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The problem with sex in China [Copy link] 中文

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i only come to appreciate ur help..u r a stranger to sinful angel but u reached out.
sinfulangel, i do hope u can see through this sex ting into some deep layer of it. it does u no good from a medical point of view. even if u follow every safe sex guideline, it is possible to get sick...its risky, and unsafe.
what u may need is sme forgivenss on ur own, about ur past. i am so sorry to read ur story and i wont ask for more cos it wil bring u back into unhappy memories. but no til the day u can retell them in an easy manne, can u forgive and heal....u r hurt, angel. u r, and i can see and feel....
if its diagonosed as a depression symdrom, probably u urself dont hav the strenght to fight back. try the medication? they r somewhat dangerous in the sense that some of the mbring afterwards negative influnence, but seekign constant duige froma  psychiatrist can help, i believe.
u r very brave and honest. and this forsees some great traits on ur own
it is time to stop this mess, and pick up a new life. getting through past nightmare memory can b very tough and dauting, but once u r done with taht, it can b  truly rewarding.
smart u r, and i am almost sure u wil get this trength. sometimes it just takes time. same for everyone of us.
hug, winged

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oh mine!

my dear sweet sweet angel girl,,, dont cry,,, angel, dont cry....
i m sooo sad reading ur story,,,, yeah,, u experienced hel lot of troubles,,, no wonder i like u so much,, sounds crazy huh,, i m 3 years older than u r, angel,, but u know so much more than i do,,, and altho u keep calling urself dirty and slutty,,, i never thought that u were,,, girl,, u r so sweet and u didnt know it,, u got an innocent heart u r unaware of it,,,, but i do,, ,, i can feel ur pain, and ur desire to get rid of all thos bad memories... am i right? u certainly got a loving heart, u r just hiding it soo carefully,, being scared to show it once again, cuz it's so fragile,,, too fragile to be hurt again.. and i know u r painful,,, angel girl,,, sweet sweet angel,,, dont cry anymore, u r still a nice and innocent girl,,, surely u will find someone who loves u,, u r still so so so young huh,,, i already lost 3 years more than u do,, hahaha,, so u still got so much time to wait for someone u love  who loves u back.....i was listening to 伤痕 by 林益莲,,, the gifted innocence and gentleness of a woman shall only be given to the one that truely loves u,, no matter how diffiult and bitter the future turns out to be, he is the one to help u complete ur journey....altho love is a responsibility, u gotta give it in whole........i love this song, and i hope that u can recover soon ,,, my lovely angel,,, i do like u huh,, u r such a nice girl, and i m sure u deserve love and happiness.,,, trust me....

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a friend of mine

had the same problem with chinese girls.. he stays away from them now..

I do feel for you.. I have similar issues

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The warrior spirit of Sinful Angel

So, one never knows where a discussion will go.  I start by describing a problem of mine.  Then the discussion opens other doors, other hearts.  I feel rather ashamed of flirting and  fencing with SA here. As a professional (albeit, ex-professional) I should recognize displaced anger and other symptoms of abuse.

Sinful Angel, you have heard it from your sisters.  Now here it from me, a man, a therapist and, I hope, a friend.

What you feel is absolutely real to you, but it is not the only reality.  Sex feels like a weapon to you.  A weapon that was used against you.   A weapon you then discovered how to use against others.  A powerful weapon weilded by an angry warrior woman.  Be proud of that, it has given you the streangth and the ability to get through.  Without it you may have succumbed to suicide or, perhaps worse, just died inside - becoming an empty shell.  But you fought back, because you have a warrior spirit.  Own that warrior self . . . But there is more . . .

I know that your abuse started long before 17, probably earlier than 12.  I also know that it was't your fault - even though the very core of your being believes that it was.  Hear me.  It was NOT your fault.  Even though that little girl was confused and conflicted, she was just a little girl.

It was NOT her fault.  

That little girl has fought back and managed to survive her abuse.  Be proud of her for this. . . . But she deserves more.  

It will take all the courage and strength of a warrior for you to take the next step.  But you have proven that you have that courage and strength.   Take that little girl into therapy, help her go past the pain of her abuse and rediscover her beauty and innocence.  

There will be pain, there will be loss, there will be grief - it will take all that you have.  But I know you can do it.  I also know you will do it, now or later, a warrior cannot walk away from such a thing.  I think the time might be now.



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yes angel

angel,,, do u hear us ?? both richard and i think u r innocent,,,huh,, so,,, come back to the life style u cherish,, not the one u hate, ...... i dont wanna c u unhappy,,,, i wanna read ur happy book, huh

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to SA

Dear  angel,
you are such a sad, lonely,helpless and weak angel!
even when you commit suicide someday somewhere, so what?
the world is still going on. Forget the past then you will find ur real love, the one deserved ur love, the one who sincerely love you.Only yourself can help you out of this.u should be thankful that now u r still young and healthy.U still can see, hear, feel, think . U r still a complete  person.What d u lose?there r millions of people out there get 200 percent more pain and hurt than u did.
This is all my opinion. It is an old way of thinking.Hope u will be all right soon.

richard, see now we all sad about the discussion.
Sex is not a sad thing.

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Never worked as a sex therapist ...

...and now I gather that is a good thing.  Hey, if the acting is good give it an award, I say.

Guys fake love, girls fake orgasms.  I wonder how the world would be if it were the other way round?


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