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Taiwan: Stop Trading with China [Copy link] 中文

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Taiwan needs China, and China needs Taiwan too!

China now accounts for almost 40% of Taiwan's export... equivalent to about 70 billion US dollars based on the 2004 estimates. Taiwan's OEM economy is still labor intensive and the government is simply not putting enough money in Taiwan's universities and research institutes. Most of the high-tech production equipments are purchased from countries like Japan, US, Germany and Holland. Even worse, Taiwanese brands simply aren't as well-known as the Korean and Japanese ones... the most famous brand, Acer, unfortunately, is seeing an irreversible decrease in profit margin on notebooks. The profit-conscious businesses in Taiwan, of course, have to move their production lines to China in order to survive. China has the labor and the market.... and believe it or not, a more welcome policy to Taiwanese investors than their own government. The CEO of the world's second biggest semiconductor foundry is quitting his job in Taiwan to go to China because of its huge market and cheap labor.... not to mention better growth potential, better cooperation with the government, more chances for international joint ventures... Taiwan do not have these characteristics anymore, thanks to Chen. The only reason why Taiwan's stock market is on the rise this year is because Chen's influence on Taiwan politics is minimal this year as there is no election, no stupid referrendums.... plus the DPP lost local elections in 2005.

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Originally posted by alexae at 2006-1-16 21:24
"Politician!? That is my dream."
>>>have you ever heard the saying that goes: the ones who dream of power are the ones who shouldn't get it...just thought you'd like to know


Shouldn't? Perhaps...
Nevertheless, history shows that those who're desirous of power generally get it in some fashion -- Pericles, Alexander the great, Sulla, Gaius Julius Caesar, Octavius, Justinian, Basil the Great (Bulgar Slayer), Lorenzo Medici, Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Leyasu, Liu Bang, Cao Cao, various U.S. presidents...too many to mention.

But I agree with the what's said about comminists: "party affiliation does not a communist make."

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舞我手中霓裳。 "

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Clarify your position on the Australian government!  Do you support what your government does in being a lackey to the US?   As an American, I don’t support everything my government does.  But in our system of representative Democracy, I must accept the good with the bad, and take responsibility for what my government does around the world, since we the people vote to empower our government.  If you feel your country is a representative Democracy, then your people also empower your government and thereby have a responsibility for what your government does around the world.  It’s very simple.  If you support what your government is doing as a US lackey, then you are a lackey!  But if you oppose what your government is doing, especially the morally wrong decisions, then congratulations, at least you have a backbone.  


Taiwan definitely needs China.  But China is fine without trade with Taiwan.  The amount of trade with Taiwan  is relatively small compare to the amount of trade China does with the rest of the world.  I disagree that there is a mutual interdependence!   As I wrote in another post, if diplomacy cannot result in a peaceful solution, China can use soft power like economic sanctions on Taiwan, and while this would also hurt the Mainland, it would cripple Taiwan since it is so dependent on trade with China.  I also didn’t mention Taiwan’s increasing debts, which further reduces its leverage for independence!

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You are lame Ray

Ray- "Do you support what your government does in being a lackey to the US?

Australia like Great Britain are the greatest friends we Americans could ever have. I do not
know any Americans that do not appreciate their support.

Do you call your friends Lackeys? Why do I have this probably do?  :-(

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