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Please teach me some football Chinese! [Copy link] 中文

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I'm a foreigner living in China and want to talk to my colleagues about the world cup. So can some Chinese speakers help to teach me some  足球  related terms ? I think that that it would be really useful to know the Chinese for terms like 'goal', 'referee', 'extra time', 'that was never a free kick' and suchlike.

Thanks a lot!

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but after i tell you the chinese characters how can you pronounce them and talke to your mates?
well here you go,
referee is 裁判.
free kick is 任意球
goal ,if you mean the woodwork,is 球门,and if you mean "to score",its 进球.

hard to translate exactly.i think
where chinese footy fans have English football discussed

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but after i tell you the chinese characters how can you pronounce them and talke to your mates?

Well, I was hoping for pinyin. But I managed to find a website that gives the pinyin when you enter Chinese characters, so it's all good.

If other people can tell me more football terms in Chinese, that would be great!

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offside is 越位
D--defender  后卫
M--middlefield  中场
F--forword  前卫   S---stricker   前锋

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Watching the excellent coverage on CCTV5, I have picked up a few terms I didn't know before.

打门 means shot on goal. 步门 means advancement toward goal (I think).

头球 is of course hitting the ball with your head. 犯规 is violating the rules.

上半场 and 下半场 are first and second half.

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red card红牌                                                     

yellow card黄牌

The goal is disallowed进球无效

foul play严重犯规


bicycle kick,overhead kick倒钩球

corner ball,corner角球

goal kick球门球

hand ball手球


penalty kick点球

free kick任意球

fair charge合理冲撞

close-marking defence盯人防守

deceptive movement假动作

slide tackle铲球




to pass the ball传球

to break through带球过人

toseta wall筑人墙

a hat trick帽子戏法

time wasting tactics拖延战术

cheering squad啦啦队

locker room (运动员)休息室、更衣室

nation team国家队


Stop holding不许拉人

Stop pushing不许推人

Don't hold up the game不要延误时间

By th way,
You can go ''English squre'',and the chose "超级球迷必备:实用世界杯足球英语  ".There are many of it in that.
Nice to meet you,let's study together,and become friends!

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here are some of my humble opinins
if you have any problem, just bump up!
goal keeper=shoumenyuan
open to scoring=shou ge jin qiu
throw-in =jie wai qiu
volley=zhou she
elimitate=tao tai
advance=jin ji
own goal=wu long qiu
shot= she men
sliding bar=chan kick
injury time=shang ting bushi
substitute=ti bu dui yuan
defender=hou wei

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