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Topics for CD Club(BJ) on Beb.11 2007 [Copy link] 中文

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Topic1:What do you think of the trend of neutralization in young people?
Background information:
Super voice girls(超级女生) like Liyuchun ,Zhoubichang has a neutral appearance , but winners of Haonaner(好男儿) show a characteristics of tender ,cute ,pretty. Both 超女 and 好男儿 have lots of  fans , the style is quite popular in young people .
        :)Affirmative: neutral appearance is a kind of break to traditional understanding of beauty, it is a product of individuation times, a personal "signature"
        Negative: it will lead elimination to the sexual difference , obscuring the concept of gender, Do harm to mental health, young people will fail to orient themselves
It is just a proposal, you guys can give more suggestions.

Topic2:Should Starbucks coffee stay in the Forbidden City?
Background information:芮成钢, he is a journalist who works for cctv, he sent a protest to CEO of starbucks , arguing that starbucks should move out of Forbidden City, rui said ,when he visited Forbidden City with a foreign friend  , his friend can not help laughing when he saw starbucks opened in Forbidden City, later he found “the starbucks in Forbidden City” has already been a joke spreading in westen society.
Do you think starbucks should move out of Forbidden City, how about other restaurant opened in Forbidden City that managed  by Chinese ,how could we protect our history and culture?

Topic3:What do you feel about someone working in a funeral home?
Background information:
Today I read something about these people. They seldom receive invitation for weddings, even they receive one, they won't go. People avoid to shake hands with them, they avoid it too. Good thing about them is they have good salary. This year many young university graduates applied for positions there.

Opinions of Some people:
        it's a great job people are always dieing to meet you you get to meet new people every day, you have somewhere to keep your sandwitches fresh, if your a female then the men are always stiff and the best part about it is your client never complains sounds, like a good job to me :)
        Think of it this way - you could meet someone and get along great, then realize later that's their job. Would you change how you feel about them? Someone's got to do that job! I think it must be a difficult job. Even though they may 'get used to it', there must be some phsychological stress involved. Of course I would try to treat them like everyone else.
        Maybe some people think they are bad luck, and that's why they might not invite them to a wedding or something?
        If you think about it, they should be highly respected, they do a very important job in the community that not many people would be willing to do.
        I've been to a lot of funerals, and the staff always seems very polite & professional. I think they must either have a very big heart or a very cool heart - not in a bad way necessarily, but just not be too emotional. I think I would cry at every dead person I saw if that was my job. I don't think I'd make a good funeral director.
        in any regards, i would say this logic is quite ridiculous...
doctors and nurse should get the same treatment since theyre dealing with not only the sick... but the dead as well
anyone in the military should get the same treatment since theyre are mainly in the business of killing
forensic specialists are on the same boat as well...
too funny

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to Crystal

Super topics, Crystal!

I've been waiting for 3 days for your topics, and now I realize the topics deserve to be awaited, even longer. I like all the 3, esp. the last one about workers at funeral home.

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how to participate

                                   Colorful Domain English Club (Beijing)     

                                                       Since May 30, 2004   


Time: 10.30am-12.30pm, Feb.11, 2007
Venue: Byone Western Restaurant 百万庄园西餐店(朝外联合大厦店)
(It'd be highly appreciated if you could get there by 10:20 a.m.)

How to get there:Take Loop Line of the Subway, get off at Chaoyangmen Station, and take Exit A, walk around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clockwise. The restaurant is right opposite MOFA's southeastern entrance.

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Excellent job Crystal!

It is such  a pity that i have to miss the coming Sunday's meeting.
Enjoy your hosting girl!
and guys,enjoy the meeting!

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Reference and some opinions about topics

Topic1 : neutralization gender
Reference or some opinions:

        * It depends on consideration of what our concepts of masculine and feminine imply:
traditional patriarchal culture believes that masculine represents autonomy, reason, power, speech, culture, etc. and it labels feminine as passivity, emotion, silence, nature, etc. So masculine is the first sex superior to feminine while feminine is the second sex inferior to masculine.

        * in the face of dramatic changes in women's employment and earnings, housework will not remains "women's work." only, some women have a neutralization appearance and act manly are ways to reflect their individual characteristic

        * Many girls like pretty boys because they believe pretty boys are approachable , easier to talk with and girls don't have to put up with their so-called macho attitude.

        * Some young people think pretty boy better than being called an ugly boy


Topic 2 : does Starbucks should move out of Forbidden City?
Reference or some opinions :

        * Business rather than culture has begun to play a dominant role. More and more people are preoccupied with how much money can be generated.
        * Young people are showing less interest in traditional culture, Worse still is the suggestion that young people are beginning to turn their backs on traditional Chinese festivals, celebrating them with less and less enthusiasm.
        * While complaining about traditional cultures' fading appeal, decision-makers should reflect on cultural protection. Undeniably our country has done a bad job of preserving culture and traditional festivals, compared to neighbouring Japan and the Republic of Korea
        * In fact what makes traditional culture and festivals unique and what keeps them alive is their cultural elements. After all, it is unique culture that contributes to the world's diversity amid globalization.


Topic 3: people work in a funeral parlour
Reference or some opinions:

        * What do they do?
Workers in this sector include funeral directors, funeral parlour cosmetician ,embalmers and funeral attendants. Each has a very specific task.
Funeral service workers arrange and carry out all the details of a funeral. They help dressing the deceased and then applying cosmetics(The first step is to wash the face of the dead person; second involves giving the body a simple face lift, for example helping to close the eyes and mouth; third involves applying cosmetics. Usually one team of four people handle each body.). They help family members to pick out caskets, plan services, select burial sites, choose flowers, and arrange transportation of the deceased. They can also help write obituary notices, decorate viewing rooms and chapels and arrange for clergy and for the shipment of remains for out-of-state burials.

        * Earnings:
Usually in the $33-94,000 for funeral directors in U.S. (according a information online recently)
But Chinese government's must subsidize these workers as their pay is low(according a information online in 2002)

        * Prejudice
Apart from pressures of the work, people choosing this profession must also deal with society's prejudice.
Although in recent years, people's prejudice has seen a reduction, "we sometimes still feel despised when telling others about our job," Zong said, eyes dropping, "It seems that our devotion to society hasn't got its due respect." (Zong is a funeral parlour cosmetician work in Beijing, she remembers dealing with 120 bodies on her busiest day last year.
"Although the girls don't think their job is low, society's prejudice may have a negative effect on their enthusiasm," Bian Jinghua, a deputy chief of the funeral home, said.

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