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Do Chinese guys/girls prefer virgins nowadays? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mollymoo at 2006-3-2 13:55
poor chinese girls :p
maybe they have little rights to enjoy different experience

funny pic...

I don't mind celibate, it's good to some degree, not to run a risk especially at college when you're studying, when kids don't know what's called responsibility while demanding others be to responsible, if to be responsible, that's for both sides, and
the rule has to be fair enough to both gender. But the who're the rule makers? Pathetic sexists?...

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this is an old topic

our society value "virginity status" of a girl...because being a girl, she will be a wife, a mother who takes care of the husband, children,family.

i thought foreign guys(i refer to white males) are open to this. however, through talking with some of my friends (just causal talk and happen to mention the topic) i found out the result shocked me when i realize the reality.....MEN Perfer Virgin girls.

when a guy (esp young guys, i did try different age group, teen boys, 20s, 30s)...really like the girl..and he has desire to be his first's more like nature. that's why we value virginity both in europ (in old years)  and old asia for such a long time.

being a virgin in a date. has a lot of benefit when you two breakup, only a broken don't have physical hurt.
being a virgin, guys always be careful with you and listen to your opinions.
being a virgin, even the lady killer  and womenizer claim :you are the most special girl that i have never met and i want to be serious with you ...LOL

there is no need to lose the virginity just for losing it when girls be up to a certian age........there is 2 things the real matter...1)be ready to lose it 2) lose it to the right guy.........there is no need to rub a bad guy's ass for entertaining him....if we want entertaining we can do it ourselves.  

some women want to fight for being a un-virgin ...there is no need to do that.

Feminist should respect themselves first. being feminist means we are independent..doesn't mean we need to be sluts or whore. Open Mind is not  to Open Legs.


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I agree with your point pizzafille, but I think you misunderstood, to fight for the rights but not fight for being a un-virgin, fighting against the rule that is unfair---they just demanding girls to be virgin and allow themselves to be profligate, and sugaring up themselves, showing off their experience.
And of course, being feminist means to be independent and be responsible to what you've done, judging some men, they're far from that responsible even just talking about it, it disgusts me a lot of their double standard.
So it's good to plan and think of yourself. Not to find an unworthy.


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Give the young girls a piece of advice

Don’t lose virtue before your married, most Chinese male care more about the virtue although it’s very unfair to the female.

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Better advise the both!

Everytime it's "advice to the girls", "warning to the girls", "Girls should behave,,,"
I've seen a lot, more than you can offer, but I never see any warning to the guys, they just warn a guy to find virgins only, not mention how he should  behave at all! So the guys could have sex before marriage---from their girlfriend(it's common, that the guys demanding their gf), then got himself a virgin wife if his that girlfriend's not qualified for him...
So I dislike that stupid relationship and stupid marriage notion, advise the guys first.

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" Open Mind is not  to Open Legs."

Fantastic expression. i love it so much.

Firstly, i am a young guy, sure-enough, Chinese guy.

About the girl virginity issue, i really wanna say somethiing,

you know, Maybe what i say is the same with whoever in the planet.

A MAN, who really realy  want to make love with different girls, but also really really

lay claim to marry a virgin girl, which is absolutetly contradictory logic.

To BE a MAN, Be responsible firstly.
i AM a handsome Chinese young  Guy

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i am not virgin. i donot care

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