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Why are White men with chinese women?? [Copy link] 中文

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The reason White men come over to china to get chinese women, is because they are either...

Losers- because they can't get a White woman


Freaks- because they're with ugly chinese women.

Now, there are beautiful chinese women, but you rarely see White men with them.
I've seen quite a few decent, even good-looking White men, with a little chinese woman half their size, who has a flat chest, bony hips, no ass, and most times not even a pretty face.

These men could take their pick of so many beautiful White women who want to be with a man for romance, not security, but they come over here and start drooling over women with the body of a nine year old.

These guys are f##king sick in the head!

They are one step away from pedophiles (child molesters) and they make me fu##ing sick!

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how about both losers AND freaks?

like in the bars and discos the beautiful ones can't speak english, so you never see them mingle with the white boys.

all over the world, beautiful women = stupid, very smart women = ugly

conclusion: white boys only comfortable to mingle with less than beautiful women.


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well i agree with some of ur points. i am chinese and i am married with a white guy. i am not ugly . am i smart? i think so. i graduated from a very good school. but i am blind about certain things such as drection. comment.and man ect. i am good looking but maybe my husband has diffrent conclusion(i do not know). i know u are smart and you have a sharp point about foreigners. i can sense your experience is not good but that's ok. you are not the only one in this situation. please feel easy contact with me. i am here and listen to you with all my heart.

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let me explain

When a man and woman meet, sometimes they like each other and have a realtionship. Often this relationship deepens and develops into a love relationship. After that, people get married and have children because they want to share their lives. This has been happening for hundreds of years, maybe longer. Some highly educated scientists and experts call this "human nature". This happens in my country and China. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it may be more widespread than this, but one would have to ask the people at Cambridge, QingHua or Harvard to be sure.

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or maybe...

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i don't need to pay anything for my blonde hair blue eye german sex partner, just a cupcake is fine. yeah sure, her jealous fellow blonde hair blue eye freaky dude english teacher in next door apt is always giving me those mean eyes whenever i pass by him. i wonder why? 'coz he can't find a girl to mate with his big ding dong! and his name is alexae. better move from the 6th floor to the 2nd, 'coz i see some other opportunites but he is just a loser with a measly 3500rmb/mo salary.


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