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Chinese couple in Tennessee will get their daughter back [Copy link] 中文

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January – Mr. & Mrs. He legally married in Tennessee

February – court asked He family to turn over Anna May’s passport.  They refused.  As punishment, the court ordered an end to the He family visitation of Anna May.

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February 23, 2004 – court trial to decide  Petition for Adoption and To Terminate Parental Rights, filed by Jerry L. Baker and wife, Louise K. Baker (“the Bakers”), Petitioners, on June 20, 2001, and also upon a Petition to Modify the June 4, 1999, Consent Order Awarding Custody, filed by Qin Luo (He), Petitioner, in the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee, on May 29, 2001.  At this point, the court terminated the parental rights of the Hes, and gave the Bakers the right to file for adoption of Anna May.

2007 - Tennessee Supreme Court overturns ruling of lower court, and grants parental rights back to the He family, and orders the Juvenile court to begin a plan for restoring Anna May to her rightful family.  Judge also orders visitation to begin this week.

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I remember this story....

"t was their understanding that this was a temporary arrangement until they were able to become financially stable enough to take her back."

The main point is whether or not he was legally able to get his daughter back after giving her to the foster care, or if the judges were just sympathizers and failed to interpret law like they always do.  The article doesn't seem confident in stating the legal status of his daughter after she was given to the foster care, only says what he assumed.

If He never lost legal rights to his daughter, then justice was finally served.  Case closed, let's move on to  important issues like Anna Nicole.

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Obscured facts

If you knew all the fact of this story and you have a heart you might consider things a little differently.
This isn't a Chinese girl she was never registered as a Chinese citizen at birth, she is an American. As you mentioned, she knows very little about China, doesn't speak Chinese and would require a visa to live in China.
I can understand both sides feel attachment to Anna May, but shouldn't she have a say in this?
As for the He's they have my sympathy but they have also shown that they have very different values from those that are acceptable to people throughout the world. Mr. He said that when they get their daughter back that when she wakes up in the morning she will see the same kind of face as her own. This is pure racism and should be an indicator to any judge of what kind of family she would be returning to and values she would be taught.
Anna May has been raised in a loving home, regardless of anything else. She has not been abused and she has been properly cared for.
Under no circumstances would racism be justified, Mr. He's comments display racism. At his point it is a difficult situation for both families, hopefully it doesn't take it's toll on Anna May.

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This is a sad case.
The part that I would have a hard time with is the fact that Mr. He has made racist comments about the family that has raised Anna May to this stage in her life.
There also has to be consideration for Anna Mays future. She isn't Chinese and may encounter some difficulties living in China on  long term basis as far as visas go.
If the He's really love her then they should take her feelings into consideration.

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Mr. He's "racism" pales in comparison to the Bakers

These people have vilified China from the very beginning.  The argument they gave in court was that Anna Mae would have a terrible life in China and would probably die because the "death rate of Chinese female children is 50%"!!!!  They offered no proof for this outrageous statement -- they just said it in court, and the ignorant rednecks accepted it as truth.  This is just one of many outrageous things they said about Chinese people.

It is right and natural for Anna Mae He to wake up in the morning and see the loving faces of the mother and father who gave birth to her.

The argument that "her feelings" should be taken into account is precisely the argument that the Bakers anticipated, when they began to restrict visitation to the Hes and eventually cut it off altogether.  They knew from the very beginning, and Mrs. Baker even recorded this in her diary, that the child would prefer them if she had no contact with her true parents, and they set out from the very beginning to see that this happened.  Thus, this couple alienated a child from her true parents, when these parents were desparately working to get her back.  This sort of cold calculated manipulation does not deserve to be rewarded.

Yes, of course it will be a huge adjustment for this child to go to a new family, and perhaps even to a new country.  But if the Bakers had not kidnapped this child  all those years ago, she would not have that adjustment to go through today.  Any trauma this child goes through rests squarely at the feet of her kidnappers.

A very telling example of the child's wishes came through when Mr. Baker asked her in the presence of a journalist (and offered her $5 for the answer) whose family she wanted to live in.  She refused to answer the question.  No doubt her iplomatic solution -- she wants to return to her true family, but she didn't want her foster father to lose face in front of the journalist.

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There is no romance without finance

Ladies and Gentlemen,

     If nothing else - this story should be held up as a reminder to all couples engaged in sex that there are responibilities for their actions - not only for themselves but the people they touch.

China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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