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a black guy dating a chinese girl, normal, magnificent, scary or BT  Close [Copy link] 中文

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this place is getting boring

same questions, same answers everytime

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Hi dkscott, how are you doing? I empathize with your situation and think your boyfriend is a good guy! I bet though, when he said you can dump him if it makes your family relation better .. he was secretly hoping you wouldn't start thinking of giving up...hehe. He is a blessed and lucky guy to have you.

I think not informing your family about what's going on is a GOOD idea, especially If the opposition is so fierce. A pity your siblings don't back you up... afterall, they are the new generation which one might have thought would be more enlightened.

Now Dkscott, I hope you can attain flying colours with regards to your exams, still be nice as much as possible to your parents, learn more about your people and black people...all these will help you in the future. Also, I feel there are other people having mixed race relationships, so you can draw support from them and vice versa (I see quite a few black guys with Asia (from Orient) in London. You shouldn't really feel alone in this!

In my situation, had to break up with my ex because of the long distance...both went back to China. Interestingly enough, my gf parents were all opposed to the relationship with the usual excuses and reasons EXCEPT for my second gf Mum. She trusted her daughter's decision and even sent me gifts :-) :-). I believe the negative media has a lot to answer for regarding our problems.

Anyway dkscott, you will be fine! Glad you have the courage to hold on to what you believe is right . It also great your boyfriend is learning Cantonese. A trip to HK or some  other exotic location may provide you two with a good break, take your minds off things and broaden your minds too. But yes yes , i know!..No time no money yet, huh? Probably best if the books come first anyway in your situation! hehe

Okay, you take care, be strong and have complete faith that God, Heaven, Nature or Fate (depending on your school of thought) is fully behind you!


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Well. A lot of internet racists and tough guys. PM me if you'd like to have a crack at throwing this nigger out of your country. Bring some friends. Like I've said before, I'd rather have you respect me, but I'll compromise and settle for fear.

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BTW, there are no shortage of Chinese women that are absolutely sick of dealing with jealous, petty, and in general contradictory Chinese boys/men. Can't wear that, can't do this, must you always ______?
The rest are sick of their mothers interfering in their love life, stting them up with their parents friends loser sons...etc.

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everywhere there are the same problems..

i lived in an apratment where the guy on top of us used to get drunk after a football match and then beat the crap out of his wife or partner..i had to call the police a few times cos i heard banging and crashing like nobody's business.i thought he might kill her at one point..

one in four homes in u.k experience domestic violence or abuse..either directed towards females or children...except when women have a bad premenstrual day and they might throw the odd pot and pan!!!

so it is everywhere..

and mother in laws?

they are all shapes and sizes..

i am not defending chinese men if they do a wrong action i will not condone the wrong action...just don't keep posting all you people in here that it's just chinese men who are violent..this violence is everywhere..

and instead of pointing the finger..we have to find i said
1. understanding the underlying problems that cause this violence
2. educate the people
3. give help and practical solutions..
4. work together, irrespective of race, colour or creed..

i pray one day we can..

love and hugs


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Chinese men r not violent...
Japanese and Korean men are more violent according to history due to culture..
I cannot say that Chinese men doesnt hit women.. coz I'm sure sometimes women get a bit too annoying..
Like u said..
violence is everywhere!
that is becoz of the people not knowing how to release their anger in a way that wont hurt anybody, probably lack of communications..
actually... Chinese culture is quite lacking of communication between the generations..


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ahh one more thing

hey do u think i can trust my little fortune telling techniques? i've been doing tarots, horoscopes, I-ching and stuff like that to see wot kinda feelings the results r giving me..
they r all telling me the same thing!!!

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