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Breaking: Over 30 Virginia Tech students reported dead in university shooting [Copy link] 中文

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Obviously you aren't a Christian

Originally posted by eightyeight at 2007-4-17 11:08
You think I am a Christian?

You are way off base, pal!

Obviously you are not.  But you tried to talk about "love". Hmmm, that is hypocrisy.

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Reply #44 myfriend's post

I talk about love and you say that is hypocrisy?

How's that?


Do you think I was ever in favor of any war?

Do you think I ever wanted war?

If so, then you don't know anything about me nor in what I have done or not done, do you?

It helps if a fisherman has done his homework, he ought to know something about which pond he is fishing in and what he is fishing for, don't you think?

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Hey 88

Originally posted by eightyeight at 2007-4-16 22:57
No record from the fingerprints means he has no criminal record? -- I suppose ... how does that work in other countries?

My patience has been running thin on your compliments and questions.
I admit I don't have enough years on me as yours about America and that matter on the world.
That's why I don't comment on your point of view.
But that doesn't mean I don't entitle a voice!
I never bought a gun, some of my friends bought a few.
I have to admit I like target shootings. I did my part of shooting water gun on people.
But I will never never ever own a gun. Because I know once I put my hand on a gun in a hostile situation, I'd better prepare to shoot and kill. Owning a gun makes killing as easy as that.
We encounter stressful, hostile situation often in life. By not owning a gun, killing becomes a more difficult option. By not owning a weapon, reconsiliation comes easier than enpowing over others.
When you aware of your power to kill, you will kill!
I live in USA and I like where I live. But that doesn't mean I like everything about USA. Maybe I am putting my opinion in a wrong place since it is a Chinese forum. Maybe the Chinese can learn something from the mistakes of America has made.

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what are u quarrelling about? i don't understand.

Are we talking about the killing?

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Reply #46 holidays's post

Oh dear.

Please, you accuse me of calling you names, you have made many accusations about me ... you have an opinion, no doubt! You have been wrong in each instance, but I am still patient with you.

Maybe we should try again, I am an old grouchy mean American, no doubt. I am surely at fault somewhere in there, I sure do reckon.

Is that at all helpful?

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Reply #47 maxspeedwind's post

No ,we are talking about keeping eightyeight quiet -- he is such a bad person, everybody knows!

But I am watching the news story as it unfolds -- at least for a little while longer, if something happens I will be sure to let everyone know.

I am sad.

I am not at all happy.

My condolences to all those that have been terrified by this and any other similar event!

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Cultural differences

For "holiday" who grew up in China, to hold a gun or play with one is a shocking experience.
For Yankee "88" who grew up and get old in the West, it is no big deal.
The difference in life experience, perspectives on guns and killing, wars, there is a huge gap between
"holiday" and "88".

The political leader of Americans, Bush, is pretty cocky about killing and wars.  He would jump up and down, pound on the podium, do anything just to win a foreign war.  Americans are conditioned since, perhaps, 4 years old to fight, shoot, lie, cheat and occupy.  So when they grow up to "holiday's" age, the cultural rift is huge and irreversible.  Naturally, "88"'s mindset is so twisted now that there is no way he can understand my perspective.  I understand.

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