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guys, which one would you prefer??? [Copy link] 中文

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girl #2

for me i believe the second girl would be nice.  it would cost alot to keep the first girl looking good.

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i think i would like girl No. 1.....I prefer girls that are independent, career-oritenated....etc.....

girl No2,... there are heaps of those girls out there...there is a MASS makret for them..i dont like that...they dont have goals in career..they are too dependent....

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Doc, it might be true that girl # 1 is quite high maintainaced..but she is independent, which means she doesnt need to ask $$ from your pocket!!!...she is indepenent, pretty, elegant...she can take care of herself!!...

Its true .. that a curvy girl will be more attractive..but nothing is perfect...and most girls in china are not that curvy..which is bit disapointing...but girl #1 has a smart brain..who knows how to make herself more attrative ... after all... if you are looking for serious relationship which leads to #1 is a better choice...she has the brain..and she can also be someone that support your career...its like a mutual support from career view.....if you just want a casual relation...then go for girl #2...girl without brain..and easy to fool around..haha.

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okay guys, thanks for the reply but i need more ....

by the way, for your information:
Girl#1 is not as high maintenance as the Girl#2,
since G#1 has a carrer, she don't have much time to do it.
but G#2 is, regular maintenance if you would put it.

some more extra info:
Girl A:
don't like children very much, good listener and also can give great advice, she really can put things into perspective, funny and witty in sarcastic ways, working in creative fields so a bit crazy in a good way, a bit moody but man what a blast she is when she is in a good mood, very entertaining. she is sharp and she can put people to 'cry' with her words when she's angry.  totally big city girl.

Girl B:
love children, good talker since she know all the gossip and latest entertainment news, quite fun to have conversation with, kind hearted, warm and caring. always think of her family first. never curse, really2 nice with her words, basically traditional housewife type.

so, which one???

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they prefer plan D i`m afraid......

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ow come on...

sorry guys.. no other options only A or B.

this is for my assignment based on 2 real person as subject.
so kindly just choose, and reason for choosing.


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Either/Or multiple choice! That's unfair...

Damn...reminds me college exams where there's no 'all of the above' or 'none of the above'categories!!!

Okay...gimme a sec whilst I sleuth about in my chair...hmmm

The original poster is subject A because of the positives apparent in the writing
Subject B is a sister, cousin, rival, or da bitch who stole ma man...maybe even a mother  or mother-in-law.
Maybe a mother-in-law who stole da man.

So that means if I answer A then I should, theoretically win accolades from the OP.
But if I am wrong then I am damned for eternity as a shallow bastard for picking from a list.
If I answer B then I am the shallow bastard who covets mother-in-laws (or relatives or best friends...etc). Can't be trusted.
Also if I answer B then everyone thinks I'm just looking for a big breasted blow-up doll to cook for me!
Then again if I answer A I could be accused of simply wanting a low maintenance sugar momma to buy me cigarettes and beer while I laze away on the internet.

Well, either way, I would have to go with A simply because of the intelligence quotient. Nothing worse than having someone stand in front of the TV during injury time or a penalty shot or shootout.  Worse yet, opening a twisttop beer with a bottle opener!

So A it is.

Next time could I have a few more choices? Maybe an 'all of the above' or 'none of the above' category?

Or rephrase it!!! Like a 'yes' or 'no'  or a problem solving question!!!

Two girls walk into a bar. One is smart, chic thin and rich, the other dumb, floppy, breasty and poor.  The smart chic rich one drops her mobile on the floor.  The dumb dumpy one bends over to pick it up. Do you....

A: Try to get a good look at the dumb dumpy one's breasts?
B: Step on the back of the dumb dumpy one to get a better look at the smart chic rich one?
C: Tell the smart chic rich one 'down in front' so you can see the football highlights?
D: None of the above.
E: All of the above.

yes this should be on the final exam. ;0)

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