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Taiwan: Stop Trading with China [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mencius at 2006-1-7 08:33

I'm not exactly sure what you're saying. Taiwan is already effectively independent. Chen has said that he wouldn't declare formal independence because he doesn't want to worry the business comm ...

The way you call Taiwan "a little boy", Raymond, is just so typical of the incredible arrogance of mainlanders in regard to Taiwan. Taiwan is not a child, and the mainland is not its parent. Taiwan is not there just so mainlanders can gloat about how great "One China is. Taiwan has its own identirty now, separate from the mainalnd. I suggest you go there before you start throwing your weight around like a spoliled little bully on this thread again. 1.3 billion people doesn't mean you are supperior to everyone. Taiwan has a vasly superior media, education system, social security system, medical system and political system than the mainland. It is the mainalnd that looks like a child next to TW- and I say this having lived in both places.

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Stop Trading with China

It is impossible for Taiwan to stop trading with China, just like a man to live without air. As a matter of fact,
the increasingly cooperation and interaction is for the benefits of the people across straits.

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Okay, that’s fair enough!  I will stop using such descriptions.  I’ll rephrase and say that if you look at the current trends, with Taiwan’s growing reliance on trade with China, and Taiwan’s growing debts, it’s leverage for formal independence is weakened, as the negative reactions to CSB’s recent speech affirms.  The Taiwanese market already reacted negatively to CSB’s speech, and Taiwanese also reacted negatively to his recent speech.  This is just a very current example of practical needs trumping political ideology.  Give me an intelligent retort as to why you think those trends will not continue towards eventual unification!   


Why do you think it is impossible to stop trade with China?  Just look to history and you should know that China didn’t always trade with Taiwan.  Are you familiar with the post-Chinese Civil War era?  The reality is, this question is rather rhetorical, since Taiwan is really in no position to cut trade with China and still effectively sustain its economy.  However, if China is provoked into an untenable position where it has no diplomatic options, it can use soft power including cutting trade with Taiwan, and still be fine economically since Taiwanese trade only represent a small but manageable portion of China’s overall economy.

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To make it peaceful

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China: Stop Trading with Japan

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China finances the US debts and deficits.  The trade with Japan was to help rescue Japan’s economy from almost 10 years of slump.  Don’t confuse the size of an economy with the health of its economy.   US and Japan are two large economies, largely unhealthy economies with record high debts.   Focus on the entire economies of China, Japan and US, instead of just the trade numbers and you may begin to understand the regional dynamics and why it is unfolding accordingly.  

Taiwan wants to trade with China for the same reason why so many countries around the world want to trade with China, and the same reason why China has no problems attracting FDIs, as practical reality trumps political ideology.  Alexae, aren’t you only out of high school?  Young, naïve and idealistic is fitting for you.
China didn’t say it wanted to be independent from other countries.  Taiwan wants formal independence from China, but it cannot handle the responsibilities that come with it.  Furthermore, the recent negative reactions to CSB's New Year speech, from  Taiwanese and Taiwan businesses are negative, as the market dropped even with ambiguous language.  

So Alexae, I don’t know what they feed you out there in OZ, but a dose of reality instead of political ideology would be prudent right about now.  At least many Taiwanese are smart to enough to realize practical reality, and can see where the current trends of more reliance on trade with China, and increasing debts, will take them!


I don't foresee China cutting off trade with Taiwan either unless it is provoked into an untenable position with no diplomatic options.  China should only use Soft Power reactively and reluntantly, at a last resort.  Considering how things are trending, soft power may not even be necessary as the natural progression of this trend should bring a peaceful resolution.

As an aside, don't use such absolute terms like "everybody knows" since together with other absolute terms like always, never, and impossible, are too easily disproved.  Since you don't know everybody in this world, it's not possible to know what everybody knows, as the more absolute terms used, the easier it is to disprove it!

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