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The problem with sex in China [Copy link] 中文

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Bad Mouth

I have no intention to bad mouth anyone.   Perhaps, not being Chinese, I am disqualified from having opinions or problems - right?   And, as a matter of fact, I really like China and the Chinese way of things.   Also I agree that western countries have their problems - they are just different is all.

I hear your point about the way this culture is changing and how women have been treated.  

I live in hope.

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I think its a nice idea that Chinadaily has got this "free expression" forum.  Everyone can learn here, where ever people are from. There are always issues in every country. I believe that we cant judge by numbers as there are many people out there who would disagree.

China used to have a law i think it was before 1978 when it was against the law to have anything to do with the west. You could be imprisoned for listening to western radios or even have western relatives. China is still a developing country but is quite developed compared to other developing countries so we forget that why China has its problems.

The thing with sex was always a taboo in the past and it kind of is still. The government is always looking for ways to solve its problems and its not sitting back with arms folded, so that is why there are so many resrictions on the chinese going to certain places. I don't know if you have read about the opening of HK Disney Land with the concerns of the mainland tourists? Also it is the fact that the people have been "locked up" for so long so they are so curious and abnormal with their actions.

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Easy to forget

You seem to be right on with this DM.  It is easy to forget how "young" china is in many ways.  It is already so developed and developing so fast that the people have a hard time keeping up.  I also think that they emulate the west too much - often the worst aspects of the west.   Western exported culture gives the impression that the west is one continuous sex party - it doesn't show the reality of life in the west.  So perhaps the Chinese are trying to emulate an illusion - perhaps Chinese girls are just trying too hard to do what they think is expected.

Thanks for your input DM

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Its all so complicated!! I cant follow up u guys!! Though i agree with you at the emulation from west to east..and true they didnt emulate the good parts..but the dark sides of the west...=(...but we like living in the dark side..dont we??..

richard, I dont fake it, i am sorry i come too real!!!

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You're so entertaining sinful.  I am sure you keep the guys guessing at all times.  But, as you say, they are all so stupid, it is not really much of a challenge.  

In any case, good luck to you and may the great penis in the sky shower its blessings upon you.

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sinful..sinful...devil by name

well, i never intend to let those stupid assholes to guess what kinda person i am..or my sexual orientation...if they find its fun to take a guess..then go for me..its a waste of time..

you also have entertaned us long enough, richard! I need to give u an award of ur dedication in this bbs!!!

why are you so sure tht i need penisss?? I dont need the blessings from those ugly dicks...i will tell them RIP!! cos they have been expired!! I find girls are more attractive...=P

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Me too

Glad to be of service sweet little angel.  I am right with you on the girl thing.  Penis holds no fascination for me either.  

However, I was, of course, referring to God.  Who is, of course, a man - probably an Australian.

So, you seduce men because you like women . . . .  hm I have to think about that one.  Maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years.

I still want you though.

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