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Chinese couple in Tennessee will get their daughter back [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by karenb at 2007-6-3 18:46
Absolutely not.  

It was a temporary custody arrangement, until the He family were able to get back on their feet.  Both the Juvenile Court Officer who drew up the agreement, Sara Cloud, and the ...

Life is full of accidents.  Justice means nothing sometimes.  Nothing  can compensate the childhood of this little girl.  

Best wishes for  He families.

Health, beauty and relaxation.

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SOld...Gave away...whatever. Give up.
They could have found an American couple of Chinese heritage to be her 'ward'. They ----ed up. Make another kid dammit, and leave this one behind. Oh ...wait...they already left her.
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ANNA & family to return to China ... to-china/132479.htm

The family will be moving back to China next month, in time to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Tek, if they could have found a Chinese family to care for their daughter, I'm sure they would have -- there aren't that many Chinese families in Memphis, and I doubt that there are ANY that are registered foster caregivers.  They met the Baker family through a Chinese "friend."

They DID have 2 other children.  But having more children doesn't mean that she just give up the first.  Of course, since you haven't any children of your own, you wouldn't understand that, but anyone who is a parent would.

And they NEVER left her behind.  In fact, they did precisely the opposite.  For 8 years Mr. and Mrs. He have been waiting tables and mopping floors as they fought the Tennessee courts to get their daughter back -- all this time Mr. He could have been a college professor in China and Mrs. He could have been working in her brother's business.  NOW that they have their daughter back, they are ALL coming to live in China, where they can get their lives back.

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Reply #25 tekvicious's post

Anyone who's a parent would understand.

You never ever leave a child behind under someone else's roof -- someone who's not a blood relative.

Sometimes people don't go and retrieve their kids because they have other kids who need their constant attention -- if they do something extreme like nabbing their own child back from the foster family without court approval, then they are in for some jail time and the other kids would be in serious trouble.

That would be the only thing that would hold a parent back.

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Financial Distress

I agree this is a very disturbing case for all concerned - both families and in aprticular, the little girl.  There is no win-win solution in this kind of situation.  Priority needs to rest with what is best for the child.

However, on reading the article, I was surprised when I read that when the He family were in financial distress, were unable to look after their child & unable to return to China, they then had two more children.  

When you are in a situation where money is tight the last thing you want to do his have more kids.  Having children, when faced with financial problems, facing visa issues and not being married (in the eyes of US law) would appear to me to rather irresponsible.   They must have realised that the situation for their additional children was also going to be precarious.

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