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what's the image of china in the foreigners' eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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honest answer here

This question can get you many different answers.  I will try to give you a few of them.

Just as many will say they hate America but not the American people, well this is the same for China.  Many do not trust or like the Chinese government for various reasons.

Those that come from big cities love the hustle and bustle of Beijing, HK, and Shanghai.  With this mentioned those of us that come from smaller towns enjoy the more natural places of China.  Some will complain China is too crowded and polluted.

Most of the older people remember the Korean War, cold war, communism, and your cultural revolution their negative opinion of China will not change.

The younger generation does not know much about this and often have a different opinion.

Some who are paid to be consultants and intelligence experts will say China is a threat and will become an antagonist power in Asia.

Executives making a large amount of money outsourcing jobs and production to China will tell you "It's great and full of opportunity."

Human Rights groups will not have a positive view on China; the same can be said about environmental groups.

Backpackers and those that are generally lower working class in Western Countries will often think China and the Chinese people are great.  China offers an escape from the high cost of the western world.

Socialist will view China as great and the Chinese view of Harmonious society the model of world utopia.  Often they admire the strong government control.  (As long as they are the government)

Hard lined Academia Communist types (Berkeley University Professors) will tell you China has lost their Maoist philosophy and are starting to change their view of China and the Chinese people.

Drifters and explorers will tell you how great China is (again based on Vastness) because they can meditate in Tibet, climb mountains, walk the Silk Road or drink lots of beer for less than 50 RMB.

As you can see almost everyone will give you a different answer depending on age, income, social-status, personality, and political beliefs.

No easy answer for this question.

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Reply #5 modeststeam's post

I think modeststeam  is correct there are a lot of changes going on. Trying to put the best foot forward for the Olympics, making the world see China as a major player in world economics. Labor problems aside (I am bias because I have family there that works way to many hours for little pay) It is one of the most Beautiful countries with the nicest most friendly people I have ever met.

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One of the most beautiful countries! Are you serious?  The people are great, I agree, but the country is quite horrendously ugly.  Architecturally it is dire, with endless ugly concrete blocks and little general historical sense, and scenically it isn't a patch on India (or doubtless many other asian countries).

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Yes, Yangshuo is bloody gorgeous.  And I have visited some great places in China.  But what I'm saying is that a. it's difficult to have a proper 'holiday' in these places (e.g. staying in a nice, cheap guesthouse overlooking the mountain, usually you have to stay in the city and go in by bus every day, which ruins the atmosphere) and b. you have to travel very, very far to get to them.

And in the cities themselves there is just a lack of... colour.  India is also a developing country, but its cities, whilst also very poor, just have so much interesting stuff to look at.  For a place with a supposed 5000 years of history China simply lacks that sense of history.  And I am in Dalian, which is meant to be one of the most beautiful places.  If this is the most beautiful I dread to think what the least beautiful must look like!  Although it is in a nice location with the beach, the mountain nearby etc.

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