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I have read some english novels and i can understand them well,but i am not good at writing and spoken english.what can i do ?who can teach me the best approches?looking forword for you advice.

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Your writing here isn't bad, but here are a few little corrections to start:

"I have read some English novels and I can understand them well, but I am not good at writing and spoken English. What can I do? Who can teach me the best approach? Looking forward to your advice."

I'm beginning to learn Chinese, and one thing I do is notice the structure of a sentence, and replace some of the words, making new sentences. Just keep making new sentences following the same pattern for a while.

I'm looking forward to your advice.
I'm looking forward to the party.
She's looking forward to her mother's visit.
My sister is looking forward to her wedding.
My father is looking forward to retiring.

If you are reading novels, your English must be quite good, so you can probably do more difficult sentences.

Or just keep writing here and we'll correct you. Write about anything you like. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you again!

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Thank you for your advice,Freadyqi.

I feel so excited to get the advice from you,a strange friend.I think English is a very improtant tool to communicate with outside world.Now I am just working for an Chinese state-owned asset management company,but in my dream I hope to get a position in foreign banks,for I think state-run companies are not hopeful.If a man wants to do something in his life ,he should find a suitable enviroment for himselr.Globlization is a universe trend for all the countries and people ,and no one can avoid or refuse it.To be wise,I should grab the chance to serve for foreign or international or globle finacial institutions.So I have dicided to improve my English level well, and so desired I am feeling.
Glad to meet you,Fredyqi.Would you like to tell me where you are from?I am in Wuhan,Hubei province.If possible,I would like to make good friends with you.

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sorry i misspell your name

I have given special attention to you name ,but regetedly I misspelled it ,Freakyqi.Now I remember it in my heart.

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That's ok...

I don't mind that you spelled my name wrong, it's no big deal!

It sounds like you have a good reason to learn English, for a better job. I won't correct all your mistakes if you are writing a lot, but here are some:

"GET ADVICE" not  "get the advice"  -  in some cases you might use "the" but not this case
"A CHINESE" not  "an Chinese"  -  "an" is only used when the next word starts with a vowel sound. Try saying "a apple" and "an apple". The purpose of "an" is simply to speak more fluidly.
"UNIVERSAL TREND" not "universe trend"  
"...and so desired I am feeling"  -  That's a little awkward. I know what you mean, but we wouldn't say that. Maybe you could say "I have decided to improve my English level, and I am feeling very motivated right now" It's just an idea.

Some of your commas and spaces are not correct, but I think you can figure that out as you go along and notice them in other people's writing.

I am from the U.S., about 45 minutes from New York City (driving). I found Wuhan on a map, it must be warm there all year, right? Here it's cold now. The last few days have been around freezing. Maybe a little above during the day, but below freezing at night. It's not freezing every day in winter where I am, but it snowed a couple days ago and it will snow tonight again. Our weather here is similar to Beijing's.

Wuhan must be a big city if I found it so easily on such a simple map. What's it like there?

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HI Freakqi

It is a really terrible thing----I have written so much but there is something wrong with my computer and everything is lost.
Thank you for your correction.Do you think my English is chinese english?
Wuhan is one of the biggest cities in China.It had been regarded as "orential Chicargo" in the late 19th,for it is located in the meeting of the Yangtze River and its largest branch Han River.Besides,it had Chinese  largeset iron factory and  arsenal at that time.Thus Wuhan is devided into three parties:Wuchang District,Hankou District and Hanyang District.I am living in Wuchang District,where many Chinese univercities lie.And there are a lot of foreign students studying and experts working here.Just because Wuhan lies in the middle of Chian,it's economy has been developing at a  relatively low speed recently.I thing Wuhan would develop into the biggest city in the Middle China in the coming fifteen years.

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I had lived in Bejing for four years when I was in my univercity.In my veiw,Beijing is worh its reputation as a captial.Newjork is the biggest city in America,which I've learnt it from books and films.But I thing the weather in America is better than that in China---I drew the conclusion when I was just a middle school student and I think it is more suitable for agricultre.Do you agree with me?
Wuhan's weather is bad,which is famous in China--cold,chilly and long in winter,hot  and dry in summer;spring and autumn are nive but they are too short,only 1-2 months respectively.Thers is a saying that Wuhan locatelites are bad-tempered,and maybe it is relative to that kind of weather.If you have chance to be here,you can check it is correct or wrong.
Snow scene is beartiful.In Wuhan,there are only 1-2 snows each year and it is not thick,only several days long before it melts.So many people trip to North China,such as Harlbin,Jiling and Beijing,to enjoy winter scenes and sports.
if you want to know more about China or Wuhan,I am glad to do so.

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