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Breaking: Over 30 Virginia Tech students reported dead in university shooting [Copy link] 中文

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you know what they say

"the quiet one is usually the freak".

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U mean,the bark dog won't bite?

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Originally posted by sky_net at 2007-4-17 03:09

Revenge for the Vietnam War?

The guy was Chinese and it was revenge for the riots in Milan's Chinatown but no one was killed in that riot.

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Originally posted by mengzhi at 2007-4-17 11:30
Tragedies waiting to happen, and again.

Thank you emu for your support in the aftermath of this tragedy. We are still vague on details and no blame should be slotted to anyone until then. Two things are certain :

#1.  The freely availability of guns and firearms in the States. I know, I know the old hoary chestnut argument that "  guns don't kill, only people kill ". People with knives would have killed many less lives. The responsible hobby shooters are not the problem, it is the crooks and mentally deranged or just depressed. It is your country and it is your call. From afar, the cause and effect is so stark one shudders to see that Americans are missing the wood for the trees.  Mush less gun deaths in Australia and UK even on per head population.

I grew up on a farm. My brother and I used to shoot with a "slug gun" and my father had a .22 rifle.
The only shooting I do now is with a cannon, sorry Canon.
Guns are nice pieces of metalwork and engineering and I can understand people wanting to collect them, just like I collect cameras.
However there is a wider responsibility to the community (not armament manufacturers) and I think the US gun laws are simply too lax.
Mind you, that's not guaranteed to prevent every similar event.

Here in Australia, if you want to go hunting with a shotgun or a rifle, you can. If you want to do target shooting with a handgun/pistol well you can still do it (in a licensed sporting club with target facilities) What you cannot do is buy automatic weapons more suited to a war zone. You aren't allowed to stroll around the place wearing a pistol (unless you're a cop or licensed security guard).

The student who killed two classmates at Monash University a couple of years ago, was a registered pistol shooter at a local club, and somehow managed to bring those weapons to the classroom.

The people who say "guns don't kill, people kill people" are right, but those people don't like to admit that guns make the whole killing thing a lot more "efficient".

The guy who committed this mass murder was reported to have been under some stress. Whether he is a US citizen, a foreign student or a man from mars is largely irrelevant.
His ability to fit in, understand the teachers, or relate to his girlfriend may be issues, but I agree that his actual ethnicity is not.


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"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by cyberspook at 2007-4-17 11:31

your allready making incorrect assumptions , you first must have a firearms licence , to obtain one you need to be a member of a firearm sporting association , you then need to satisfy a crimin ...

And you are making an incorrect assumption for the state of Virginia!
I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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weapons, i.e. GUNS, are the killers here........

ban those automatic weapons and lives will be saved......

at least you can make a run for your life.....

and don't get shot in the back.......

my condolences to all those affected by this tragedy.......
It is important that man dreams, but it is perhaps equally important that he can laugh at his own dreams...............5555

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So young master Long Honggong left Shanghai and went to America. He found that he liked the freedom, casual sex and so on. But he couldn't handle a free girl, so he flipped.

24 years of communist and confusing Confucian oppression just cracked in one single moment. It's the ketchup effect, boys and lads...

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