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The problem with sex in China [Copy link] 中文

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and angel

i hear u, huh, u promised,,, better keep ur promise, or il punch ur little head,, ,,,, btw, not kidding ,haha
and yes, i still wanna read ur book,, i m not that innocent as not being able to read those stufff huh

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Here is the greatest wisdom ever said - I think.

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.  

We can swim in the lake of constant devine pleasure

and still die of thirst if we simply cannot measure

the truth of who we are  - or to know God's will

is to give us her blessings and delight us to fill

The world is an orgasm, pulsating with life

God is cumming all the time - why isn't your wife?

Dr Richard - poet laureat of CD BBS

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Whoa there big fella!

You almost had me going there with all that 'sexy therapist' stuff...

...but alas, once you got your pants down you are just another little weenie talking up God.

sheesh...religion really does f*&^( you doesn't it...;0)

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Hey Moebius

So you didn't get the spiritual significance of that poem?

Yes, I am a man, with feet of clay - all prick and posturing.  

Therapists are human you know, even when I was a professional  therapist, I sometimes got hard when I shoudn't and (perish the thought) not hard when I should.  

Life is just a mess, you know (professional opinion).  And I'm probablay as good an example of messy human as the rest.  

I still thought the poem was deep though - oh well - I will keep trying.  Frankly, Moebius, I don't think I will ever match your standard of prose or poetry - you have me in stitches half the time.  .  .  lol

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Well thanks, butt....

I'll take my compliments where I can get them  - 你拍马屁

And I guess I do need to curb my reactions (rather nasty ones, what what) towards spiritual stuff.  All that kneeling and bending over stuff always reminds me of nastier prison movies.

I'll try to be god...oops, typo...

...even good makes mistakes.

Hey, believe it or not, I once even made a living as a writer! ...once.

Wasn't much of a living.  Especially when the editor said "kneel...that's good, now bend over."

Have a happy National Holiday...I'm on vacation!!!

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i agree sinfulangel and james!!  well done well done!! i like ur words!!

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One week break from uni...I enjoy it a lot..but I am about to get back to Uni tomo..=(..happy time always flies

men actually use sex to secure himself?.his manhood?..something like that??...

men are selfish, they wanna fcuk around, but never allow his girl do the same!!


what do you guys think about threesome, foursome, even orgy?? it an animal behavior?? it against the social morality???....

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