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what's the image of china in the foreigners' eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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China is changing quickly, in fact too quickly for outsiders to understand. I have stayed at Europe for two years for studying, the most often question come to me is:" do you chinese really eat dogs and cats?"  OMG! Again and again, I have been tired of this kind of talking and do not want to explain anymore.

A  man from Costa Rica asked me and doubted if China is more developed than Nepal!!  And he always reminds me that my country is a communist country, just like we are all so red that want to export revolution. This conversation is so 60's like we got through the time tunel back to the cold war era.

I agree with irishinuk "To be honest, I don't think most people in Europe and N America really think about China that often. "  But if you just get information from mass medias in Europe, this country is in a very negative image. In the past, it was poor. Now if it is not poor then it still has a bad political reputation among nations.Many works of improving image for peopel and government needs to be done, really.

Of course, there are some people really like China especially someones travelled to China or lived there for a while.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2007-3-21 15:37

for a Chinese you've got a most alluring name; your German moniker translates as "love play'" - is that what you are doing in Europe? Oh, just a rhetorical question...

Even this is a rhetorical question
Liebesspiel is a song from Atrocity
Maybe Ensiferum, Beseech, Theatres Des Vampires or even Nuclear blast as a nickname would be better.
Yeah, I do love German girls, they are blonde. That is why I am here.

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American talks to chinese

When american talks to chinese they say "You guys make everything now".  They don't complain about labor rules except unions on TV compplain about jobs.  Labor rules they complain Vietnam and Nike.

Americans amazed by food we eat.  Beijing guys amazed about what Guangdong people eat.  Ha ha.  Try to explan about civet is not a cat.

They worry more about disease coming like sars or bird disease.  Not worried about communists come.  Americans do not think there are any communists left except in american university.  Haha.

Americans like chinese.  They like me anyway.  Haha.

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The opinion of China is good and growing.

Some negative things that people think about China are its currency policy.  People think that China prices its currency too low and this makes Chinese goods a great discount in the world marketplace.  So Chinese imports in America are very inexpensive.  Of course, if China raised its currency price, then the inexpensive imports would come from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand instead of China.  So China's raising its currency will have no effect on making American companies more competitive.

I like China.  China seeks to be a responsible nation and to listen to all sides.  

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I think China is great.  I have been here for over one year and quite enjoy the place!  

I think one thing that irks many foreigners living here is the lack of regard people generally have for others.  I have heard many a laowai moan and groan about people here being "very friendly and polite, but not very considerate."

Being pushed out of the way, yelled at, spat on, ignored, etc can really test your mental well-being.   

In day to day life here in China, I would say that lack of consideration for your fellow (wo)man is the greatest obstacle between laowais loving China, and loving China sometimes.

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a useful web site for some people who like travel around

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China and western country are indeed different in culture. Although we left behind over the past few decades, you must admit that China is getting stronger day by day.

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