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Story about my lying girlfriend [Copy link] 中文

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A few months ago my gf told me she was pregnant.  I just found out last night that she was not pregnant and she just wanted to see how I would react.  She wanted to know if I would be responsible.  I thought she got an abortion.  She is Chinese living in the US and I am an American.  My question is, is it acceptable to lie about such things in China just to test the man?  She told me it was only a test.  It might not make a difference to know about this since I dumped her last night, but I am still curious.

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I feel that this does not only neccessarily happen in China or just with chinese girls. Ive had caucasian gfs before and the same thing happened to me. She told me that she was pregnant, but this is because she loved me so much and she really sure how I really felt about her.

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Well, it's hard to say yes or no.

Of course we all like honest people. But as a Chinese girl, I can also understand why your gf did so, though I myself wouldn't if I were her. You have to admit that some westerners are players, so sometimes Chinese girls feel unsecure when in a foreign relationship. Have you given her enough confidence when together? Or did you do anything made her felt unsecure?

Westerners and Easterners have different point of views. And I think in a mixed relationship, obviously the most important thing is to overcome the culture barriers.

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chinese girls test their chinese bf as well !!
they like playing the so called psychological game.
they are just  themselves, no matter their bfs are easterners or westerners.
they think they are clever,
but it's stupid.
they are born juberous

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not really

well, i dont know what to say, i just feel its bit sick joke or test...!!

I hate people test others via that kinda ways..its really not a nice way...lying to someone that you are pregnant, its not a funny or good joke!!..its really serious...even though she might just want to test whether you care or love her much..but there are many means..why she picked this one?..thts rediculous!

I am a chinese as well, I never did this to my ex bf..if i want to know whether he loved me or not, i did it thru observation...thru the little things he did for me to see whether he cared or loved me...

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thanks for the replies

I found out that the same thing happened to a friend of mine and he is caucasian and so was his gf.  I guess it just happens to lots of people.

To answer some of the questions, I am not a player and I have been totally faithful to her.  I have to admit she does not trust me and she doesn't believe that I don't have feelings for an ex-girlfriend.  I tried to show her I had no feelings for this girl, but she still did not believe me.  This doesn't really matter to me though, I don't think you should play with a persons' emotions like that just to test them.  

Thanks again.

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it depends on u

not the girl....
cuz when girls r in love (actually not only girls),,, we just do crazy things(without knowing...).. and it's up to u to decide whether u love her enough to bear her "testing"
love is between two persons, only the two of u know what should be done and what not should be done...... isn't it?

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