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What do u think about these pitcures? [Copy link] 中文

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OH my god........................what on earth they are doing..

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This is a brined turkey roasted in a rosemary butter...enjoyed by millions of people around the world during Thanksgiving!

.Acceptable practice?      

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So bloody!How could men did these crulties to other creatures?!the right of life for each creature shall not be deprived of,for mankind ,and for their counterparts ,animals as well...

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how terrible

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whaling nations till 2008: Japan, Norway, Iceland, and Greenland

The International Whaling Commission was formed in 1946 to regulate whaling and to conserve the world's largest living animals.

In 1982, with many whale populations close to extinction following centuries of exploitation, IWC member nations agreed to a ban on all commercial whaling.

While the ban remains in effect, Japan, Norway, Iceland, and Greenland continue to hunt limited numbers of whales. The mammals are killed either for local consumption or scientific purposes.

Currently Japan kills about 400 whales a year under the rubric of scientific research.
Such programs don't fall within IWC jurisdiction.

Norway has also set a quota to kill nearly 800 minke whales this summer.
The nation is also considering scientific whaling of other species in future.

Wildlife groups say most of the whales hunted under the aegis of scientific research end up being sold as food. Conservationists add that researchers don't need to kill a whale to study it.

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I want to cry...

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well, arent we all lucky then that we can walk down to mcdonalds and get food to eat.. there have always been fishermen, even in farming and herding communities that raise and grow their own food for consumption.

a cow is a mammal, so is a dolphin and a whale

they are "sea cows" for hungry people..

and were any of us hungry. and depended on that whale meat and blubber to keep us aive through the winter, we'd be out there with picks too, getting as many as we could for our familes and communites, to help keep us alive and survive the freezing environment.

all people living in arctic or antactic regions with Sea access subsist on whales for meat, oil, bone, and skin... from Alaska to Norway. seals, bears, and whales.

the difference between whales and fish is not mammal, but their position on the food chain. they are not vegetarions, most are predators, like the tiger or lion,, they are meat eaters, eating other living organisms...

the small fish eats the smaller fish, then gets eaten by a bigger fish...

do those whales have similar regard for the fish or seals they are consuming??

whale is a precious food source, and should be regarded as such, they should not be hunted for money, but for those people who rely on their meat and other gifts for survival.

so, Japan should not kill whales, but all 37 citizens of greenland should

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