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Not every Western guy can get Chinese girls [Copy link] 中文

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A lot has been said here about how easy it is for western guys to get Chinese girls. This is not reality for every western guy. I been working in China (beijing) for 4 years now and i never met a girl. Actually i met many but nobody ever was interested in me. Not even remotely. When asked it was always said "We have a different culture and we don磘 date Ocean devils or something like that. Even in bars and pubs and disco磗 girls avoid me.
Maybe the problem is me, I磎 already 30 years old and not that tall, just 5.9` i notice t hat height (especially for males) has become a huge issue in China. Girls can choose btw heaps of guys due to the fact that more guys than girls have been born the last few decades.

I got so lonely that i actually put an ad in the newspaper a year back. I got a few reactions, all from divorced ladies in their 40磗 and since i still want to build a family and get some kids, i didn磘 take one of them.

So girls don磘 worry and don磘 feel abused by foreign guys, there are also a few (well at least one) western guys who are also left alone.


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Re: Not every Western guy can get Chinese girls

Your age and height is not an issue.

And although there are more guys than girls, there are tons of single girls in places like Shanghai.

But of course, if you couldn't get a girl in your own country, you probably can't get one here.

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From a Beijing girl's perspective

Well, I agree with liangzai. Most of us do not judge a person by his outward appearance. We care more about his personality.

Sometimes I did go to the bar street with my friends. And frequently there were foreigners (black or white) came to us, with stupid pick-up lines, such as "you're so pretty, could you be my gf?" And that really made us annoyed. Don't behave that way.

Don't make an effort, because the best things happen, when you least expect them. That's what we call "yuan fen". Relax and good luck!

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Yes it's true !

Although i am not being in China , i can tell all of you of a truth that foreigners even in place i mean where i live sometimes come up to girls with their stupid , awkward askings such " hey whatz up baby , you look nice ~ hey yo girl , ya wanna chil a bit w/ me ~ hey i'm available for , wanna ? ~ these not just happening in China .
However , where there're always having nice , kind foreigners in places .

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it depends on what kind of person you are

it is not difficult for a foreigner to find a girlfriend in China. It is my experience and u can go to MAKE FRIEND in the forum to post and tell u r a foreigner.Many  stupid Chinese girls will go to u then.Though i hv no idea why most Chinese Egnlish lovers love white foreigner.if u wanna pick up one girl,it is not difficult.
well ask urself what kind of girl u want to find.
i hv a workmat who is from America.He is not handsome at all from all Chinese point of view,he feels lonely,then he ll go to find some whores to hv fun is ok for him. of course i do not suggest u to find those girls .if u do want to find a good smart chinese girl, well put out ur heart.Chinese girls are not that smart to refuse.
good luck.

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i dont have any hope in this guy

This guy is a shame for the whole manhood.. shit...
Either this guy is a damn miser or empty wallet...
Got my point?

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So Harald, do you have trouble in your own country?

Or is this problem just restricted to China and Chinese girls?

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