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Taiwan: Stop Trading with China [Copy link] 中文

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It is hard to say.

Communication exists everywhere.But I  think the dependence is politics instead of economy.

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Pseudo Independence.

I agree with forumites who say that ' no country is an island ' and that from now on it is more inter-dependency rather than less. The real issue politically , in my book, involving Taiwan is more of a " dependence " rather than " independence ". Taiwan is the meat in the sandwich , in the tug-of-war which is the state of play between the PRC and USA. Taiwan unfortunately is the unwilling pawn in this game of chess. This island will have to decide whether she is going to be dependent on China or be dependent on the USA. Whatever happens, a truely independent strategy is unattainable. If Taiwan wished to be fool hardy , either in an impulsive moment or under directions from the organ grinder, enough to declare UDI ( Unilateral Declaration of Independence  like former Rhodesia ) it would have to be doubly sure that the GIs are on the way en mass to defend and die for their indulgence . China does not wish that but will not shirk from the challenge.

This is the practical alternatives open to the Taiwanese and their politicians understand this only too well. With Afghanistan and Iraq still being held as unwanted " babies" , do not imagine that another ' baby ' to be dumped on Uncle Sam's lap is in anyway attractive for a long time to come. Think about it.

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Sounds like you are jealous of China!  It’s understandable since you are only from Australia.  What exactly has Australia done on the world stage that is noteworthy?

Despite your idealism, the reality of this trend in Taiwan is clear.  As Taiwan rely more on trade with China, and as Taiwan continue increasing debts, its leverage for independence weakens.  If you ever take on some real responsibilities, you will find your naïve idealism replaced with practical reality, just like how many of the Taiwanese and Taiwan businesses reacted negatively to CSB’s political idealism during his New Year speech.  

China has a large market.  But more importantly, it has large savings as a country, which can translate to large consumption.  It also has a stable government, as businesses that invest do not like instability and the uncertainty that comes with it.  China does have cheaper labor, which allows it to compete favorably in the world economy.  But other countries around the world have cheap labor too.  China actually outsources some assemblies to other countries.  So when you factor all these reasons, lower labor cost, high domestic savings that can mean high consumption for the right company and product, large market, stable government, and the ability to protect shipping vessels and channels (something China is rapidly working on), it’s clear why the world is eager to trade with China.  Australia only wish they had that problem, as your jealous envy is quite apparent.

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Ray, Can you not just say....

....Mencius you were right.

"Pseudo Independence.

I agree with forumites who say that ' no country is an island ' and that from now on it is more
inter-dependency rather than less "

.....That is what he has been saying. :-)

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Your excellency:
         History is a mirror that can reflect the current situation,but not the future.It is clear that the peaceful reuification is what we want and will also probably happen.The more we know each other,the closer we become;the more exchange we do,the more intimate we feel.Once mixed,never break up.because politics is decided by economy.

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Your jealousy is so transparent!   Australia is nothing on the world stage.  Get uses to it!   It's true many countries have debts.  It's also true that the more debts they have, the less leverage they have.  It's simple finance.  Your only significance in this world is your lackey status to America.   How sad!   Grow a backbone and stop being such a lackey!   You are beginning to sound like the UK, the ultimate lackey!   


History may not be perfect in projecting the future, but it is better that speculation with no foundation.

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