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Chinese couple in Tennessee will get their daughter back [Copy link] 中文

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not relevant

Tradervic, while I agree with your sentiment, it isn't particularly relevant to this case.  First of all, I suspect that even though Qin Luo and He Shaoqiang didn't have a wedding license, that they probably went through a wedding ceremony (bowing to each other, their parents, and the earth & sky).  It's not uncommon in China for couples to register their marriage months or even years before or after the actual ceremony.  The reason I believe this is likely is that they had to show some sort of proof of their marriage to the customs official (marriage license OR wedding photos OR wedding invitations, etc.).  

Secondly, at the time that Anna Mae was conceived, the He family were financially able to care for her.  He Shaoqiang (Jack) had a good job and health insurance teaching at the U. of Memphis and was in the process of finishing up his Ph.D. in Economics.  They had every reason to believe that a bright future lay in store for them and their baby.  It wasn't until Jack He was falsely accused (by a woman angry at him because he refused to loan her $500) of sexual assault (of which he was later acquitted) that he lost his job, his health insurance, and ultimately, his visa.   On a student visa, he was only permitted to work on campus, so he couldn't legally obtain other work.

This is a story about a domino effect of unfortunate events that happened to a man and his family (not to mention lack of due process on the part of the university and overt racism on the part of the courts) -- not the story of illicit sex.

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Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court

The latest news in this case is that the Bakers are now appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court.

They aren't appealing on the basis of the legality of the ruling made on the State level -- in fact, the Tennessee Supreme Court effectively proved that they hadn't a legal leg to stand on and that Anna Mae rightfully belonged to her own parents.

The appeal is on the basis of the "emotional trauma" Anna Mae would experience on being removed from one family and placed in another.

Some points to consider:

1) The Bakers purposely prevented a relationship between Anna Mae and her Chinese parents all these years, so they could pull this, their ultimate trump card -- the "psychological suffering" the child would endure on being reunited with her own family (from which she was stolen years ago).  This was a premeditated act on their part, and it would be immoral to reward such nefarious actions.

2) The report of the clinical psychologist (Dr. Cathy Collins) and the Guardian Ad Litem, appointed by the court to observe the reunion and provide counseling to Anna Mae and both families, and to ease the transition has been overwhelmingly positive.  They said that the visits of Anna Mae with her true parents have been going well and the transition is going smoothly.  However, Louise Baker leaked her journal to the press (against the express orders of the Judge) that contained lurid accounts of a pending emotional breakdown on the part of the child.   Now, rational thinkers would know to take the word of neutral professionals over the word of a woman who has every reason to lie (and has lied in court previously and had her testimony contradicted by other neutral professionals).

3)  I don't want to minimize the fact that this process will no doubt be painful for Anna Mae.  At the same time, we must remember that she is being returned to the family that has loved and wanted her back for years.  Longitudinal studies, several of which follow individuals over the course of a lifespan, have consistently documented that the vast majority  of children encountering FAR WORSE trauma ( growing up in families with mentally ill, alcoholic, abusive, or criminally involved parents) do overcome the odds and turn a life trajectory of risk into one that manifests "resilience," the term used to describe a set of qualities that foster a process of successful adaptation and transformation despite risk and adversity.  (one study is Werner, E., and R. Smith. (1992). Overcoming the Odds: High-Risk Children from Birth to Adulthood. New York: Cornell University Press, 1992. ED 344 979. )  According to this study, the important factor is the presence of at least one caring adult figure in their life.  Well, Anna Mae will have a number of caring people in her life.  She will have the love and support of her true parents. She has the help and assistence of the Guardian Ad Litem and Child Psychologist appointed by the courts.  She will have the love and support of Jack and Casey He's pastor and church family (where Jack He is currently employed).

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maybe Anna Mae will be president one day

This is the story of "Herbert" -- a young lad who suffered childhood trauma.

Herbert grew up in a happy family, playing with his older brother and younger sister.

When Herbert was 7, his Dad died.  When he was 9, his Mom died.  The children were then split up and sent to live with various relatives.  Herbert was sent off to Oregon to live with an uncle he'd never met.

According to the Baker supporters, Herbert would surely suffer an emotional breakdown after losing his father, his mother, his brother, his sister, and being sent off to live with strangers at such a tender age.

In fact, he did not.  Herbert grew up working on his uncle's farm, then worked his way through Stanford University, got married, had 2 children, and worked in an engineering job that took  him around the world (including China, where he and his wife became fluent in the Chinese language).  

Herbert did NOT suffer irreparable psychological damage after such a painful childhood.  Instead, he got on with his life, and went on to run the United States of America.

He was Herbert Hoover, 31st president of America.

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She cried and screamed

Originally posted by myfriend at 2007-3-8 12:12
They must have missed her a lot during the six years when legal battle was going on for something that is simple as simple common sense: she was born by them and she was their daughter, not any one ...

The little girl was brainwashed to deny her parents, scared to be sent back to live in China, and taught to call herself Mexican instead of Chinese.  The Barkers had quite a few years to brain-wash her while the appeal process gave them custody of her.  These were reported by a major US television network.

The Barkers were reportedly trying everything they could to tear this girl from her parents.  How evil can some people be, just think of their motive.  Yet, Mr. He said he thought the Barkers were "very good Christians".  Naivety is Mr. He major problem.

This is a sad story of some evil human beings.

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Yes, and the evil continues

On the HMV (Hear My Voice) website, which is raising funds to support the Bakers.

Take a look at 2 websites:

The site supporting the He family
has links to ALL the court rulings, important testimony, and other items pertinent to the case (even when not particularly flattering). This is a website designed for rational thinkers. (And, by the way, a lot of the stuff is available in Chinese)

The 2nd site, "Hear My Voice" is raising funds for the Bakers:
Interestingly enough, this site has NO links to any court documents or other information pertinent to the case (implying they have something to hide -- like the TRUTH).  They do have a forum, in which is posted outrageous things such as "Jack He is a rapist" and "they are illegal aliens -- they deserve to lose their child."  When I (along with a few other brave souls) tried to politely set the record straight, I was banned from the site, even though I broke no forum rules.  Yet, the Baker supporters are continuing to post their outrageous, unsupported statements, (resorting to juvenile name calling and other uncivilized behavior toward those who stand for the truth).

It is obvious that "Hear My Voice" has no interest in hearing the truth.

(if anyone wants to take my place over there, feel free to cut and paste any of my postings above)

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Whatever. The He couple sold their kid!!!! Stop acting like the Bakers kidnapped the child!!!!
"Finch...stay away from that Ficus! That's a jizz-free Ficus."- Steve Stiffler

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Absolutely not.  

It was a temporary custody arrangement, until the He family were able to get back on their feet.  Both the Juvenile Court Officer who drew up the agreement, Sara Cloud, and the translator, Kenny Yao, testified that this was clearly a temporary arrangement.

AFTER agreeing to a temporary arrangement, the Bakers then worked at cutting Qin Luo and He Shaoqiang out of Anna Mae's life, and eventually filed to cut off parental rights and to adopt Anna Mae.  This wasn't because the Hes were negligent parents or had addiction problems or anything of that nature -- it was simply because the Bakers decided they wanted someone else's child, and that she was better off with them than she would be in China (where, as they said, the mortality rate of little girls was 50%).

When foster parents take a child away from loving and competent parents who DO want the child (and the Hes contacted Juvenile Court almost immediately to get her back) then that is nothing short of kidnapping.

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