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Looking for a CEO or Top Gun Manager as future husband [Copy link] 中文

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You as many posters who find adverse comments from their initial post, now you tried to change your intentions, you said later

I don't mean to help her...I'm psoting this thread as a sarcastic comment on the situation.

Don’t try  to change the situation, read again what you wrote in your initial post

Don’t act as a stupid  messenger for her

Later you said

And how about love? I asked innocently.

Love is not important at certain stages, she answers convinced; marriage for me is like a business, you choose the right or the wrong partner and it makes the differene between success and failure. If I choose a common person he will feel ashamed to walk with me; so will I by the way.

If she thinks like this, she is a ****

If she doesn’t know what or how importance is the love in a relationship, she won’t  know how to raise a family and children
For some persons like this ‘woman” who marriage is like business, defenelly is totally materialistic

She is a **** and disgusting person (not woman) and for sure she will find what she deserves

Sorry for my words but I can not say another things for this kind of people, make me upset

And you Longzhou, I believe you love your wife and family , I want to think you made a mistake in the way  you showed us your initial post, but don’t try to  justify your “friend’s” acts.


Thank you,
the moderator

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Originally posted by longzhou at 2006-6-11 17:39
Maybe you don't understand my post too well or you're too young to know. I'm 41 years old, just about to be 42. Happilly married and father of 3 wonderful kids, the oldest being 15 years old.

I  ...

She was in your dreams many many times. You just don't admit it to yourself.

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haha,I think her condition is too high. I only ask for having a house and  a car!

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nth wrong to have high standards..but for her..i really dont think she is capable to ask for so much..

besides..i believe men would like to marry a woman that is not so career focused...
I don't know if I like you or love you, want you or need you, all I know is I love the feeling I get when I'm near you.

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i dont know what to say but can't help mocking....

this woman sells herself to money
and I bet she won't have happiness this life coz she doesn't deserve,
from what you said that she only knew money and status....that sort of shows though she might have educated but education meant and did nothing for her.

another poor SO-CALLED educated silly chick
你二大爷! 她有什么好?! 一对儿脑缺氧 -_-"

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Its all talk, I think...

I think she's pretending to be stoic. Even if she find that person she still need
to feel attracted to him. I don't believe that she will marry for a stature alone. She has it already its not like she is poor to just give in. Women are not like men who can lower their preference just to get laid.

The way I see it if she is smart and business minded as she say she is then
why tell her achillies heel? I mean no one would tell that they are a social climber or they only prefer rich suitors.

If I were you since in a way she is your social friend try to teas her about this
views or be philosophical about it. It is difficult for her, lonely at the top. She's making it up to justify why she haven't have a love life yet.

O yeah... I agree with the other posts there is nothing to brag about a
Toyota CAMRY. If her car is a BMW M6, Mercedez SLK or Audi A8... Wow!

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suppose you kids didn't get my sarcasm about how MANY Chinese girls just focus first on materialistic things rather than finding a true heart.

I give up; sarcasm should be understood the way it is.........

By just saying that someone is I do have to make deduction that most of you Chinese teens (and not so teens!) have wet dreams with Liu de Hua or Zhang Ze Yi? Give me a break please!

The title of the thread was meant to cactch the eye of as many forumites as possible......the last paragraph of the initial post is the sarcasm. Maybe should've known I was writting for people who don't have the ability of noticing that!

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