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Stupid and arrogant Shanghai locals! [Copy link] 中文

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I have come to this city for more than one year, i love this city ,it's so modern and fabulous ,with lots of great opportunities for people like me who want to "dig gold" here .
But i really dislike the shanghai locals ,they are so arrogant and ingnorant .When they know you are not from thic city ,they would think that you are poor and pityful ,a very condescending stance.Every time two shanghai locals meet ,they definitely wil speak the local dialect ,regardless of other people who can rarely understand what they are talking .Most cases ,they just want to show off that they are from shanghai !

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Stupid comments!!!

If you don't like the locals then go back to where you came from, thats my advice!

Have you ever thought that maybe the Shanghainese don't like you or the millions of non-Shanghainese flooding into their city over crowding it, bringing in crime and many other problems and issues. Now unlike you i can say that not all non-Shanghainese are like this and not all Shanghainese are polite either...

As for Shanghainese speaking their own local dialect why not, not everyone does this and remember the fact - its Shanghai which makes it more than acceptable. If i could speak a language where only some people knew it then of course i would use it in certain situations, so would you. This is such a stupid comment, many non-Shanghainese people speak their own dialect in Shanghai, so is this alright?

You come to Shanghai to "dig gold" as you say, so don't criticise...whats your plan, use Shanghai (make your money) and go off back to your city!!!

Now think about your comments and learn from the ones seem to paint a picture of every Shanghainese doing the same thing....sure some people are rude, ignorant and arrogant but there are some really nice people who are not like this, the truth is your comments make you seem ignorant too!

How would you feel if millions, ok  thousands of non-locals came into your city over-crowding it and spoke their own dialect? Can you honestly say you would be happy!!!

For the record i am not chinese but from London!!!

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Who is actually ignorant?!

Originally posted by simplement at 2006-11-18 19:20
Stupid comments!!!

If you don't like the locals then go back to where you came from, thats my advice!

Have you ever thought that maybe the Shanghainese don't like you or the millions of non-S ...

You Simplement  said you are from London ,so how do you know what's going on in this city ,you might have never stepped on this soil,so how can you be qualified to make a comment on my remarks?! if you offer something shameful in London ,i am willing to see,but obviouly you don'y have the right to comment ,since you even don't know what i am talking about,in fact my last post is for the chinese,not such kind of nuts from abroad.

Besides,i don;t like the people here ,so i should go back to my own city? Which city is my city ?the one in which i was born ,is it so that the fact i was born there means i should stay there,shanghai is one part of this country ,so as a citizen of this country ,i am endowned with the right to live there even  i dislike it .Broadly speaking ,if i dislike the earth ,then i should go to the moon or go to hell?

who is stupid,simplement,you really think carefully of this .My sincere advice for you ,Londonman!

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i know one adage that my teacher told me as i was a child. One Coin Two Sides. some people said that Shanghai people were unfriendly to non-shanghainese. that's unilateral opinion. most of shanghainese are willing to make friends. go out and find more interesting.
i'm from shanghai, and would like to make friends with you. what about you?

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I have never been to ShanHai. I don't think,  therefore, I am qualified to make a comment. In my opinion, Shanghai citizens should be more open as Shanghai is a international city.

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Foolish sullivanlee!!!

Firstly i bet i have lived in Shanghai far longer than you! Secondly my fiance is from Shanghai and Thirdly i bet i have far more CHINESE friends than you do, who could argue my points!

Who is stupid....

I never knew you needed to be QUALIFIED to have a view!!!

Seems you know so much about Shanghai yet you can't respect the fact that the locals speak a different dialect and might not want you to understand what they are talking about! Are you nosey? Thats in reply to your comments, "two of them speak Shanghainese when i am around etc"...

Should China just speak one language/dialect when you are around?

You must be the ignorant one to think that i would make any comments having never stepped on chinese soil! Draft...

You say your comments are for the CHINESE, then why are they written in ENGLISH and not in CHINESE plus not on a CHINESE written forum???

What you said  "Broadly speaking ,if i dislike the earth ,then i should go to the moon or go to hell? "

After seeing this comment it confirmed to me that you are just in fact a young angry kid who needs to learn how to voice his opinions in a way that doesn't offend people! I know Shanghai has scared you to death;) perhaps you should run back to mummy and daddy before you get yourself into trouble!

In closing....thats my last comments on this matter....i hope you can understand the basic english style i have used, it was done especially for you!

Yes i am from London but i have replied on behalf of my Shanghainese friends who gave me THE RIGHT to!!!

To autumnnora, you should not waste your time offering to be a friend to someone who just makes comments without thinking, it will bring you down to his level just like it did me when i responded to his nonsense....

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If you don;t like people speak shanghaiese because you don't understand the language than just learn it.  If you come to America do you expect everyone to speak Chinese?

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