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Is China unfairly looked on by Western eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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Oh, I see Vivoix. The US gets bad press because it is bad, but China gets bad press because it is good, but people just say it is bad.

I asked these questions becasue it is obvious to me that the Chinese press paints China to be far better than what it really is - due to heavy censorship. Chinese people are taught that their nation is not responsible for any wars or problems in the world, which is simply a lie. The Western press is under no such restrictions, and tells both good and bad about China. And that is the way it should be. If you don't like finding out about China's dark side, tune into Xinhua, and you will get the happy news about China that you long to see.

Vivoix wrote:
Quote: "Why are there far more negative stories about "America" in "The Wetern Press" than there are about China?"

- Can you read Chinese newspaper or read Chinese blogs?  Then you'll know a mountainful of problems voiced by Chinese about China and then cling on with dreamy & starry eyes on the rounder moon outside China.
Why more negative stories about America? That's facts, not stories. How would you expect China to get the SAME amount of bad press as America to judge for fairness in western press? Did China invade Iraq? Did Chinese government lie to the world to invade Iraq and kill so many civilians in ME? Did Chinese soldiers humiliate the POW in the same ways as the UK & US soldiers? Did China station military bases in over 100 countries in the world? Did China force US to manipulate dollar? Did China plan a missile base in Europe? You must read a bit more and see some reality on ground, not the letters to letters 'CHINA & AMERICA' on the paper.

US & EU tend to create "threats' about China based on FEAR factor. They fear this or fear that, suspect this or that, then off it goes with an endless list of threats, month after month, a new story.

Western press generally refers to UK, US, EU, Scandinavia, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. They generally print facts about US, as for China, they print copies from US & UK about China, therefore most views on China are more or less imposed by the anglos, mainly sourced from UK, US & other anglophone countries which then transmit to EU & Scandinavia.
Therefore one should trace the culprit of bias to the anglo countries led by US & UK.

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thats like asking if america is looked unfairly upon.  the answer has been yes for a long while now, even before the iraqi war.  China is going to have to get used to being in the limelight, welcome to the big time boys, everyone hates you and everyone loves you just because they talk a lot of trash doesn't means its unfair, just means you're a target

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Originally posted by vivoix at 2007-5-12 01:05
Mdm Zhang is right to voice out this observation, I’m not surprised that the western contributors in the thread get so defensive, they always have been; it’s enough just to read a few of their po ...

You have said it so well from your observations.  There is no simple solution on the issue.  This is a western dominated world.   You won't get fairness from them.   They'd put us down no matter.   And after all, we have enough our own kind willing to kiss their ass.

It would require skillful diplomatic maneuver.  Hopefully, with the newly assigned foreign minister in charge, it would improve the image and the functions of our embassies.  Our embassy staff needs to project more positive image, and play more active role abroad.  But it won’t be easy to change their traditional “bureaucrat” mentality.   
Then look at what they have done to the image of Germany.  I have seen many war films projecting German as stupid idiots.  Now German is a strong and united country, the world’s second or third largest economy.  It again commands respect on the world stage.  

Life is never going to be fair. Under Darwin’s theory, life is the struggle among preys and predators.  The world politics is not any different.  We have to learn to better equip ourselves.

As to BBC, this is again the Anglo-Saxon superiority-inferiority complex in play.  China is probably the only developing country never being fully colonized by British or other European empire.   Considering India their sphere of influence, they’d praise India as the world largest democracy, and ignore many of its problems.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-5-12 23:41
can we have some examples of how america is treated unfairly?

Yes, here are some:

We are unfair to them by expecting to follow the rules on human rights.
We are unfair to them by expecting them to stop using their big huge gas guzzlers.
We are unfait to them by expecting them to take a lead in fighting poverty on the planet.
We are unfair to them by expecting them to take the lead in preventing global warming.

Yes we are treating them unfairly!
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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