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The problem with sex in China [Copy link] 中文

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lol worked as a sex therapist for 7yrs??...tell me is it intersting to be in tht professional??..cos i am thinking about doing another degree under psychology, but major in the area of sex and relationship..any advice?? think u know how women fake it?...well..bad luck..u didnt pick the right might pick meg ryan in When harry met sally....tht scene in the restaurant...can you tell she faked it without knowing the senario??? are stupid ... we are clever..we know how to play with u guys...

well..its just a forum, take it easy...dont get too discouraged from us..otherwise we wonder how influecial we

shitty lover?..well...most guys are..they are trash, dont know what love is...they think with their dicks....pathetic!!

well...about think its cool to play with both of us know its just a flirtatious dont need to be invovled..and can just leave when we want to...isnt tht good??....

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u did have lotsa experiences wel, gotta admit that we r different types of too, i m curious about the opposite sex as well, yet i find it hard to sleep with someone i dont love,,,to me,, sex is sacred,,and altho i tried one night stand,,, and i liked it,,, but i have to say that the guy was someone i loved who didnt love me back.... so i feel kinda silly now,, tho we both moved on ,,, yet i found myself cant be friends with him any more.. i m not as cool as u r,,, and i truely believe in making love, not having,,,, but i still like u a lot, haha,,,, u sound like a very interesting type of person ....hummmm, cant wait to read ur book

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flavie O_O

Hey Sis,

Well, I realise tht we are very different kinda girls, but this doesnt matter for us to be friends..actually i pretty like you sound cool and sensible..not like me..crazy and silly most of the time..!!

Yea, I guess i learnt being cool after i broke up with my ex bf...its bad experience in my life...its so bad..if i could, i would like to erase it from my past..but i cant..which is sad...and for now, i just play cool with guys, i dont have tht much experience as you imagined there..i am just 20 a babe..hahahhahaha...

about the book...i am still writing it..will soon let u know...=)...

id better go..time for alter...cheers...

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Reply: The problem with sex in China

fuck,you so-called white man,go back to your own country to find the girls just like prostitude in bed.

who do you regard yourself as?don't always speak like a man in a high gesture.

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So smug

Sinful you are so smug.  You really think that screaming and thrashing about is going to fool anyone.  Well, maybe it does fool a lot of men.  Actually, I wish I could be so easily fooled, then I could just go on my blissful way and not care.  But, you are talking to a man who helped many women (and men) deal with sexual dysfunction.  I really do know what a womans orgasm looks and feels like.  Do you?  

Yes, the work was interesting.  Human sexuality is so charged, so powerful.  It's the place where we keep most of our neuroses actually.  So sex therapy goes a lot deeper than sex.  It isn't about how to stimulate a clitoris so much as how to be naked and vulnerable.   I have seen as many tears as I have orgasms.

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James, James, take it easy dear friend.  You are so angry at me, for what?  For being white?  For asking difficult questions?  Take a deep breath and see if you can add to this discussion.  I would like to hear what a man has to say (other than fuck you).

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Richard, Richard...I believe that you are hurting the nations entrie image. Though what you have said are most likely true, I just think that you havent met an intelligent enough woman. I can bad mouth as much as any other western country with regards to sex too.

Though it saddens me deeply to know that the large majority of women have this problem not only to try to get ahead faster in life or have more. Its also what like sinfulangel said that women here have been treated like sex toys. I like to add also that in China before, even a few years back chinese women here didnt have as much of an opportunity in anything compared to men. They just have to learn by trial and error.

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