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10 moments that make you feel like a whore. [Copy link] 中文

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In China:
1.You are waiting for a bus in a crowded bus terminal. A man walks up to you for a direction to a nearby hotel. After you tell him you don’t know, he insists that he HAS MONEY.

2.You are sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for your friend to come down. You notice a few men and the hotel security guards keep showing up within your view and looking towards you.

3.You are taking a cab heading towards your old college to meet your classmates whom you haven’t seen for years, asking the driver where are all the new exciting places in town, he suddenly offer you a free pick-up later due to his concern of the PSB being very tight lately.

4.A guy you just meet finds out you are from America,. He looks you up and down with foggy eyes and a weird smile: “Wha, America! Such a modern society!”

5.You and your white husband come out of a restaurant after dinner, a bunch of sit-around farmers make chicken noise to you.

In America:

6.The manager of a strip bar offers you a job while all you urgently want is to use their bathroom.

7.You and your American boyfriend bump into his friends. While you are in the bathroom, you overhear them teasing him: “Yah right, Your CHINESE girl friend!”

8.You and your boss go to a meeting with a potential client. The client won’t shut up about his friend’ Vietnamese mistress.

9.Your brother in law comes to visit and stays over night. Next morning, you, your husband and his brother go out for breakfast, the waitress give you a disgusting look.

In this forum:

10.If you say you want a white boyfriend.

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It seems that we have encountered many of the same kind of people. The thing I am trying to figure out is whether these things are rooted in anti-female or anti-foreigner sentiment. My guess is that its a bit of both.
However, the problem lies with them and not with you. We encounter ignorant people on a daily basis. This forum is full of them. My country is full of them. China is full of them. But you must not let them make you feel like a whore. You are clearly superior to these lowlifes and you must not forget that. Your life is for you and your relationship is for you too. These people are to be pitied because decades of progress have left them behind. When you are leading an enlightened existence, they have yet to move beyond the submental gutter in which they are forced to inhabit.
Here is the key: they attack you becasue they feel inferior and threatened. This is your advantage. Deep down, they are jealous and they just want to drag you down to their squalid level. Do not feel shame:feel contempt. Talk down to these people. Make them feel like the scum that they are. That will hurt them much more than they can hurt you, because the truth is that they themselves know that they are nothing.
Think of your life and the happiness you have achieved. You have achieved education and love. How can any ignorant person compare to you?

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yah you r righ~

absolutely right,~~~lol~~well-done

in a word, man is more "creative" and "imaginative" than woman.

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You don't have to "feel like a whore" -- you ARE a whore to a white man.


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You hit the nail right on the head.
It doesn't bother me as much any more.  
But I can't help noticing that a big chunck of my life has to be empty because I chose to ignor them.
Sometmes ignoring is just the same as ingorance.

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In what part of my post mentioned "a white man" treats "you" like a whore?
Are you "a white man" who thinks "holidays" a whore or you have been a whore to "a white man"?
I am confused.

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Got to admit it

Sometimes girlfriends have felt uncomfortable when walking out with me.  I think it is because they have ususally been much younger than me - and I am also European.   I see the looks on the faces of some people and I sense their unspoken criticism.   I even actually did catch a guy making chicken noises in a restaurant once.  He stopped when I emptied his water glass over his head.

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