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a black guy dating a chinese girl, normal, magnificent, scary or BT  Close [Copy link] 中文

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Okay, since you're supposedly being "reasonable" and "not racist", and this is supposedly only a problem of "language"...

...perhaps you can TELL US just how "blacks behave"?  I mean, as compared to "whites" or "asians"?

Because I've known MANY blacks (including, as mentioned, my brother and sister).  I've known African blacks (from many different countries), American blacks, Canadian blacks, British blacks, German blacks...I could go on and on.

And ALL of them acted completely differently.  My brother and sister (adopted) -- who are black -- act the same as me (but I'm white).  

So go ahead.  Stop making these vague claims, then complaining because people actually disagree with you.  Tell us "how blacks behave".  

I'm not saying how "SOME blacks behave".  Because that's not what you said.  How do YOU differentiate "black behavior" from "white behavior" or "Asian behavior"...since that is basically your only argument for why Asians don't date blacks...

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Dating Chinese girls

Message to: Dowson

Hi, I am black and have had 2 Chinese girlfriends in the past. The girl I fancy now is Taiwanese and I am hopeful we will actually make things work.

Unfortunately, I am just NOT interested in Japanese or Korean or other Asian girls - Just Chinese - they are different from the above and find them most attractive, generally speaking anyway. Sorry if you don't like that - guess that's life.

Oh I probably should mention I am in UK not China, but dowson, you may find me on your shores if things don't work out here..

Good luck :-)

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Originally posted by canadianguy at 2006-8-23 15:25
Okay, since you're supposedly being "reasonable" and "not racist", and this is supposedly only a problem of "language"...

...perhaps you can TELL US just how " ...

i know u've got a brother and a sis that are blacks...and u live together under the influence of the same culture...and share the same behavior format or code...

but how much do u know about the blacks living in a different culture from yours...tell us the way  they behave before asking me to respond....! i told u again and again that it's the girls where i live and work that said they couldn't get used to the way black people behave...not me!! i know little about them...So do as i told u to above....then i'll tell u the way those girls behave...! u make the comparision youself...

and again, i wanna remind u, man, that admitting the difference between cultures and the problem people have in getting used to one another have nothing ----ing to do with what u called racism. !! i have no time to keep yr company on such a naive 'stuff'...if u still insist on yr stubborness...!!! oherwise i have to say that i can't get used to the way u behave even though u are a white, as we dont share the same culture... hope that u are not so naive as to call this racism. it takes time for us to get to used to each other...the same way those girls do with the black people...

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Black guy dating asain chick here

WTF does black guy behavior mean? I certainly hope no one here is confusing ignorant bad apples with the whole of a group.

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Originally posted by bobdigi at 2006-8-27 00:59
WTF does black guy behavior mean?  

Black guy behaviour: Wake up, brush teeth, dress, eat, go to work.

White guy behaviour: Wake up, brush teeth, dress, eat, go to work.

Chinese guy behaviour: Wake up, brush teeth, dress, eat, go to work.

Black guy behaviour with women: S*** I'll never understand her!

White guy behaviour with women: D***  I'll never understand her!

Chinese guy behaviour with women: 他**  I'll never understand her!
I am not rich.  :L

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turning the tables around...

well i am going to be totally nonconformist here and get jussssssssst a little bit off topic..i am FED UP of hearing my european friends..saying they won't date a chinese man cos ..duibuqi guys but i have to say this to GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM!!!!!! cos of da size of their anatomy..what crap is THAT? i tell them all off's not the quantity but the quality and not what you got but what you do with it!!!..people have such misconceptions about a certain people or race....go discover for yourself and LIVE among the people..don't make stupid judgements like blacks are like this, no western women are trash, no chinese men are small..FOR HEVEN'S SAKE God made all of us as He likes......and i love the chinese..i hope one day as much as He are lovely i love all different cultures and food and music..but yes i got myself a chinese man to marry to get rid of that stupid idea and start a new trend..why not?
so many whites date asian beauties..why not us date and marry chinese men..
you are  zhongguoren hunks guys!!!!! and don't let any one say otherwise!!!!!!!

i believe in the merging of peoples..any colour, any race..let's learn the best from each other?
my nieces are dating black boys, my sis was married to a brazilian and i am trying to get married to my zhongguoren..we need money and visas..ouch!!!
zhe shi hen hao ma?
i mean let's hit it for the anti racial and just enjoy each other's beauty..there is a piece of God in us all..
love and hugs,
da mad xilaren

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i do wish u'll find a chinese gentleman u love as yr life-long partner... ..Just go ahead and do it...

u'll be loved dearly by him..taken the best care of...pround of being a chinese people's wife,

daughter-in-law, mother, grandmother...!! let those holding prejudice

against chinese weep there...!!!!;

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