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Marry a foreigner [Copy link] 中文

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be careful

Jonnyzro, watch out.  You are playing with fire.  A single mom, looking for an American husband and father for her kid screams out red flags.  I believe you that she's beautiful and nice and all that.  But you are a big walking passport to her.  Of course, she has no problem waiting 6 mos. or a year for you.  What else can she do?  Stay in China anyway?  

I may not sound like a credible counselor here, as I am engaged to a Chinese woman who came to the US just to get her green card.  But my situation is very different, in that she had her immigration affairs taken care of without me, comes from a wealthy family and needs nothing from me except me.  In fact, she did not even want to stay in the US one day longer than it took to get her green card, but now wants to because of me.  So I have a little less to lose.

You, on the other hand, are looking at taking on a huge financial responsibility.  Even if she leaves you the day after she gets her green card, you will be supporting her and her child for years to come.  Find someone who needs nothing from you but you - not your money or your citizenship.  Do report back here.  I wish you well and would like to know how it pans out.

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a real reason for the marriage with a foreigner

chinese women take pride in the marriage with the foreigners, either out of love, curiosity, vanity.

this is not only true for chinese women, but true for women in all other developing countries,

they not only want to find a rich husband, but also a more democratic enviroment.

most chinese men can't even afford to feed themselves, let alone support a family, and sadly enough, women are still in a subordinate place in the chinese family and society. women in the chinese family are more likely to be either physically abused or psychologically abused and it is very hard for them to protect themselves, even though there is the law. to help a women being abused by her husband is still considered to interfere into the demostic affair.

western men are generally more open-minded.

it is not bad for chinese women to marry a foreigner, someday, we will have a new race---- a white-yellow people.

in the development of human history, the cross-racial marriage is very natural and proved to be beneficial for human kind.

we also see that with the globalisation and development of china, foreign women want to marry chinese men, too.

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hey! just wanted to tell my story i married with a chinese girl beginning of this year and we had been together for 2 years now in Guangzhou but i think since we married it all changed somehow. you know she has really attitude problem and even sometimes its nothing to do with me she gets very upset on simple things im scared to talk with her because tried once before and what hell it gringed she called everyone could knew and in midnight so i certainly losed my face in the making. example today she told me to take 1 garbage bag outside and while we where about to go in 3mins outside anyway and taking garbage downstairs didnt make much sense so i though i take the bag when we go just putting shoes on and waiting for her ah and hell broke lose again bags flying and that chinese crap talking that is one bad thing about me ive been trying but difficult to learn so i dont talk chinese even i understand many words now just i have a long patience and temper i dont get upset easily i remember only once during our 2 year time i raised my voice and that was before marriage she didnt say much that time if i would raise my voice now like that she probably would call someone to take me out from her house or something just had to release something one another thing  she has learned very good english from me she speaks it fluently but always when she gets upset her "poor" english is on the way and she stops talking english straight away and other things also if she says something once. just freaking once and i dare to ask again hell breaks loose. does anyone else seen like this very high temper in chinese girls because what ive seen makes me feel really bad kinda i dont want to divorce her she is very nice when she is one but these days its been getting more and more the bad way.just dont know what to do. difficult to talk about bad things she gets upset straight away.anyone thoughs about these im from Scandinavia caucasian guy in thirties.any comments preciated. and help if please.also when ever we fight(would say she fight) she gets very personal always every goddamn time saying how bad i am and my family all those nothing to do with anything if i would be dating her for a short time i would tell her to showel it but man feels like biggest mistake i have made in my life feel very sorry now feel like a slave here sometimes.i really like china people are so nice here one could imagine all is well.


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To the inferiority-complexed moronlisa with a pathological predilection for hal

"most chinese men can't even afford to feed themselves, let alone support a family, and sadly enough, women are still in a subordinate place in the chinese family and society. "

"MOST chinese men can't"?????

Are you talking about your own dad and uncles who "can't even afford to feed themselves, let alone support a family"??? or your own mom who was "either physically abused or psychologically abused" " by her husband"???

"western men are generally more open-minded."

"it is not bad for chinese women to marry a foreigner, someday, we will have a new race---- a white-yellow people"

Previously, I thought you were simply a misguided airhead with a pathological predilection for half-breeds -- since I was busy, I didn't bother to spend time to find out more about your idiocy. Now here you are,  loudly professing to this board your severe inferiority complex which most likely had been instilled into your adolescent brain by your own  dysfunctional family before you learned how to read and write!!

You are the poster kid of what a slipper-carrying lackey is supposed to be!!

Thank you for telling us, loud and clear, how screwed-up your cooked brain can be, and we sure hope you can keep ranting!!

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to thestud

i do appreciate your english proficiency, and the way you argue,

to some extent, i share with your ideas, however, i do  feel frustrated by the facts.

however agitated we get,we can't deny the facts, which speak louder than words.

i do hope you can state some facts instead of being offensive. which shows how narrow-minded a chinese man is.

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To michael1994

Hi, Mike, just took a view of your story, probably you have to spend some time to talk with your Chinese wife and i am sure you will find a solution. I guess culture diffrence does affect multinational marriage. Confliction is everywhere. But we have to face them. A good talk is necessary, i think.  Good luck!

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thanks preciate it just had to tell to someone lastnight its getting on me you know im very patient man i dont get upset or do something stupid for nothing there always needs to be a reason for it.yeah i know talk is inevitable just kinda scared what that does to her or me.but this cannot go on like this long otherwise i break on this even poor people here mostly they still are happy people thats what i admire in Chinese people in Europe or in US if people are poor they look like they are bitter to someone for some reason.yeah i noticed that also almost every chinese man or friend i have they have either wife and a gf or 2 gfs no commitment on that if its like this i have been having i dont blame them at all.

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