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Not every Western guy can get Chinese girls [Copy link] 中文

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No mate

I don磘 have any problem dating girls back home in Sweden. Unfortunately my bank sent me first to Zuhai and then to Beijng.
The problem is my height i know this for sure. What the rest is concerned: I have blond hair, i磎 muscular but not too much. I磎 slim in the waist and have blue eyes. I磎 30 yo (this could also be a problem). Money and job-wise there is no problem as i work for a large bank and my wages are very good.

I think chinese girls are just more picky than Swedish girls. Well i don磘 blame them with all those lonley guys. They can just pick the best one, and that磗 exactly what they do.

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May I ask you a question?

Why want to date a Chinese girl? Why not bring one from your hometown? Or you just want to find someone for fun during your stay in China?

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first, yeah you said it, height does matter. take me for example, i won't date a guy who is shorter than me, taller than me is fine. i think ur height is ok, middle height.

second, if u are tall enough, it's still not enough, u should look fit and cute, no one wanna date a minging guy only if she is minging.

third, tall,cute are still  not enough, he has to be a good guy that worth us to date with since we dont wanna waste our time on a playboy. only if we got too bored.

forth, this one is not a must but it's would be perferable, u have to have enough money to treat the girl u like


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Ok, i磎 fit. I go to the gym, i jog and swim every day etc. My body looks fit and trim, but a bit muscled.

About cute? I think that depends on taste. i look like Jean Claude van Damme the belgian moviestar, both body and face. The difference is, i磎 younger and my hair is blond. Some girls will find that cute, others will find that butt ugly.

Money: I make around 3200 US before tax so that is an average income. But it磗 enough to live comfortably and to treat others. I磎 quite generous.

What about the girl? It doesn磘 matter to me how she looks like, how rich she is and how fit and how old. As long as she磗 friendly and nice to be with.
U see, i磎 not as choosy as the Chinese girls :)

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Re: yeah

En svensk skulle naturligtvis aldrig ange sin längd i fot och tum, speciellt inte i Kina, som ju också använder SI-enheter.

pizzafille, height doesn't matter at all. I know a fairly short guy here who has had some 200 girls since arriving to China. He is not particularly cute either. Everything is negotiable, and the only thing that counts is the whole.

harald, I'll give you a hint how to get a girl in China:

1. Get the hell out of the central parts of Beijing. You need to go to a strictly Chinese bar. No foreigners!
2. Go alone.
3. Don't wear the company bhurka; dress VERY casually.
4. Speak only Chinese; no English! Order a beer. Complain about the price. Start a conversation with the bartender (or wait for him to start, as he/she will). Soon you will be introduced to others.
5. Don't tell people too much about your job or income. Pretend you are a student or something.
6. Don't tell people you are a lonely guy. Don't tell people you can't get a Chinese girl... pretend you have them regularly...
7. Don't go around CHASING girls. Be cool. Drink your beer. Look around. Wait. Wait. Wait.
8. When a girl is obviously interested in you, she will move closer. Now is the time for the kill! Approach her, offer her a drink. Start talking. (if this doesn't happen, leave, find another bar)
9. Talk and drink, roll dice, drink some more. Talk.
10. When you are both drunk, offer dinner at a restaurant. Let her choose a Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood.
11. Eat. Drink. Talk. Pay. Leave.
12. Be pushy. Don't let her get away! She will hate it when you come on to her in public, but do it anyway; throw your arm around her shoulder. As soon as you approach a dark alley or empty place, she will probably take the initiative herself, kissing you.
13. Follow her home. Done.

Congratulations! Now you have a girlfriend!

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bringing a woman from the west here

i tried to bring my girlfriend here who is asian (but not chinese) when i came here and she flattly refused. that is why when not married one does not often bring the girls from back home. (China is not Italy or France).  i do and do not understand Harald's problem - when i lived in japan, in the beginning it was difficult but then once i figured out the system, it became very easy to meet the local women. Harald, height is not an issue. the issue is how you project yourself. i am in early 40s, work out alot , look young but average in looks, and do not seem to have any problems with women my age and 15 years younger. change your attitude. have confidence in yourself.

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just arrived in china and living (studying in shangdong province). does this advice apply to the provinces as well?

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