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Picture your true life [Copy link] 中文

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Well, a company bus will be fine.   We can all carpool together...and get the good parking spot at work.

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Thxs Mike. You see it is no harm trying to take pics.
I do that in China too. Only thing is don't touch.
Cos' the real gold will fade. They keep pasting with new gold leaf every few years.

Thxs for staying late posting!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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To wowzers:

It's great to hear that. Here is the contact information of us:

To  mikeghet:

Good idea. That may be the solution of Beijing's traffic. haha
And excellent pics. Wait for more...

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Hi Andrew

I was replying to yr mod problems but it got deleted!!!
Maybe i could tell you why. From the gay issues reply, i knew it is hard to convince you. But Mike told me something. I now know you have a daughter, an American.

I see Mike just love the pics.
Only from men, can they transform. I hope you can get this at a deeper level.
Mike and me will read the Analects to advance our understanding.

Kind regards
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Believe it or not I am easily convinced.

When arguments are sound and reasoned ,I am the first to agree.
When they are not, of course I disagree.

Further when I sense intolerance and injustice I must respond. (often passionately)

There are other forums I frequent and in my day to day life I have been called upon to defend China and her people. (and yes passionately)

I have done so here but generally I let others better equipped to do so(For example chairman and canchin, to name just two)

I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from.

As for the mod problem, I am sure that will be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Thanks for your comments.

Also, please know that I call China my home and I have family here as well.
And yes my name is Andrew and I do live in Guangzhou.

People know  me on this forum and off.
I do not hide behind an anonymous moniker.

For this reason alone I was particularly distressed by the behavior towards me.
We are all supposed to be "exemplary " members, I suggest that the moderators hold the same responsibility.

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the fall in Wutong Mountain, Shenzhen(10/01/2005)

Wutong Mountain was the highest mountain in Shenzhen, high and densely covered with forest, Wutong Mountain was the originating place of Shenzhen River. Spring water runned into the lake at the top of the mountain. The lake was deep and its water of high medical value. Flowing down along the valley, the lake water formed a group of magnificent waterfalls. During the rain season in spring, the water runned swiftly down to the Dragon Pool with a thundering sound. Precious giant salamanders and mountain turtles can be found in a cave of the pool. Shenzhen River was formed at Longzhu by waters from the Dragon Pool, together with 8 other valley streams. People specialized in Fengshui called the place "nine dragons toying the pearl". There were a sword-grinding stone and a sword-testing stone, which was 20 times bigger than that in Tiger Hill, Suzhou. Nine old trees with twining vines looked like hugging lovers. There was a fairy chair under the trees. We were surely indulged in the beautiful scenes of waterfalls, oddly shaped rocks, old trees, and bamboo...

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Hao Han Po(Bawcock Slope)

hao han po.JPG

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