement, or giving support to some incumbent power in the country, is also interfering in that country's domestic affairs by preventing natural events progress as they perhaps should.

In fact, I think the current Chinese leadership is doing a pretty good job in most domestic matters, but they have a lot of patching up to do to fix up the mismanagement, not to mention rampant corruption (which you often hear called by its Chinese name "guan xi") of previous Chinese governments. I look at China and I (disappointedly) see it is Socialist in name only. The workers and farmers are still downtrodden and poor...

I HATE the use of the word "elite/s" in Chinese media! Who is "elite"? We are all human. There is an alarming arrogance among the Chinese "new rich" too.

Nevertheless, as statistics show, China's modernisation has certainly helped lift 100's of millions of people out of poverty. So, I will conclude by saying it is certainly "a work in progress", and that I see China's future positively.

Regarding China projecting its culture outside its borders, I think we are seeing that more and more with International years of China in many countries, and with the opening and development of the "Confucious Institutes" in many countries too.

Almost everyone, who is not a rabid right-wing "neo-con"servative will give China credit, and not be particularly biased against China at all.

In conclusion. "China threat"? No. Not if it takes on the responsibilities that power brings. And, there are many signs that China is heading down that responsible international player road, and only some that it isn't, but there's a way to go yet before we will be able to tell for sure which hat China will wear as an international leader.

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I don't know so much about the EU but I have a lot of friends from China in North America. They have told me that though they often start out in a low position in a new company, to gain experience, they often progress quickly to a high or higher paying senior position.
My friend originally from Guangdong, went to work for the phone company in Vancouver Canada after getting his masters degree from a Canadian university. He said that he can earn a significant bonus on top of his salary every month.
I know a lot of people from Hong Kong and China who have immigrated to North America, they have all told me that people from China are viewed as diligent workers and are desired by a lot of the high end companies.

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Western media criticizing some of the things about the Chinese government is normal and has nothing to do with Chinese citizens, if anything it is a way to help improve the way the average person lives.
Look at the kiln slaves for example, where would those slaves, some young children, be if it wasn't for the media.
Americans are often criticized for things in the media and they don't cry and call themselves vicitms of world media. Look at Iraq and Guantanamo for example. Why did they decide to close Guantanamo, because of outside and inside pressure, much of it from the media.
About Chinese cultures, my impression is that many Chinese, especially the younger generation know little about Chinese cultures. There are 56 distictive cultures in China, not one Chinese culture. The only culture most of the children know about now-a-days is lucky money and moon cake. I'm sure that most people in U.S. and Canada know a lot more about Chinese culture than you may think.
If you go to the Lunar New Year parade in any city in North America, you can see people of every color enjoying the beginning of the Lunar New Year.
Don't keep looking down on yourselves as Chinese, no one is against Chinese people as a whole. If someone is criticizing the government, that is the right they have, just like you have the right to criticize the other governments of the world.
If they are criticizing a person, it isn't all Chinese, it is the person who spit on the street or not standing in line, oh, or talking so loud on the phone that everyone in the train could hear the conversation.

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Is China unfairly looked on by Western eyes?

China was very successful till she was tripped up by the Western nations (and Japan) who played a game by very different rules.  A Confucianist and pacifist China was invaded, plundered and rendered impotent in the nineteenth century.  Raped by Japan prior to the Second World War, she was traumatised and humiliated till recently.

The world has changed since then, and now pacifism is valued again, though not quite the rule yet.

Economically, China is a rising power and is therefore a threat to American dominance.  America wants to retain its ability to dominate world affairs.  To continue to do this, America needs the support of many allies, old and new.  To win their hearts and minds, America continues to demonise China.  Many in Europe believe the American propaganda.  It is in America's interest to put China at loggerheads with many nations, and to be seen by them as a threat.

China has to see through this, and not to allow her ascent to be interpreted with fear and foreboding by other nations.  She has to continue on her path of development peacefully and not allow American provocations to upset her direction of peaceful cooperation with her trading partners near and far.

Is China unfairly looked on by Western eyes?  Of course she is.  But the proper reaction is not to seek 'revenge'  or vindication by aiming to be a dominating power like the U.S. is, but to be a nation that is able to manage the peace and prosperity of her own people, and to allow her people to develop their human potential to the maximum.

After she has achieved that, then she can be an arbiter of peace and justice for other nations that are denied the opportunities of development in the present world order as it is.

(A similar version of the above was posted on the thread 'What is the measure of success for China?')

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I do think China is unfairly looked on by some Western eyes but should China really care ?

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Originally posted by emucentral at 2007-5-16 20:32

Pity that some Chinese officials don't emulate this attitude in relation to Japan, the Dalai Lama and Taiwan.

I think Japan sucks until it becomes a bit honest about WW2 war crimes, Dalai is nothing more than a politician who interferes in matters that don't concern him and Taiwan is a Province of China. Does that make me a Chinese Official ?

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Originally posted by netlink8 at 2007-7-5 21:33
I do think China is unfairly looked on by some Western eyes but should China really care ?

Time to correct those Western misconceptions
By Yang Wenchang (China Daily)

Updated: 2007-07-09 07:12
In less than two decades since the end of the Cold War, Western media and academic circles have misread China three times.
An objective review and analysis of these misconceptions will help us better appreciate China's way of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, and reinforce our commitment to peace, development and cooperation, and to building a harmonious world.
The first misreading was "the coming collapse of China".
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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