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looking for a western boyfriend [Copy link] 中文

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She is stupid cos she wanted a caucasian bf jsut after watching a movie! So does this mean, I need to find a black man after I watched a movie about Kenya??

Most girls have something wrong with their perceptions towards caucasians! They need to have their brain washed!!!!

She is naive to seek for a long term relationship, and you guys out there just play the ball with her!!..she doesnt seem to be a good player after all, once you get her in the pants, and then give out millions of reasons that you cant be with her, its all bullshit!!! you guys are MBA - Men Big Assholes!!!

If she wants, she can register under there are some nice ppl..but still look out, girl! Or, its more commercial, and lots of assholes there still!...It seems everywhere is covered by whte caucasian assholes!!!

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so u must always go to the net

yeah,maybe i am stupid,yeah!because i just have a romantic dream
maybe too easy for u.
but why?why i have no right to dream something?
to dream is stupid?
then how about u?u c,maybe u r too clever and good to have some dream,maybe just love for the fact.right?only joke
everyone has his or her own life and mind,it is ur thing.ok
but i do not think it is good to describe other's mind so bad.right?
maybe i have not the the society very well,and think things with a very easy or very "stupid" mind!ok,it is real ok.
but to someone i am brave to say out what i think,and to tell how stupid my world is and how easy mind i have,right?
u ?how about u?u r a great man or woman,i think,because u can tell others what others mind seems,and how bad and how stupid they r.yeaht
u r the king of world ,right?
do not forget it is the freedom world,so it is ok to say anything about my mind.
but please remember that "i like the way i am!it is my world,not ur world!"
by the way,have a good day there!

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Not at all

Well, I am not interested in this stupid conversation!!

Firstly, since you dont care what others think about you, and be the way you are, its all cool with me, then why you even bother to reply my post and whining about it???

Secondly, you can dream, nothing wrong with it, I have my dreams as well, but dont think it is a smart idea to dream about meeting a bf online!! It is unrealistic, most people online are weirdos or psychos, I might be one of them, you never know that!!

Thirdly, I do get online often, actually I am online 24/7, this doesnt mean I am into this online dating thing, Not my cup of tea! I just have some friends who are so into it which drives me nuts!! If you are confident enough, you can just find a bf off the net, in real life, through the circle of friends! You can meet a nice one in pubs, clubs, cafes, even during your working time! There are so many means to meet a guy, why you posted an ad here?? Probably, only time wasters will reply, who knows it!!

At last, I dont care what you want to do with your life, it is none of my business. we are strangers after all, but since I am a gal as well, I just remind you to be careful with men, don't want to see you get hurt later on, and crying over someone's shoulder, and whinging how stupid I was....

You lead your life, remember, YOU MAKE YOUR BED, AND LIE IN IT!!

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i am shocked by ur brave action :)

it's nothing wrong u have some idea in ur mind. but the wistom to know the diffrence between reality and dream. u can not live in a dream can u? who will get hurt at last?
there are alot of foreigners useing ur naive and get sex.. i am afraid u are one of them if u keep doing this.
but it's fine. sex experience is useful for u maybe i do not know yet.  just protect urself .
wish u all the best

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sorry if i spelt your name wrong, there are nice people and there are people who dont care. so becareful because we are telling you what reality can be and that is more real than your dream than is less likely to happen.

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yeah,i see

it is quite strange that when i tell out what i real mind,and there r many different advices to me.
by the way,it is my holiday today,so i will enjoy some movies.
very hard to work in the company,just to have a realx.
sorry to disturb u.

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