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Taiwan: Stop Trading with China [Copy link] 中文

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>>Taiwan needs China, and China needs Taiwan too!<<

Brilliant Idea! Second that!  Therefore, we had better become one.

A Big Greeting Goes To Emperor Yang

btw, I'm looking for Mr Fish. Has anyone seen her Lately?

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"many people on this site seem to be confused...they also seem to believe that the c c p is
communist! "

Now I am confused...Does not the C*C*P stand for Chinese Communist Party?

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china needs taiwan

it is absolutely wrong to say that china doesn't need taiwan because taiwanese investments in china go far beyond just money and machines.... the most valuable investment taiwan has made in china is actually the people.

everything was  "made in taiwan" before china opened up, and now everything is "made in china by taiwanese businesses." trust me raymondusa.... if manufacturing companies like Hong Hai (Foxconn) decide to move all its productions to India, China eceonomic losses will be huge! today, even the biggest semiconductor manufacturing company in China is owned by a Taiwanese American. i can say with confidence that if all of these taiwanese businesses move to india, china will suffer from sky-high unemployment rates which will lead to social chaos. china also lacks management talents as the country's industries are relatively young, not that many people have had management experience in global companies that's why taiwanese, HK, and japanese companies prefer to send their own instead of hiring locals for 5 times cheaper.

raymond is wrong here... investment is not just about money... if it's just about money then china is actually in a dangerous position as foreign direct investments (FDI) compared to gdp in china is 2 tims higher than global standards. think about it... it's much easier to move money than to move machines and people and their families.... if consumer spending still dont pick up the paces in china and if productivity in china still remains low admist rising oil prices, investments in china will gradually decline.

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Consistent with the culture, I criticize some of the Chinese policies, but in private.  Just like I don’t agree with all the policies of the US, I don’t agree with all the policies of China, either.  But not criticizing publicly doesn’t make one a lackey or an apologist.  It’s just consistent with the culture.  What’s right for USA, or Australia, may not be right for everyone else.  I’m mindful that I’m a guest on a China site.  


True friends are supposes to help you do the right things, have the courage to tell you other options may be available, and be honest enough to not help you do the wrong things, morally, ethically, legally, politically, etc.  If that country is supporting us to do the right things, then they are friends.  But if they stand weakly and allow us to do the wrong things, and tacitly support those wrong and immoral acts, then they are not truly friends, but lackeys.   


Not true!  You assert that everything “made in China by Taiwan businesses” is just false.  There is plenty of Non-Taiwanese owned businesses in China.  Get real!  If you are going to assert something, at least don’t make it so outrageous!  

I agree that it’s not just about FDIs, nor did I claim that.  The plant, equipment, machinery and the real assets stay in China, long after the consumable goods produced by such assets, are long gone.  More of those investments in plant, equipment and machinery are going to China now than Taiwan, for obvious reasons.  

The reason why Taiwan isn’t going to move operations to India in a large meaningful way,  is because they will miss out on the domestic consumption of China with a large amount of private domestic savings, as well as government spending.  Also, India want to trade with China and tap that domestic consumption so it may humor Taiwan, but it’s not going to alienate China, as Taiwan don’t have the leverage to change the regional dynamics.  So don’t make me laugh with that empty threat about Taiwan going to India.   If Taiwan truly had that leverage, don’t you think they would have used it already, since that would help them in their independence effort!   

Let me break it down very simply for you.  As Taiwan depends more on China trade, and it incurs more and more debts, its leverage for real independence from China diminishes.  Right now, the Taiwanese low-tech manufacturing sector is effective outsourced, and Hi-tech may not be too far behind.  When there is no real job growth (aside from government spending and thereby increasing debts faster), even you should be honest enough to see the writing on the wall!   But it’s okay, time will tell who was right!

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26# Alexae: China Stop Trading with Japan

>>> China imports US$92,803,200,000 worth of goods from japan, more than taiwan imports from china >>>

without this huge exports to China, Japan's economy could now in the freezing arctic.

And, without huge exports to China's mainland, Taiwan's economy .....oh, boy

And, Alexae, without the huge purchase of minerals by Chinese,  Australian john howard could be.....

see, C.C.P is not bad in  business management, without it,  half of China's population could still live under poverty line, and the world economy could be in doldrums.

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